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The TELECITY SUPERBAS consist of American television personalities. This year's team is dominated by talk show hosts and comic actors. The original Superbas were drawn from the so-called "golden age" of television, however, only five "golden age" representatives remain. Of the five rookies on the team, 2 are talk show hosts, 2 are in situation comedies and one keeps moving between the sports world and the political arena.

1999 Telecity Superbas


Rookies are in italics

Christina Applegate, Centerfield
Acheived significant stardom with her character "Kelly" in the despicable Married With Children.

Gillian Anderson, Pitcher
She plays special (FBI) agent Dana Scully on the popular and rather mysterious X Files.

Lucille Ball, Utility
The Grande Dame of Comediennes the red-headed Lucy starred in a number of I Love Lucy series.

Joey Bishop, Rightfield
One of the "pack rat" boys he had a situation comedy series and then tried to duke it out with Carson and others as a late night talk show host.

Drew Carey, Firstbase
The Drew Carey Show is one of the more inventive situation comedies of the late 1990s.

Johnny Carson, Pitcher
The King of Late Night Talk Show Hosts his reign on The Tonight Show was frequently challenged but never really conquered. An enigmatic man, Carson's contribution to television history is undisputed.

Jackie Gleason, Leftfield
Star of the hilarious situation comedy The Honeymooners Gleason was a big graceful very funny man.

Ricki Lake, Secondbase
She starred in John Waters' films before joining the vapid day time talk show rat race.

Jay Leno, Catcher
Johnny Carson's successor. Leno is no Johnny Carson but he is establishing himself as an enjoyable late night talk show host.

Tia Leoni, Pitcher
She had a short-lived television series and some movie roles but she hasn't broken into the superstar set, not yet.

David Letterman, Outfield
As enigmatic as the man he tried to replace (Carson) Letterman contends with Leno for best of the late night talk show hosts. Fact is neither he nor Leno will be Carson.

Ozzie Nelson, Shortstop
One of the stereotypical television fathers in the 1950s and 1960s. Along with his wife Harriet and two sons, Ricky and David they pretended to be something other than a typical dysfunctional family unit.

Conan O'Brien, Infield
Another late night talk show host. O'Brien's initial run at night was uneven but he has constantly improved. His show is generally more inventive than Leno's or Letterman's.

Laura Prepon, Thirdbase
A new fresh face on the situation comedy circuit. She plays "Donna" on the interesting That Seventies Show.

Jerry Seinfeld, Pitcher
One of the few stand-up comics to hit the big time in the television world. The Seinfeld Show did a good job of depicting the self-absorbed thirtysomething generation of the 1990s.

Phil Silvers, Pitcher
Silvers portrayed the mildly obnoxious Sgt. Ernie Bilko in one of television's early military life spoofs.

Jerry Springer, Pitcher
Is it surprising that a former mayor of the very repressed city of Cincinnati should go onto to host a show notable only for its pathetic analysis of human emotions?


Calista Flockhart, Field Manager
As star of the hit show Ally McBeal Flockhart portrays a self-absorbed young woman lawyer that probably too many people relate to.

Chris Farley, Coach
One of the bright funny lights of the Saturday Night Live cast when that show was on the way down, Farley used his significant physical size to get people to laugh.

Keith Olbermann, General Manager
Initially a sports broadcast journalist on ESPN Olbermann tried his hand at political broadcasting. It didn't work out. His naturally cynical wit works well on television.

Howdy Doody, Owner
A make-believe television character designed to keep kids glued to the television set, like Big Bird and Barnie.












Howdy Doody


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  • Drew Carey

  • Johnny Carson

  • Laura Prepon

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