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1998 Vestal Virgins
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Plath Pocahontas Salomé
Calamity Clinton Dickinson Duncan Havard Hearst Hunt
Jong Lopatka Ono Sackville-West Sekula Smith Thurman
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Sappho Numata Monroe Schott Arendt Xanthippe Virgin Fields
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The VESTAL VIRGINS, CBA's squad of interesting women, have been playing cosmic baseball since 1983. They have a composite won-loss record of 1223-1213. They have been to the Cosmic Universal Series twice and won once. Last season the Virgins came in secondplace in the cosmic Overleague with an 85-77 record.

This season there are five rookies, three pitchers and two infielders. The rookie pitchers are Zelda Fitzgerald, Frieda Lawrence and Lou Andreas-Salomé. The rookie infielders are Kasia Havard and Violet Hunt. Always a popular team, expectations are high for a stellar season.

Hannah Arendt
Philosopher/Political Scientist

Studied with Karl Jaspers at Heidelberg University (1928). Fled the Nazis in 1933 and came to United States via France in 1941. She wrote The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951), The Human Condition (1958) and Eichmann in Jerusulem (1963) among other books. These works helped established her as a major voice in international intellectual circles.

General Manager
Cosmic Record
Hannah Arendt Link

Queen of Egypt
69-30 B.C.

Actually she is designated Cleopatra VII and she reigned from 51-30 B.C. She was the daughter of Ptolemy XIII. She was Julius Caesar's mistress (46-44 B.C.). She met and fell in love with Mark Antony (42 B.C.) She killed herself probably with poison, but maybe she used a snake to avoid being paraded in Rome by Octavian whom she could not seduce.

Cosmic Record
Cleopatra Chronology

Hillary Rodham Clinton
First Lady of the United States

One of the more activist and controversial first ladies. Being married to Bill Clinton has provided her with plenty to do, including vigorously defending him against charges that he has sex with other women. In January 1998 she claimed her husband's character problems were being manufactured by a "vast right-wing conspiracy." Maybe, maybe not. She is perceived as arrogant but fans admire her intelligence. Mrs. Clinton must also be credited with being an excellent mother. Her college-aged daughter Chelsea is a pitcher for the Paradise Pisces. Chelsea is apparently a bright, sophisticated and well-adjusted young woman.

Cosmic Record
The "Unofficial" Hillary Rodham Clinton

Calamity Jane
American frontierswoman

Also known as Martha Jane Canary, "Calamity Jane" was an American frontier woman who wandered the mining districts of the American west. Orphaned at 15, Calamity Jane settled in Deadwood, part of the Dakota Territory, and became a friend of Wild Bill Hickock. Ms. Canary could frequently be seen, dressed like a man, at bars telling stories of real and imagined adventures. In 1891 she married a cabdriver named Clinton Burke but he soon left her. She is buried in Deadwood, next to her companion, Wild Bill.

Cosmic Record
Calamity Jane Link

Laura Dern
born February 10, 1967

A daughter of actors, Laura Dern has distinguished herself as an intense and diverse cinematic talent. Our favorite Laura Dern role: the wild woman in David Lynch's Wild at Heart

Cosmic Record
Celebsite: Laura Dern

Emily Dickinson

One of the great American poets. She wrote nearly 2,000 but only seven of her poems were published during her lifetime. She spent almost her entire life living in her family home in Amherst, Massachsuetts

Cosmic Record
Emily Dickinson Poems On-line

Jessie Numata


Jessie Numata was born in Japan in 1972. She moved to the United States when she was three. She started taking photographs with an "inherited" 35mm single lens reflex (SLR) Pentax camera when she was 14. After graduating high school she attended Johns Hopkins University in Maryland as a pre-med student. However, after her first semester she transferred to the fine arts division and began her formal study of photography. Her senior project (thesis), presented in 1991 was a series of black and white self-portrait photographs. Her college work was influenced by, among others, Robert Motherwell. After college and a brief stint as a graduate student at the Rochester Institute of Technology she moved back to Maryland. She is currently working as a freelance photographer. Her recent work has been in the area of photographic collage.

