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Mothers Day Game, May 12, 2002
Linescore                   R  H  E
02 Anarchists 026 000 000   8 13  3
02 Mothers    200 010 000   3  8  1

Anarchists Win, 8-3

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  • Game Time: 3 hours, 15 minutes
  • Attendance: Undisclosed
  • Weather: Warm, Cloudy. 81o
  • Umpires: Ma Barker, Susan Smith, Andrea Yates
  • Game Most Cosmic Player: Errico Malatesta
  • Official Scorer: Mother Goose


William Wordsworth Commentary
by William Wordsworth

But for the unfortunate six runs the Armageddonia Anarchists scored in the third inning, the beloved Motherland Mothers might have won their first Mothers Day Game. (The Mothers have been in the league since 1999 and they are always scheduled to play a day game at home on Mothers Day; but they never win.)

A look at the top half of the third inning will illuminate what caused this season's loss.

The game was tied, 2-2. Aurelia Plath, mother of the American poet Sylvia Plath, was on the mound for the Mothers. Leading off the inning was Anarchist outfielder Elizabeth Flynn, who in 1920 had helped found the American Civil Liberties Union. Flynn hits the first pitch into leftfield for a single. Plath then proceeds to walk the next three batters. By this time Flynn has come home, the bases are loaded, there are zero outs and the Anarchists lead 3-2. Anarchist thirdbaseman Nicola Sacco (executed by the United States for political reasons on August 27, 1927) whacks a single into left centerfield and another run crosses the plate. Score, 4-2. Bases loaded. No outs. Plath still pitching. Voltarine DeCleyre, author of Anarchism and American Traditions (1932) made the first Anarchist out by popping up to thirdbase. Errico Malatesta, Italian anarchist and editor of the daily journal Umanita Nova (1920-1922) doubled off the centerfield wall. This scored three more runs and precipitated Mother Plath's departure. Lillian Farmer, Frances Farmer's complicated and domineering mother, takes the mound and yields one more run when Clara Zetkin, a founder of the German Communist Party (1919), singles to leftfield knocking in Malatesta. Flynn came up to bat for the second time in the inning and strikes out ending the Mothers' misery. The score at the end of the inning stood eight for the Anarchists, 2 for the Mothers.

With so much offense, it did not matter that the Anarchists committed three errors. Sam Dolgoff, prolific anarchist writer, at firstbase, committed two.

Except for the run in the fifth, manufactured with two singles and a sacrifice fly, the Mothers did not display any further offense after the chaos of the third inning.

Jana Dalton Report from the Stands
by Jana Dalton

The Mothers Day Game in Motherland is always an SRO affair. Each son in the community (each a "Mommy's Boy" by definition) is entitled to bring one mother into the park free. This year there were fears that adoptive mothers would boycott the game (with, of course, their adopted boys) because of their concerns that no adoptive mothers are on the Motherland Mothers 2002 Roster. Very few active feminists live in Motherland but the Anarchists brought several with them and they staged a little protest in front of the stadium. These agitators do not think it is right that only boys can bring their mothers to the game, not girls. Despite these political concerns, the stands were filled with mothers and their coddled, apron stringed sons. Maybe it is the karma these particular fans bring into the park with them that accounts for the dismal performance of the Mothers during the Mothers Day Game.

The game's guests of honor this season were a mother and son: a couple of Zootermopsis nevadensis otherwise known as wood-dwelling termites. In a species long honored for its monogamy and biparental child rearing, the Termite has recently been shown to have an intense and sometimes violent domestic lifestyle. Honoring the Termite at this Mothers Day Game was, according to a Motherland Mothers team spokeswoman, a way of showing support for a recently besieged member of the animal kingdom family.

(NOTE: Biologist J.S. Shellman-Reeve has published "Courting strategies and conflicts in a monogamous, biparental termite" (1999) which dispels some myths about the domestic tranquility of termites. Long recognized as one of monogamous of all species, the Termites, upon closer observation exhibit some strange behavior because of this monogamousness. Monogamy and biparenting are commonly found together in nature. These two characteristics often account for the seriousness or intensity of mate selection. Termites have developed a "rich repertoire of courting behaviors characterized by extensive intra- and intersexual conflict, including mate rejection, intrasexual combat, and even intrapair aggression." [Proceedings of the Royal Society. London. B (1999) 266, 137-144].)

By the end of the seventh inning, the fans were agitated. The home team was not faring too well. At the end of the eighth inning, a palpable gloom had set in. Sporadic arguments, mostly between mothers and their sons broke out. I observed one mother slap her son across the face. During the bottom of the ninth inning boos and taunts greeted each Mothers batter. Rose Schwartz, the poet Delmore Schwartz's mother, got the brunt of the anguished attitude when she hit into a 3-6-3 doubleplay to end the game.

X Motherhood Notes
by Alfred Hitchcock

Motherhood is the goal of female development; but only via a series of losses, relinquishing the preferred erotic organ (the clitoris), the first-desired parent and, finally, the wish for a penis, in favour of a compensatory desire for a child from father or husband.

So writes Naomi Segal while summarizing Sigmund Freud's discourse of female development.

In a Woody Allen movie, his wife has left him to live with another woman. Explaining the benefits of the situation, she points out that their son will have twice as many mothers to help him through life. An unconvinced Allen remarks that most people do not survive one mother.

