Ludwig Van Beethoven



December 16, 1770 - March 26, 1827

Beethoven Notes

Beethoven has been considered the greatest of all composers. His perfection of the symphony, quartet, and sonata forms has been uncontested for 170 years. Considered a classic yet revolutionary classical composer he significantly influenced the subsequent Romantic movement in music.

Compared to Mozart, for whom Beetthoven played in 1787 and favorably impressed, Beethoven was not as precocious. Nevertheless, by adolescence his musical gifts were obvious.

Beethoven's family life was chaotic and probably dysfunctional in the modern sense. His father a musician, and an alcoholic who abused his wife and children, was Beethoven's first teacher. Beethoven's mother, who has been described as stoic, gentle and humourless, died of tuberculosis when he was 17.

In 1792 Beethoven left his home in Bonn, perhaps escaping from the stressful family environment, and went to Vienna to study music with several teachers, the first being the composer Josef Haydn.

Eventually the small, thin, homely boy with the poor complexion, unkempt hair, dishevelled clothes and morose-looking expression became one of the most popular musicians, appealing to both Vienna's upper-class and its restless middle-classes.

What made Beethoven such an innovative musical composer? Born to an age when the individual was emerging from authoritarian political rule with new liberties and freedoms, he stood at the beginning of the Romantic period that endeavored to utilize human emotion as the source of creative inspiration. Instead of traditional and "classic" forms, Beethoven exploded conventions with powerful and expressive feelings. Beethoven's themes laud the hero and the individual.

Beethoven's musical output included:

  • 9 symphonies

  • 5 piano concertos

  • 32 piano sonatas

  • 10 violin sonatas

  • 5 cello sonatas

  • 1 violin concerto

  • 16 string quartets

  • 11 trios for piano, violin and cello

  • Miscellaneous other piano works overtures and songs (Fur Elise, etc.).

Ludwig Van Beethoven YEAR TEAM POS BA AB H HR RBI
Official Cosmic Record 1983 Dragons of .290 639 185 15 70
1984 Dragons of .224 272 61 6 30
1985 Dragons cf .244 610 149 14 67
1986 Dragons cf .260 100 26 4 9
1987 Dragons cf .244 657 160 15 72
1996 Songbirds c .268 542 145 32 113
1997 Songbirds c .230 413 95 13 45
Total Seasons 7 .254 3233 821 99 406

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