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Alice de Forest Sedgwick

Motherland Mothers
Born:  November 6, 1908 (New York)
Died:  August 14, 1988 (California)
Role: Mother of eight children including Edie Sedgwick
Position: Pitcher
Status: Rookie

Alice Delano de Forest Sedgwick was born into a wealthy Long Island family in 1908. Her father was rich enough that he was able to lose many millions of dollars during the stock market crash in 1929. She married Francis Minturn Sedgwick, also from a well-connected family, in 1929. Two years later in 1931 she gave birth to the first of her eight children, Alice. Her last child, Susana, was born in 1945. Of the eight progeny, the most well known, was her sixth child, a daughter Edith, better known as Edie born in 1943. Edie Sedgwick achieved meteoric but brief fame in the late 1960s when she was associated with the artist Andy Warhol.

Eccentricity must be hereditary. Alice, according to her oldest child, would wear a "Chinese mandarin coat, exquisitely embroidered and satin pajamas" to dinner. This daughter describes her mother as a "kind of Mediterrannean mother" meaning she would turn her cheek to her husband's infidelity and indiscretions. Alice's youngest child, Susana, has observed that maybe her mother "had all those children because [her husband] wanted to have a little tribe to show everybody. We were paraded around a bit, just to show the guests the children, that's what it was."

Alice with her first-born, Alice, also known as 'Saucie' Alice ate special foods because she had a variety of allergies. Also, in her twenties during mastoid surgery a nerve was inadvertantly severed. The result was that the right-side of Alice's face sagged and her smile was lopsided.

Alice's fourth child, Francis Minturn, known as "Minty" committed suicide in March, 1964. In January, 1965 her second-born and first son, died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident on New Year's Eve. On November 16, 1971 Alice's seventh child, Edie, died of a drug overdose.

There is some additional anecdotal information about Alice in Jean Stein's and George Plimpton's biography of Alice's daughter (Edie: 1982). But, as of now we have no information about the circumstances of her death on August 14, 1988.

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