No Record
Photo Collages: In Vitro and In Vivo

Isadora Duncan
Dancer and Feminist

Non-conformist and controversial dancer who is credited as one of the founders of modern dance. She performed all over the world and set up dance schools in France, Germany and Russia. An ardent individualist she had two children and two husbands and many many lovers.

Cosmic Record
Isadora Duncan Link

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald

Despite talents as a dancer, painter and writer, Zelda spent much of her life battling mental illness. In 1920 after a two-year courtship she married the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. Together they were the sterotypical "Jazz Age" couple. Ten years after her marriage she had her first mental breakdown. She wrote her first novel Save Me the Waltz while institutionalized. Much of her life consisted of the cycle of going in and coming out of asylums. She died tragically in a fire.

The Legend of Zelda

Patricia Hearst
Poltical Hostage/Writer
born February 20, 1954

Her grandfather was William Randolph Hearst, founder of the Hearst media empire. In the 1970s she was kidnapped by a political group called the Symbionese Liberation Army. After her "re-capture" by the police she was tried and convicted of robbing a bank while a captive of the SLA. The trial, held in San Francisco, attracted a tremendous amount of attention, in part because she was the daughter of a famous American family and in part because her lawyer was the sensational F. Lee Bailey.

Cosmic Record
60 Greatest Conspiracies/Patty Hearst

Violet Hunt
Victorian Writer

A "daughter of the Pre-Raphaelites" Isabel Violet Hunt began keeping a jouranl at the age of fourteen. A rebel and non-conformist she wrote an autobiographical novel entitled Their Lives. Her 1932 novel called The Wife of Rossetti is about men who abandoned the women they love. A first-rate gossip, Hunt cannot always be trusted to tell things exactly the way they happened.

no link available

Erica Jong
born 1942

When Fear of Flying was published, the young Erica Jong was catapulted to fame. A sexy diatribe on a woman's right to erotic liberation, the book has attained a classical standing in the field of feminist literature. She has also written an interesting series of essay about Henry Miller called The Devil At Large, which attempts to make Henry more acceptable to feminist thinkers who typically revile him.

Cosmic Record
Erica Jong Web Site - Home Page

Freida Lawrence

When she met the English writer D.H. Lawrence she was married to a college linguistics professor and the mother of two young children. Nevertheless, her intense and passionate feelings for the writer were strong enough for her to abandon her family and live and eventually marry Lawrence. As his principle muse her influence on Lawrence work was profound.

Freida Lawrence-Wife of a Genius (Review)

Sharon Lopatka
Internet Murder Victim

Sharon Lopatka's story makes us pause and consider just how reflective of reality the nexus of computers glued by voltage and called the 'internet' really is. She died at the hands of someone she met on the internet. Immediately after the story broke, calls for more rigorous regulation of the internet were met with counter-calls suggesting this case was an anomaly, not typical of the online community. Nevertheless, Lopatka is representative of the net's "fellaheen," those individuals on the edges of the edge where the real and the fantastical blur. Spengler says the "fellaheen" arise as the culture decays in its downward plunge into oblivion. Whatever. Lopatka was a sexual masochist who, apparently, actively used E-mail, chat groups, and newsgroups to find someone who would torture her to death. So there is a question. Was this a murder, an accidental death, or an assisted suicide?

Cosmic Record
Mail & Guardian: Murder by the Net

Courtney Love
born July 9, 1965

A successful and mildly controversial entertainer. Her popularity had in part been fueled by her marriage to Kurt Cobain. Initially a rock and roll singer, she is also becoming a talented movie actress. Controversy seems to follow her around. For example there is a theory that suggests she was involved in Cobain's death, which has been officially ruled a suicide.

Cosmic Record
Courtney Love Interview

Kasia Havard
born 1969

A talented artist and illustrator, Ms. Havard studied at the Corcoran Art Institute in Washington, D.C. Her work and aesthetic is so apparently and manifestly traditional it is avant-garde.

no link available

Mata Hari

Also known as Margaretha Geertruida Zelle Macleod, she was a successful dancer who had a fetish for military officers. In 1917 the French accused her of spying for Germany. She was tried by a French military court and convicted. She was executed by a firing squad of French soldiers.

