Cosmic Baseball AssociationCosmic Game Report
Dharma Beats @ Paradise Pisces

1999 Overleague Season Opener

15-Mar-1999 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Runs Hits Errors
Beats 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 1 5 9 0
Pisces 0 0 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 4 14 0




Most Cosmic Player
Levi Asher (Secondbase): 3-At Bats; 1-Hit; 1-Homerun; 1-Run Batted In. Levi Asher is the creator of the World Wide Web's Literary Kicks website.

Levi Asher

Game Notes
Homeruns Levi Asher, Gregory Corso, Drew Barrymore; Triples Steve Jobs; Doubles Lucien Carr, Herbert Huncke, William Burroughs.
Double Plays Beats-0; Pisces-2
Errors none; Stolen Bases none Caught Stealing none
Left-on-Base Beats-7; Pisces-11
Umpires Marv Albert, Tanya Harding, Linda Tripp
Attendance 36,008; Time 3 hours 13 minutes

The 1999 cosmic season begins with a game between one of the oldest and most enduring rivalries at the Cosmic Baseball Association. The Dharma Beats have been trying to usurp the Paradise Pisces' status as CBA's "flagship team" since forever. Last season the Beats were the number two team in the Overleague, right behind the Pisces. It's hard to predict outcomes right at the beginning and we won't. But this was a terrific game and its outcome was in doubt right up to the end.

Scoring Summary

Fourth Inning (Pisces): Spike Lee (Filmmaker) gets a two-out single. George Handel (Musician) singles. Fats Domino (Musician) slaps an RBI-single scoring Lee. Pisces lead, 1-0. Fifth Inning (Beats): William Burroughs (Writer) hits a lead-off double. Levi Asher (Webmaster) and Ray Bremser (Poet) draw back-to-back walks. The bases are loaded. Jack Kerouac (Writer) hits a two-RBI single to leftfield scoring Burroughs and Asher. Beats lead, 2-1. Fifth Inning (Pisces): Steve Jobs (Computer Designer) whacks a lead-off triple. John Steinbeck (Writer) gets an RBI-single scoring Jobs. After Henrik Ibsen (Playwright) strikes out on three pitches, Drew Barrymore (Actress) hits a 2-RBI homerun. Pisces lead 4-2. Sixth Inning (Beats): Kenneth Rexroth (Poet) gets a lead-off single. Gregory Corso (Poet) hits a 2-RBI homerun. Game tied 2-2. Ninth Inning (Beats): Asher hits a full-count fast ball into the bleachers in right-center field. Beats win game, 5-4.

Cosmic Game Report- Beats @ Pisces (1999 Season Opener)
Published: March 15, 1999
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