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Boys @ Bad Girls

February 14, 2005
Bad Girls Win, 12-4

Convicted or accused female sex offenders play a cosmic baseball game against young boys from the world of fiction.


In the article "Female Child Sexual Abusers: A Critical Review of the Literature", the authors open their review by writing, "Awareness about female sexual abuse perpetrators has increased in recent years." After reviewing the literature, seven "conclusions" are presented :
1) Awareness about women perpetrators of sexual abuse use has greatly increased in recent years. However, sexual contact between children and women is a minority of child-adult sexual contacts and the traditional view of child sexual abuse as a primarily male problem is correct.

2) Child sexual abuse by females does occur and may not be as rare as the earlier literature indicates.

3) There is a great range in the estimated frequency of sexual abuse by women from different studies and the definition of sexual abuse used, sample selected and methodology employed must be considered.

4) Some of the recent literature which discusses female perpetrators is likely to have included cases of false accusations which gives a misleading picture of both the frequency with which females abuse children and the characteristics of such women.

5) Female child sexual abusers are less likely than men to fit the psychiatric definition of pedophile.

6) There are widely different circumstances in which females may engage in behavior that is defined as child sexual abuse and the circumstances that lead women to sexually abuse children can often be differentiated from those causing men to do so. One example of this is sexual abuse which occurs in conjunction with a dominant male and in which the woman plays a secondary role. Another is found by the retrospective surveys of college men in which many of the boys reported that they had engaged in the incidents voluntarily and did not feel victimized.

7) Many studies depict women who sexually abuse children as being loners, socially isolated, alienated, likely to have had abusive childhoods, and apt to have emotional problems. However, most are not psychotic.

Box Score

Official Attendance
  • 17

Not everyone believes the relationship between a woman and a child is automatically abusive. In an unpublished paper, referenced by Wakefield and Underwager called "Women and pedophilia" M. Sax suggests that depending on the circumstances, sexual encounters between a woman and a child might be pleasurable. M. Sax believes our views of these phenomena are based on a male-centric point of view and are therefore misunderstood.


Game Time
  • 2 Hours 54 Minutes

William Golding's novel, Lord of the Flies (1954) tells the story of a group of boys marooned on an island. The allegorical story explores a series of opposite ideas: civilization vs. savagery, order vs. chaos, reason vs. impulse, law vs. anarchy, or the broader dichotomy, good vs. evil. Ralph represents the human instinct for civilization. Jack, the opposite, represents the human instinct of savagery. Ultimately the instinct of savagery, being more primal, overwhelms social morality.


  • Cloudy, 62o F

Sigmund Freud published Civilization and its Discontents in 1930. The book is an essay about the tension between the individual and civilization. Freud observes that humans organize themselves into civilized society to escape suffering, only to inflict it back upon ourselves. Among other things, civilization subordinates human sexual energy (libido). It narrows love object choices and mutilates human erotic life. Human beings developed civilization in recognition of the need to build a communal bond based on relations of friendship. If the activity of the libido were allowed to run rampant, it would destroy monogamy. But all of this civilization has led to a profound malaise in modern mankind.