Cosmic Record
Mata Hari Link

Adah Menken

On June 7, 1861 the drama Mazeppa opened to rave reviews in Albany, New York. The play, based on a poem written by Byron in 1819 tells of the young nobleman Mazeppa who is caught with the wife of a Polish count. Mazeppa is lashed to a horse and banished from town. Cast in the leading role was a free-spirited, bohemian woman, Adah Menken. And this was not Adah's first role in drag. Her career got started in her hometown New Orleans where she danced and performed in men's clothing frequently.

Cosmic Record
Adah Isaacs Menken Link

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe has become a metaphor for the sensitive and insecure woman raped by a business more devoted to image than substance. After a childhood in orphanages and foster homes, Marilyn Monroe took a job as a photographer's model. At 22 she appeared naked in a calendar catching the eyes of Hollywood producers who promptly marketed her as a blonde sex queen. Sold as beautiful but dumb, Hollywood chewed her up much like they devoured Frances Farmer, another attractive starlet. For nine months in 1954 she was married to the great New York Yankee baseball player, Joe Dimaggio. She later married the playwright Arthur Miller. She died, apparently from an overdose of sleeping pills, on August 5, 1962 at the age of 36.

Cosmic Record
Marilyn Monroe Link

Yoko Ono
born February 18, 1933

By the time Yoko Ono met John Lennon in 1966, she was already an internationally known avant-garde artist. In fact, she met Lennon at her own one-woman art show at the Indica Gallery in London. She was an early innovator in the "performance art" genre and many commentators have recognized her unique contributions to music.

Cosmic Record
John Lennon & Yoko Ono Playboy Interview

Sylvia Plath
In writing about the writer Jack Kerouac, a biographer wrote: "Every personality is fragmented somewhere..." Locating the exact location of fracture in the poet Sylvia Plath's personality has occupied a fair amount of time by the literary-academic-psychoanalytic squads of the cultural elite. Despite her intense poetic style, it may be that Plath never really broke out of this environment. As a woman, a wife, a mother, a poet, a human being, she wrote about the fragmentation of the post-industrial soul.
Cosmic Record
Chip's Sylvia Plath Page

Indian Princess
Chief Powhaton, leader of native Americans living on the land that the white man called Virginia had a lively and vivacious daughter called Matoaka. Nicknamed Pocahontas, meaning "playful one", Powhaton's daughter played an important role in the history of what became the United States of America. She saved John Smith's life in 1607 and seven years later she married the colonist John Rolfe, thus securing a peace between Powhaton's people and the Jamestown colonists. Renamed Rebecca after her marriage to Rolfe, in 1616 she toured England as a popular Indian Princess. Unfortunately, as she prepared to return to Virginia she got sick and died several months later. She never got back home. Matoaka was 21 years old when she died. She is buried in England.
Cosmic Record
Pocahontas Chronology

Vita Sackville-West
Described as romantic, secret and undomesticated, Vita Sackville-West was one of the great lesbians of the 20th century. Married to the diplomat Harold Nicholson, also homosexual, their marriage was an example of how infidelity need not destroy the bond between individuals who connect intellectually. Vita met Virginia Woolf in 1922. An affair of sorts developed. And though she indicates in letters that she had some physical relations with Woolf, their relationship was more Platonic than Sapphic. Vita writes of her feelings for Woolf in a letter to her husband: "But really, my sweet, one's love for Virginia is...a mental thing; a spiritual thing, if you like, an intellectual thing...I am scared to death of arousing physical feelings in her...Besides, Virginia is not the sort of person one thinks of in that way. There is something incongruous and almost indecent in the idea. I have gone to bed with her (twice), but that's all."
Cosmic Record
Vita Sackville-West Bibliography

Lou Andreas-Salomé
A remarkable and influential woman of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Her milieu was the European intellectual circuit where she met the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who fell in love with her, the psychologist Sigmund Freud who turned her on to psychoanalysis and the poet Rainer Rilke whom she had a passionate love affair with, despite his being nearly fifteen years younger.

