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Game 4: Paradise Pisces @ Pre-Raphaelite Baseball Club. November 28, 1999

Pisces Win Game, 6-5
Series Tied, 2-2
The Pisces tied the series more by guile and luck than superior play. Starting Pisces pitcher Vanessa Williams avenged her defeat in the first game of the series with an outstanding at bat in the second inning. With two out and two on she stroked a 2-RBI double off loser Dante Rossetti. Williams' pitching, while not showing the sharpness she displayed during the regular season was good enough for the win. Pre-Raphaelite model and rightfielder Maria Zambaco continues to swing a torridly hot bat, picking up two more hits and two more RBIs.

Game 4 Scoresheet

Game 4 Boxscores

Game 4 Pitching

Game 4 Most Cosmic Player

Dr. Seuss

Game 4 Scoring Summary

1st Inning: P.R.B.- William Morris hits a lead-off single. Edward Burne-Jones hits a scarifice bunt advancing Morris to secondbase. Maria Zambaco hits an RBI single scoring Morris. [P.R.B. leads 1-0].

2nd Inning: Pisces- Henry Longfellow hits a lead-off home run. Bobby Unsewr reaches firstbase on Elizabeth Siddal's throwing error. Henrik Ibsen singles. Pitcher Vanessa Williams hits a double scoring Unser and Ibsen. Dr. Seuss hits a single scoring Williams.[Pisces lead 3-1].

4th Inning: Pisces- Bobbie Unser, Anton Vivaldi and Dr. Seuss hit singles producing one run. [Pisces lead 4-1].

5th Inning: Pisces- Longfellow draws a walk and scores on Steve Jobs' long single. [Pisces lead 5-1].

6th Inning: Pisces- Dr. Seuss hits a lead-off home run [Pisces lead 6-1].

7th Inning: P.R.B.- Charles Swinburne and Elizabeth Siddal hit solo home runs [Pisces lead 6-3].

8th Inning: P.R.B.- Fanny Cornforth singles. Zambaco hits a double and Cornforth scores. [Pisces lead 6-4].

9th Inning: P.R.B.- William Bell Scott hits a lead-off triple. Siddal drives Scott home with a single to the opposite field. [Pisces Win Game 6-5].

Game 4 Notes

Home Runs: Henry Longfellow, Dr. Seuss, Elizabeth Siddal, Charles Swinburne
Triples: William Bell Scott
Doubles: Steve Jobs, Vanessa Williams, Maria Zambaco.

Double Plays: Pisces-2; P.R.B.-1
Errors: Siddall (2), Unser, Vivaldi

Stolen Bases: none
Caught Stealing: none

Umpires: Marv Albert; Amy Fisher; Frank Gifford; Linda Tripp

Attendance: 117
Time: 3 hours, 3 minutes

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1999 Cosmic Universal Series
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Published: November 28, 1999