Allahville Shabazzers

Deactivated Team
The Allahville Shabazzers were a team made up of indiviudals associated with Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam.. Originally created on October 16, 1999 the team was deactivated on December 15, 2000.

Allahville Shabazzers
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Allahville Shabazzers Players (2000)
Butler Norman
Chavis Ben
Collins Ella Little
Goodman Benjamin
Hakim Nasir Makr
Hayer Talmadge
Johnson Hinton
Johnson Thomas
Kenyatta Charles
Lincoln C. Eric
Little Philbert
Little Wilfred
Lomax Louis
Michaux Lewis
Muhammad Elijah
Muhammad Khalil Abdul
Muhammad Sister Clara
Muhammad Wallace
Shabazz Betty
Sutton Percy

Allahville Shabazzers
March 7, 2001