This cosmic baseball game is played between Famous Historical Battles and Best Picture Winners/Nominees. The selected battles come from Edward Shepherd Creasy's Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World (1851). The links are to further information about each selected batte. The selected movies were all nominated for Best Picture awards, the so-called "Oscars." Several selected films won the Best Picture Oscar for the year indicated. Further selection criteria for the Best Pictures team was that the subject or theme of the picture had to be about war. The Best Picture links are to the entry for the picture at the Internet Movie Database.

Team Rosters

Battle Date Position
Battle of Arbela 331 BC 1B
Battle of Blenheim 1704 AD 2B
Battle of Chalons 451 AD IF
Battle of Hastings 1066 AD LF
Battle of Marathon 490 BC SS
Battle of Pultowa 1709 AD 3B
Battle of Saratoga 1777 AD P
Battle of Syracuse 413 BC RF
Battle of the Metaurus 207 BC C
Battle of Tours 732 AD CF
Oscar Winner/Nominee Year Position
All Quiet on the Western Front 1929-30 1B
Apocalypse Now* 1979 CF
Bridge on the River Kwai 1957 C
Deer Hunter 1978 LF
Dr. Strangelove* 1964 P
From Here to Eternity 1953 IF
Longest Day* 1962 SS
Patton 1970 2B
Platoon 1986 RF
Saving Private Ryan* 1998 3B
Sergeant York* 1941 P
Wake Island* 1942 P
Italics indicates Best Picture Award    
*Indicates Nominee for Best Picture    


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Personal Cosmic Baseball Game: Famous Battles @ Best Pictures
Published: March 24, 2003
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