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Levi Asher

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Online fans of the Beat Generation are familiar with Levi Asher as the gentleman who creates and maintains the Literary Kicks World Wide Web site. Literary Kicks is one of the finest sources for Beat-related information on the Internet.

Asher is also a computer programmer and a writer and in July 1995 he introduced a "Web Album" called Queensboro Ballads. The individual ballads are a series of fiction and non-fiction entities covering a wide variety of topics. We did not get a chance to look at all of the "ballads" but those that we did sample seemed to display Asher's love affair with New York City.

In notes to the ballads, we find out that a picture of the Williamsburg Bridge included in the "Bridges of New York" piece was taken from the roof of 206 East 7th Street in the East Village. Beat fans will recall this roof from pictures of Kerouac, Burroughs, and Ginsberg taken in the early 1950s.

In another ballad called "A Visit to the Walt Whitman Mall", the writer does not disguise his disgust at the incongruity between Whitman's poetry and a suburban agora in Long Island.

In biographical information provided to the CBA, Levi Asher wrote "when I played Little League they always stuck me in the outfield corner where the hitter was not likely to hit the ball. Usually worked for them. Batting position -- eighth, always." Well, the Beats have something else in mind. This rookie secondbaseman will probably be Jack Kerouac's leadoff hitter.

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