1998 Telecity Superbas
Anderson Berle Burr Carson Coca Denver Leoni
Lewis Seinfeld Silvers
Applegate Ball Betz Bishop Gleason Leno Letterman
McMahon NelsonD NelsonR Obrien Reiner Schneider Thomas
Manager Coaches G.M. Owner Park
Flockhart Farley Hill O'Donnell Keeshan Doody Teledrome
Italics indicates Rookie

The TELECITY SUPERBAS is a team made up of television personalities. The Superbas compete in the cosmic Midlleleague. Owner Howdy Doody, dissatisfied with last season's performance (78-84, .481 record) went out and replaced his entire management staff, including the coaches. TV starlet Calista Flockhart takes over as the new field manager. The recently departed Chris Farley, the British bawdy comedian Benny Hill and day-time talk show host Rosie O'Donnell comprise the all-new coaching staff. Bob Keeshan, also known as "Captain Kangaroo" is the team's new general manager.

In addition to the management changes, there are five new rookies. Three new fielders all come from the late-night talk show host environment: Jay Leno, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien. The two rookie pitchers are situation comedy star Jerry Seinfeld and TV camp hero Bob Denver.

So, there's been a lot of changes in Superba-land. Will these changes help?


Gillian Anderson

Agent Dana Skully in The X Files.


Christina Applegate

She played Kelly, the dumb sister on the long-running series, Married With Children


Lucille Ball

Comedienne extraordinaire, she starred in a number of popular situation comedies.


Milton Berle

"Uncle Miltie" was one of the first popular television stars.


Carl Betz

Donna Reed's TV doctor-husband, Betz played a rather idealized paternal figure to the rather idealized American nuclear family.


Joey Bishop

After several mediocre situation comedies he joined the ranks of late-night talk show hosts.


Raymond Burr

Most famous for his portrayal or Erle Stanley Garnder's clever attorney, Perry Mason. Later Burr portrayed a crusty, cynical policeman confined to a wheelchair in the drama series Ironsides.


Johnny Carson

The absolute king of the late-night talk show. Carson reigned supreme, using his nightly monologue to reflect the culture back at itself.


Imogene Coca

One of the pioneers of television comedy. With Sid Caesar she helped define the entertainment value of TV.


Bob Denver

He was Maynard G. Krebs, TV-land's image of what a beatnik was all about on the Dobie Gillis show. Later achieved a certain fame as the dunce-like first mate in the comedy series Gilligan's Island.


Jackie Gleason

Star of the situation comedy The Honemooners Gleason's creative comedic talent has set the standards by which we judge comedy on TV.


Jay Leno

Leno inherited Johnny Carosn's seat on the Tonight Show. He is a popular, ubiquitous entertainer. But can anyone really replace Johnny?


Tea Leoni

A rising star who has put in her acting dues.


David Letterman

Another challenger to the throne vacated by Carson. Once thought to be the leading contender, but now, his star is dimming.


Shari Lewis

Lots of baby-boomers grew up imbibing the creative energy Ms. Lewis put into her puppets.


Ed McMahon

The penultimate "second bananna" for years he was Johnny Carson's sidekick on the Tonight Show. Additionlly he has been a major TV pitch man for all kinds of things you should buy but don't really need.


David Nelson

One of Ozzie and Harriet's two sons. With his brother Ricky, Dave showed us a nonchalant image of what "normal" white middle-class teenage boys ought to be like.


Ozzie Nelson

Like Carl Betz and Robert Young, Ozzie played the father figure in a white middle-class family that provided laughs because the reality these shows obscured made many of us cry.


Conan Obrien

Yet another contender in the nighly talk show contest. From a shaky start Conan has emerged as a clever wit with more genuine humor than some of his counterparts.


Carl Reiner

With Imogene Coca and Sid Caesar an early TV pioneer.


Rob Schneider

From Saturday Night Live to his own situation comedy, Schneider's star has begun to soar. But has it peaked? How far can you go behaving badly? Maybe something new might help, maybe not.


Jerry Seinfeld

The Seinfeld show typifies television in the late 1990s. A self-described show about nothing, what is behind its phenomenal popularity?


Phil Silvers

As Sgt. Ernie Bilko, Phil Silvers showed us great ingenuity in the struggle between the individual and authority.



Danny Thomas

Another TV dad, but here, Dad's central position was getting eroded. Look carefully, the erosion is substantial, Danny makes us laugh about it.


Calista Flockhart

The rising star of Ally McBeall.


Chris Farley

One of the comedic stars of the later Saturday Night Live. Took as his model John Belushi and unfortunately, like Belushi, died too young in similar circumstances.


Benny Hill

Rowdy, lascivious, salacious, bawdy and typically British. A very funny chap.


Rosie O'Donnell

Fast becoming one of the most popular day-time TV talk hosts. Everyone seems to like Rosie.


Bob Keeshan

Also known as Captain Kangaroo. But he was neither a captain nor a a kangaroo.


Howdy Doody

This puppet character entertained kids while the cold war developed.


Home Field

Capacity: 44,197 seats

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