Cosmic Baseball AssociationCosmic Game Report
Delta Dragons @ Bhutan Vanguards

A Season 1999 Middleleague Game

1-April-1999 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Runs Hits Errors
Dragons 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 4 10 0
Vanguards 0 0 0 3 0 2 0 0 x 5 8 1




Most Cosmic Player
Jasper Johns (Vanguard Secondbaseman): 4-At Bats; 3-Hits: 2 Doubles and 1 Homerun; 3-Runs Batted In.
United States painter. Born 1930 in Georgia and raised in South Carolina. After serving in the U.S. Army he moved to New York City (1952) and became a colleague and friend of Robert Rauschenberg. An avatar of the Pop Art movement Johns painted common easily identified objects such as flags, beer cans and maps. In 1980 his painting Three Flags (painted in 1958) was sold to the Whitney Museum for one million dollars making Johns the first living artist to sell a painting for so much money.

Jasper Johns

Game Notes
Homeruns Paalen, Johns; Triples none; Doubles Presley, Lampert, Van Gogh, Johns (2).
Double Plays Dragons-0; Vanguards-1
Errors Vanguards-1 (Ford); Stolen Bases none Caught Stealing none
Left-on-Base Dragons-9; Vanguards-4
Umpires Marv Albert, Frank Gifford, Jimmy Swaggert
Attendance 18,318; Time 2 hours 49 minutes

This was an outstanding cosmic game as befits the contestants. The Delta Dragons, CBA's team of talented musicians, and the Bhutan Vanguards, CBA's team of interesting artists, have one of the most enduring of all cosmic team rivalries. Neither team has played very distinguished cosmic baseball during the last several seasons and it is doubtful that either team will be at or near the top of the final Middleleague standings next Fall. Nevertheless, when the two teams play against each other, it's always exciting.

Musicians and artists (painters, photographers), who naturally share so many internal characteristics, compete on a more subtle level, that, at first glance, may seem strange or remote to people who would consider themselves non-creative. Many creative people will affirm the idea that everybody is innately creative. Some block it, some have it blocked, some are distracted. Modern end-of-the-century life certainly puts more demands and constraints on individuals. This makes it difficult to negotiate and navigate the intense but often unsettled seas of creativity and imagination.

Aside from Elvis Presley's double in the first inning and Jasper Johns' double in the second inning the first three innings were basically a pitching contest between Laura Nyro and Frieda Kahlo. The Vanguards opened up the heavens in the fourth inning and let rain three runs, chasing Nyro out of the game. Charlie "Bird" Parker got the Dragons out of the inning and kept the Vanguards quiet in the fifth but two more runs came across in the sixth as Bhutan took a 5 to 0 lead. Dragon manager Janis Joplin replaced Parker with Jerry Garcia who uses only nine fingers to get the ball ready to be thrown. As usual, Gerry quieted down the artists. But the damage had been done and despite a brave but failed comeback attempt in the eighth and ninth innings, the Vanguards held the lead and prevailed.

While neither team figures to be a contender this season the future looks bright, especially for the Vanguards. Rookies Jasper Johns (this game's MCP) and Wolfgang Paalen look to be future stars. The Dragons rookie secondbaseman, Noah Lampert, young though he is (at 15 he is the youngest starting secondbaseman in CBA history), also looks promising.

These two teams won't meet again until the dog days of summer. They are scheduled for a grueling five game series which is worth looking forward to regardless of where they stand in the standings.

Scoring Summary

Fourth Inning (Vanguards): The painter Vincent Van Gogh doubles. The photographer Tina Modotti walks. The painter Wolfgang Paalen singles driving Van Gogh home. The painter Jasper Johns hits a double scoring Modotti and Paalen. Vanguards lead, 3-0. Sixth Inning (Vanguards): Paalen hits a leadoff homerun. Johns gets his third consecutive hit, a solo homerun. Vanguards lead, 5-0. Eighth Inning (Dragons): Singer/songwriter Bob Dylan gets a lead-off walk. Singer Elvis Presley singles. Saxophonist Noah Lampert walks. Bases are loaded. Lead singer for the rock group The Doors Jim Morrison hits a 2-RBI single scoring Dylan and Presley. Vanguards lead 5-2. Ninth Inning (Dragons): Rock singer Don Van Vliet singles. The pitcher painter, etcher, drawer Albrecht Durer reaches firstbase on an error by painter Gordon Onslow Ford. Lampert hits a 2-RBI double scoring Van Vliet and Durer. Morrison grounds out to end the game. Vanguards win game, 5-4.

Cosmic Game Report- Dragons @ Vanguards (1999 Middleleague Game)
Published: April 1, 1999
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