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The BHUTAN VANGUARDS is a team of artists, mostly but not exclusively, painters.

1999 Bhutan Vanguards


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Marc Chagall, Pitcher
French painter born in Russia. Influenced by cubism, fauvism, and surrealism. Also created works in stained glass, mosaic, clay and tapestry. Wrote an autobiography, My Life published in 1957.

Elaine De Kooning, Pitcher
Part of the Abstract Expressionist avant-garde located in and around the New York City area in the 1950s. She was the wife of Wilem De Kooning.

Richard Diebenkorn, Rightfield
U.S. painter. A major painter of the postwar period Diebenkorn's work spans the modernist analysis of abstraction versus representation. He is identified most frequently with the California avant-garde of the 1950s and 1960s.

Albrecht Durer, Pitcher
German Renaissance painter and engraver. Court painter for Emperor Maximilian I from 1512 to 1519. Created work in painting, woodblock, copper- and iron-engraving. Influenced by Italian sojourns.

Gordon Onslow Ford, Shortstop
b. 1912
British-born U.S. painter. Early work influenced by Surrealism. Ford was involved in spreading surrealist ideas in New York in the 1940s. He became associated with the short-lived "Dynaton" movement in San Francisco in the early 1950s..

Paul Gauguin, Pitcher
French painter. A leading post-Impressionist painter. Originally a stockbroker, painting was a hobby until 1883 when he took painting up full-time. Associated with Pissarro and Cezanne. Set up a studio in Tahiti in 1891 and later in the Marquesas Islands (1901).

Edward Hopper, Firstbase
U.S. painter. His realistic work is noted for its mastery of light and for it's sense of loneliness and isolation.

Jasper Johns, Secondbase
b. 1930
U.S. painter. Born in Georgia, raised in South Carolina, Johns arrived in New York in 1952. In New York Johns set up a studio with Robert Rauschenberg who became a friend and mentor. Diverging from Abstract Expressionism Johns painted common objects like flags, beer cans and was a leading influence on the Pop Art movement of the 1960s.

Frieda Kahlo, Pitcher
Mexican painter. Kahlo's style was influenced by Mexican colonial and popular art utilizing frontal figures, spare space and bright color. Her subject matter reflected both her Mexican origins and her physical disability. At 15 Kahlo was in an accident that crushed her pelvis and she spent much of her life in pain. She married the painter Diego Rivera in 1928.

Vincent van Gogh, Thirdbase
Dutch painter. In 1880 after failing as an art dealer Van Gogh took up painting. Developed elements of Expressionism and Symbolism which movements he influenced. Known for intense use of color and brushwork. Scenes painted were typically peasant, rural and domestic in nature.

Amedeo Modigliani, Pitcher
Italian painter and sculptor. Known for portraits and nudes executed in planar, asymmetric, elongated manner and use of broad expanse of color.

Tina Modotti, Centerfield
Italian-born photographer. Modotti came to California in 1913 and began a short acting career on the stage and in silent films. She met the photographer Edward Weston who became her teacher and lover. Modotti and Weston went to Mexico in 1923 and Modotti joined the Mexican Communist Party. Her photographs are frequently political in nature as she explored the inherent tensions between art and politics.

Lee Mullican, Catcher
b. 1919
U.S. artist. After art school Mullican served as a topographical draftsman in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers during World War Two. Making "bird's eye view" drawings of landscape would influence his artistic development. After an early experimentation with Surrealism Mullican became associated with the short-lived "Dynaton" movement in San Francisco in the early 1950s.

Claes Oldenburg, Utility
b. 1929
Swedish-born U.S. painter. A leader of the Pop Art movement in the 1960s he was also a pioneer of the "happening" who found artistic potential in everyday events and objects by altering context.

Wolfgang Paalen, Leftfield
Austrian-born painter who was actively involved in the Surrealist movement in Europe in the 1930s. In 1939 Paalen went to Mexico at the invitation of Diego Rivera. Paalen has been credited with introducing the "plastic" expression of Surrealism to Mexico. In San Francisco, Paalen was the moving force behind the short-lived "Dynaton" movement which attempted to move beyond Surrealism.

Robert Rauschenberg, Infield
b. 1925
U.S. artist. Born in Texas Rauschenberg studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and at the Academie Julian in Paris (1947). In the 1950s his all black/white painting were prime examples of Minimalism. He used everyday objects in "combines" to create art. Rauschenberg, historically, bridges Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. He exerted a significant influence over artists in the 1960s and 1970s.

Andy Warhol, Outfield
U.S. artist. One of the leaders of the Pop Art movement, Warhol's aesthetics echoed the democratization of art. Considered as a reaction to the highly refined Abstract Expressionism of the 1950s, Pop Art's initial claim was to refocus art for the popular culture. All cultural artifacts could become artistic icons...soup cans, movie stars, comic books. Pop Art and Warhol as one of its vanguard commandants appropriated every and all images.


Robert Mapplethorpe, Field Manager
U.S. photographer. Starting out with a Polaroid camera given to him as a gift, Mapplethorpe became a photographic documenter of social taboos. His work often deals with the themes of homosexuality and sado-masochism. A controversial exhibition of his photographs was canceled in Washington, D.C. and banned in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1989.

Joan Miro, Coach
Spanish painter. Influenced by Fauvism, Cubism, Surrealism and his native Catalonian environment to develop a unique style of imagery using symbols, metaphors and signs. In addition to painting he made collages, designed ceramic walls, murals, and ballet costumes.

Claude Monet, General Manager
French painter. Developed technique of rendering light and color as actually perceived which led became the style of Impressionism (c. 1872).

Tess Lampert, Owner
b. 1986
American painter. Early work reflects deep concern with the human face. Many drawings and charcoal portraits made exploring the variations of eyes, noses, mouths, etc.





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Writing in Reserve: The Hydra

Campbell's Soup Can with Peeling Label
Andy Warhol, 1962

This painting was sold for $30,000 on May 14, 1969 setting a world record price for a living artist.

Dwellers in the Clear
Gordon Onlsow Ford, 1945

DWELLERS IN THE CLEAR is divided into zones by straight and curved lines...Zones of space are divided into dots of two values so that there is an uninterrupted passage from one zone to the next. Two line-beings with auras of color face each other and are in close relation through space. Above there is a Messenger and a guardian moon. Perhaps it could be said that the Muse as the female creative principal who had in previous paintings been dominant is making a gift of power to the male creative principal who will preside over the next stage of involutim until the male and female join once again later on in the depths. (Gordon Onslow Ford, 1981).

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