Then there is the popular greeting card message that is supposed to be an old Jewish Proverb: It explains that God made mothers because he could not be everywhere at once. (Because he couldn't be or didn't want to be?) Or as a co-worker wrote in an inter-office email, mothers "are our inspiration and our guiding light....there is no amount of days in May that would be enough to say thank you."

Bottom line, mothers are influential, for good and in some cases (see this game's Umpires), for bad.

  • "My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her." -- George Washington

  • There never was a woman like her. She was gentle as a dove and brave as a lioness. The memory of my mother and her teachings were, after all, the only capital I had to start life with, and on that capital I have made my way." --Andrew Jackson

  • "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." --Author Unknown


X Anarchy Notes
by Zina Mertz

Emma Goldman reflected on motherhood in her autobiography Living My Life (written in 1931). She calls motherhood a "blind, dumb force" that depletes a young woman's strength. The nexus of skills and emotions required for motherhood are at odds with the talents required for the extroverted and often contentious life of the political activist. Motherhood requires a certain selfless devotion not frequently found in the egos of those who desire to change the world.

Anarchists see the "sanctity of the family" issue as a ploy by the patriarchy to keep women and children subordinate. As anarchists point out, "The reality of family life is quite different from the sentimental ideal. Wife battering, rape and child abuse are not accidental or isolated events they are a result of conditioning in the family and by the media. " (Reference)

The ancient and wise Greek philosopher Plato recognized that not all adults are fit to rear their own offspring. He advocated a community care concept where experienced caregivers could oversee young children's development.

Anarchy and the needs of motherhood are frequently antithetical to each other; much like the modern artist's temperament is not frequently suited for parenthood.



Scorecard: Anarchists @ Mothers

Inning 1: Anarchists

Aurlia Plath
Aurelia Plath
Sylvia's Mother

Plath [Starter]

Flynn 1-3 . . .

Goldman 5-3 . . .

Dolgoff 8 . . .

Inning 1: Mothers

Clara Zetkin
Clara Zetkin

Zetkin [Starter]

Rose 2B . X .

Crosby 2B . X . 1

Schwartz 1B X . . 1

Ochs 5 X . .

- Schwartz SB . X .

Williams 5-3 . X .

Weinstein 6-3 . X .

Inning 2: Anarchists

Abu-Jamal 2B . X .

Sacco HR . . . 2

DeCleyre 5-3 . . .

Malatesta 1B X . .

Bookchin 1B X . .

- Malatesta X-@3rd X . .

Zetkin 6-3 . X .

Inning 2: Mothers

Prussak BB X . .

Cain 9 X . .

Plath 5-3 SAC . X .

Rose 4-3 . . X

Inning 3: Anarchists

Flynn 1B X . .

Goldman BB X X .

Dolgoff BB X X X

Abu-Jamal BB X X X 1

Sacco 1B X X X 1

Errico Malatesta
Errico Malatesta
Game MCP

DeCleyre 5 X X X

Malatesta 2B . X . 3

Farmer [Relief]

Bookchin 5-3 . X .

Zetkin 1B X . . 1

Flynn K X . .

Inning 3: Mothers

Crosby E-3 X . .

Schwartz 4-6 FO X . .

Ochs 6-4 FO X . .

Williams E-5 X X .

Weinstein 5-4 FO X . X

Inning 4: Anarchists

Goldman 1B X . .

Dolgoff K X . .

Abu-Jamal 1B X X .

Sacco 6-3 . X X

DeCleyre K . X X

Inning 4: Mothers

Prussak 1B X . .

Cain 9 X . .

Farmer 4-6-3 DP . . .

Inning 5: Anarchists

Malatesta K . . .

Bookchin 5-3 . . .

Zetkin K . . .

Inning 5: Mothers

Rose 1B X . .

Rose Schwartz
Rose Schwartz
Delmore's Mother

Crosby 1B X . X

Schwartz 9 SAC X . . 1

Ochs 5-3 . X .

Williams 4 . X .

Inning 6: Anarchists

de Sade [Relief]

Flynn 8 . . .

Goldman 4-3 . . .

Dolgoff 3-UN . . .

Inning 6: Mothers

Weinstein 6-3 . . .

Prussak 1B X . .

Cain 4 X . .

[PH] Rexroth 4 X . .

Inning 7: Anarchists

Mapplethorpe [Relief]

Abu-Jamal 1B X . .

Sacco E-6 X X .

DeCleyre 6-4-3 DP . . X

Malatesta 6-3 . . X

Inning 7: Mothers

Rose 4-3 . . .

Crosby 1B X . .

Schwartz K X . .

Ochs BB X X .

Williams K X X .

Inning 8: Anarchists

Bookchin 7 . . .

[PH] Haywood 5-3 . . .

Flynn 4-3 . . .

Inning 8: Mothers

Zapata [Relief]

Weinstein K . . .

Prussak 3-UN . . .

Cain E-3 X . .

[PH] McCaugh K X . .

Inning 9: Anarchists

Lawrence [Relief]

Goldman BB X . .

Dolgoff 6-4-3 DP . . .

Abu-Jamal 1B X . .

Sacco 1B X X .

DeCleyre 7 X X .

Inning 9: Mothers

Rose BB X . .

Crosby 4 X . .

Schwartz 3-6-3 DP . . .

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Mothers Day Game: Anarchists @ Mothers
Published: May 12, 2002
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