Official Scorer

Vili Fualaau

Most Cosmic Player

Debra Lafave

Score Card

   Inn. 1: Boys
Debra Lafave [Starter]
Ralph        3-UN       . . .
Jack         6-3        . . .
Simon        1B         . . X
Roger        1B         . X X
Sam          5-3        X X .
   Inn. 1: BadGirls
Holden       [Starter]
Julie Feil   1B         . . X
Kim Merson   2B         X X .
Denise McBryd5-3        X X .
Beth Friedman6-3        X . . 1
Kathy Tuifel BB         X . X
Amy Gehring  6          X . X
   Inn. 2: Boys
Eric         5-3        . . .
Mick         2B         . X .
Piggy        5-3        . X .
Holden       K          . X .
   Inn. 2: BadGirls
M-K LeTorurne1B         . . X
Pamela Turner1B         X . X
Debra Lafave 1B         . . X 1
- Pamela TurnX-@3rd     . . X
Julie Feil   1B         . X .
- Debra LafavX-@3rd     . X .
Kim Merson   1B         . . X 1
Denise McBryd7          . . X
   Inn. 3: Boys
Ralph        3 (Foul)   . . .
Jack         1-3        . . .
Simon        K          . . .
   Inn. 3: BadGirls
Beth Friedman5-3        . . .
Kathy Tuifel 8          . . .
Amy Gehring  4-3        . . .
   Inn. 4: Boys
Roger        8          . . .
Sam          6-3        . . .
Eric         7          . . .
   Inn. 4: BadGirls
M-K LeTorurne4-3        . . .
Pamela Turner1B         . . X
- Pamela TurnX-CS       . . .
Debra Lafave K          . . .
   Inn. 5: Boys
Mick         6-3        . . .
Piggy        E-6        . . X
             W-Pit      . X .
Holden       BB         . X X
Ralph        1B         . X X 1
Jack         2B         X X . 1
Simon        4-3        X . . 1
Roger        8          X . .
   Inn. 5: BadGirls
Julie Feil   1B         . . X
Kim Merson   2-3        . X .
Denise McBryd1B         . . X 1
Beth Friedman2 (Foul)   . . X
Kathy Tuifel 1B         X . X
Amy Gehring  5-3        . X .
   Inn. 6: Boys
Sam          6-3        . . .
Eric         7          . . .
Mick         6-3        . . .
   Inn. 6: BadGirls
M-K LeTorurne1B         . . X
Pamela Turner1B         X . X
Debra Lafave 1B         . X X 1
Julie Feil   1B         X . X 1
Kim Merson   4          X . X
Denise McBrydE-6        . X X 1
Beth Friedman1B         X X X
Kathy Tuifel 2B         . X . 3
Amy Gehring  1B         . . X 1
M-K LeTorurne6-4-3 DP   . . .
   Inn. 7: Boys
Piggy        5-3        . . .
Holden       6-3        . . .
Ralph        1B         . . X
Jack         9          . . X
   Inn. 7: BadGirls
Pamela Turner7          . . .
Debra Lafave 5-3        . . .
Julie Feil   2B         . X .
Kim Merson   1B         . . X 1
Denise McBryd1B         X . X
Beth Friedman7          X . X
   Inn. 8: Boys
Simon        3B         X . .
Roger        5          X . .
Sam          1B         . . X 1
Eric         5-4-3 DP   . . .
   Inn. 8: BadGirls
Kathy Tuifel 5-3        . . .
Amy Gehring  7          . . .
M-K LeTorurneBB         . . X
Pamela Turner1B         X . X
Debra Lafave 2 (Foul)   X . X
   Inn. 9: Boys
Mick         5-3        . . .
Piggy        5-3        . . .
Holden       7          . . .


Score Card Key

3-UN, Out, first base unassisted6-3, Out, shortstop to first base1B, Single
5-3, Out, third base to first base2B, DoubleBB, Walk
6, Out, pop out to shortstopK, Strikeout7, Out, fly out to left field
8, Out, fly out to center fieldE-6, shortstop errorW-Pit, Wild Pitch
4-3, Out, second base to first base2-3, Out, catcher to first base6-4-3 DP, Double play, shortstop to second base to first base
9, Out, fly out to right field3B, Triple5, Out, line out to third base
5-4-3 DP, Double play, third base to second base to first base    

Other Notes

How rare is the occurrence of women seducing underage boys? Nobody seems certain. Some estimate that 10 per cent of all sexual abuse cases involve women having inappropriate physical and emotional relationships with young boys. Recent cases involve women in the role of teacher. The recent cases of Debra Lafave, Kathy Tuifel, and Pamela Turner have attracted considerable public attention. Tuifel's situation, the seduction of an eleven year old blind boy is complicated by the fact that she is the mother of two teenage children. Her actions with the young blind boy have resulted in restrictions on her ability to mother her own children. She is now only entitled to supervised visits with her children. A situation requested by her estranged husband. Tuifel gets out of prison today and begins a 10 year probation period.

Awaiting trial and likely conviction for having sex with a 14 year old student, is Debra Lafave. The attractive middle school reading teacher attracted a remarkable amount of attention for her transgressions. These included having sex in her apartment and in her car with the boy, a student she befriended near the end of his eighth grade year. Ms. Lafave had been married for less than a year at the time of her affair last spring, but her husband now seeks a divorce. Lafave was once a model for a motorcycle magazine, and her provocative poses have been well distributed on the internet. So have the stories about her high school lesbian relationship. Constant in Lafave's turmoiled mind is the pain she endures as the result of her older sister being accidentally killed by a drunk driver several years ago.

A district attorney in Tennessee has filed 28 sexual misconduct charges, accusing Pamela Turner, 27, of having sex with a 13-year-old boy who attended her school where she is a gym teacher and basketball coach. Turner had sex with the student at his home and at Centertown Elementary School in Warren County, Tennessee. Like Ms. Lafave, Pamela has been photographed in provocative attire. As a college student, she was elected Ms. Monday Nitro of World Championship Wrestling at Spring Break festivities in 1997. Also like Lafave, Turner was married in 2003. And now, Turner's husband is seeking a divorce, citing ''inappropriate marital conduct.''

Losers in love, perhaps. But this collection of women, ultimately anti-social though they may be, whooped some ass on the cosmic baseball field. The boys never really had a chance.


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Personal Cosmic Game Report: Boys @ Bad Girls
Published: February 14, 2005