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Game 1: Pre-Raphaelite Baseball Club at Paradise Pisces. November 25, 1999

Pre-Raphaelites Take Series Opener, 7-3
Lead Series 1-0
The Pre-Raphaelites won their fifth straight post-season game in a strong showing against the Pisces who own the best record in cosmic baseball this season. While still a little shaky on defense (William Morris needs to apply some glue to the inside of his enormous firstbaseman's glove) the P.R.B. continues to show dominant offensive strength.

Game 1 Scoresheet

Game 1 Boxscores

Game 1 Pitching

Game 1 Most Cosmic Player

Maria Zambaco

Scoring Summary

2nd Inning: P.R.B. - Painter Ford Maddox Brown leads the inning off with a solo home run. Poet William Bell Scott, influenced early on by the Spasmodics hits a double. The woeful Elizabeth Siddall, paradigm of the Pre-Raphaelite woman, hits a 2-run home run. [P.R.B. leads 3-0].

3rd Inning: P.R.B.- Ford Maddox Brown, who wrote the sonnet The Love of Beauty leads off with a walk. William Bell Scott, who wrote that poetry must affect us like music or wine, hits a triple, scoring Brown. [P.R.B. leads 4-0].

5th Inning: Pisces- The great musician Fats Domino whacks a two-out triple. Speed freak Bobby Unser gets on base when William Morris, co-founder and proprietor of The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine, drops the ball at first base. It's unearned but it's a run. [P.R.B. leads 4-1].

6th Inning: P.R.B.- W. Morris, who also founded the society for the Protection of Ancient Buldings, atones for his 5th inning error and gets a single. Painter Edward Burne-Jones, husband of Georgina Macdonald, also hits a single. Maria Zambaco, a frequent model for the P.R.B. painters also hits a single scoring Morris. Pisces- Novelist John Steinbeck and playwright Hendrik Ibsen hit singles. Actress Drew Barrymore hits a 2-RBI single scoring Steinbeck and Ibsen. [P.R.B. leads 5-3].

7th Inning- Dante Rossetti, pitcher and leading force behind the P.R.B., walks. W. Morris doubles and Rossetti scores from first. Burne-Jones hits a single and Morris comes home. [P.R.B. Wins Game 7-3].

Game 1 Notes

Home Runs: Ford Maddox Brown; Elizabeth Siddall
Triples: Fats Domino; William Bell Scott
Doubles: Edward Burne-Jones; William Morris; William Bell Scott

Double Plays: P.R.B.-2; Pisces-1
Errors: William Morris

Stolen Bases: none
Caught Stealing: none

Umpires: Marv Albert; Amy Fisher; Frank Gifford; Linda Tripp

Attendance: 33,333
Time: 3 hours, 13 minutes

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1999 Cosmic Universal Series
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Published: November 25, 1999