circa 625 B.C
Born on the island of Lesbos, in the seventh century B.C., Sappho is one of the few ancient female poets to have filtered down through history. Despite speculation that at least nine volumes of her poetry once existed, only one complete poem is today extant. All the rest of her work is fragmentary. Sappho's name and country of birth have provided two important words in the lexicon of homosexuality: lesbian and sapphic. Both terms refer to female homosexual love. Rather then condemned, her homoerotic work was praised. This suggests that the very ancient Greeks were more open minded about the issue then subsequent generations. Plato, not really a fan of poets, called her the "tenth muse" and Solon, the great Athenian ruler, admired her lyrical poems.
Cosmic Record
Poetry of Sappho

Marge Schott
Cincinnati Reds Owner
Distempered owner of the Cincinnati Reds. She has been called a racist and worse for being frequently speaking before she thinks. Like another Cincinnati baseball character, Pete Rose, she is a study in human weakness. By most accounts she is a lonely woman kept on the outside by her narrow-mindedness. While other major league owners treat her with disdain for messing up the world of Major League baseball, they too have brought a considerable amount of disgrace to the game. Marge Schott is no less corrupt then the good ol' boys of baseball...but then that's not saying too much in her favor. After all, she really is narrow-minded and racist.
No Record
Marge Schott Buick

Sonja Sekula
When observer Walter Robinson first looked at Sonja Sekula's 1948 painting The Sun Room he thought it "looked like cyberspace as described by William Gibson in his landmark science fiction novel Neuromancer, dark and infinite, transected by rays of light and dotted with glowing geometric markers." Sekula was a Swiss-born abstract-expressionist painter as well as a lesbian schizophrenic. Daughter of well-off parents who moved to America in 1936, Sonja attended Sarah Lawrence College, studied with the artist George Grosz and became influenced by the Surrealist movement after meeting Andre Breton in 1942. She suffered through a lifelong struggle with depression and she first attempted suicide at 20. Her condition worsened as she got older. At one point she wandered the streets believing she was Jesus. Her art work was unique, especially in a movement dominated by the masculine. In his article "Sonja Sekula: Abstract Expressionist, Lesbian and Mad", Robinson writes "Unlike her male colleagues, Sekula's practice ignored the demands of the market, a demand for corporate-style trademark images that would signify the global-scale esthetic in the society of the spectacle." Sekula left the United States for good in 1955, settling in St. Moritz. In 1963, in her studio, at age 45, she hung herself.
Cosmic Record
Sonja Sekula: Abstract Expressionist, Lesbian and Mad

Pattie Smith
Patti Smith's first recorded work was released as a single. The "A" side was Smith's version of the rock song "Hey Joe" that used the Patty Hearst kidnaping as a backdrop. The production, recorded on the evening of June 5, 1974 was financed by her friend, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, and released under their own Mer Records label. On the "B" side was a tune called "Piss Factory" about assembly line work. Smith's use of words and music made her work very poetical and she was in the vanguard of the trend that regenerated the rock music world. Both the "punk" music scene and "rap" owe a debt to Smith's creative musical work.
Cosmic Record

Uma Thurman
born April 29, 1970
Uma Karuna Thurman, American movie actress, started her film career while still a teenager. One of her earliest roles was in the 1987 movie, Kiss Daddy Goodnight. Other notable roles include the wife of Henry Miller in Henry and June which chronicles the romantic triangulation between Miller, his wife June, and the writer Anais Nin. Her femme fatale role in Pulp Fiction alongside John Travolta has only increased her popularity. Her unusual first and middle names mean "bestower of blessings" and "compassion". These qualities have, at times, burst from the screen she so gracefully inhabits.
Cosmic Record
The Amazing Uma Thurman Site-Homepage

Greek Woman
circa 400 B.C.

The wife of the philosopher Socrates has frequently been portrayed as a bit of a nag or shrew. And maybe if your husband was always out and about stirring things up with the younger generation, you might also find reason to complain. Nevertheless, we have every reason to suspect that he loved her and that she cared for him.

No Record
The Troublesome Helpmate: A History of Misogyny in Literature by Katherine M. Rogers

Virgin Fields
Home Park
23,178 Seats

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