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1998 Ridertown Tarotians
Magician Wheel Justice Hanged Man Death Temperance Devil
Tower Star Moon
Fool Priestess Empress Emperor Hierophant Lovers Chariot
Strength Hermit Sun Judgment World
Manager Coaches G.M. Owner Park
LÚvi Crowley Palladini Waite Balsamo King of Wands Tarot Park
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The RIDERTOWN TAROTIANS joined the Cosmic Baseball Association last season. Competing in the cosmic Underleague, their performance left something to be desired as they compiled the second worst record in the league with 77 wins and 85 losses (.475). There are no new players but there is new ownership and new coaches. It is difficult to determine whether these types of changes will help the team do better.

This season's Tarot card images come from the New Palladini Tarot Deck designed by graphic artist David Palladini.

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The Fool (0)

Folly, eccentricity, madness. Something unexepected will appear on the scene.

Reversed: Apathy and a turning away from life, carelessness, hesitation, instability.


The Magician (1)

Also known as The Juggler.

Will-power, initiative. Cleverness, skill, subtlety, adaptability. A choice, a gamble, a risk. Something new and important.

Reversed: Loss of nerve. Cheating, trickery, swindling. Confusion and unrest, maybe madness. Doctors and psychiatrists might be needed.


The High Priestess (2)

Also known as The Female Pope.

Secrets, change, fluctuations. Intuition. Need to be cautious of over-enthusiasm.

Reversed: Passion, illicit sex, ignorance, stupidity.


The Empress (3)

Happiness, good luck, pleasure. Creativity, usefull action.

Reversed: Passivity, inaction, apathy, vacillation and disagreement.


The Emperor (4)

Success and stability. Authority and ambition. Protection, help. Self-control.

Reversed: Obstructions. Over-confidence, hubris, arrogance. Death in battle; serious injury.


The Hierophant (5)

Also known as The Pope

Good advice, helpfulness. Inspiration. Religiousness. Marriage and/or an alliance of some sort.

Reversed: Bad advice, lies, distrust. Persecution and weakness.


The Lovers (6)

Love, sex, attraction. Choice. Uncertainty. Some possible connection with psychic abilities.

Reversed: Quarrels and arguments. Parting, separation, divorce.


The Chariot (7)

Self-assertion, success, triumph. Travel, exploration, discovery.

Reversed: Tyranny, defeat, misfortune, bad news, accidents.


Strength (8)

Courage, energy, self-discipline, exercise of authoirty. Power. Influence of a good woman.

Reversed: Despotism, bad temper, weakness, illness. Disgrace. Influence of a bad woman.


The Hermit (9)

Caution, prudence, delay. Possible treachery. A hidden place or thing. Old age. Diplomacy.

Reversed: Secrecy, disguise, fear, excessive caution.


The Wheel of Fortune (10)

Good luck, wealth, gain. Destiny.

Reversed: Bad luck. A change for the worse.


Justice (11)

Balance, equality. Waiting for a decision. Things hanging in the balance. A test, an ordeal.

Reversed: Unfairness. Legal matters, miscarriage of justice. Inequity.


The Hanged Man (12)

Sacrifice, submission, suffering, punishment. A setback, tests, trials and tribulations. Might nidicate an early death. Unconventional behavior.

Reversed: Selfishness, pain, defeat. The mob.


Death (13)

Death, destruction, failure. Change, transformation. Loss of a friend.

Reversed: Long life, birth. Laziness, sleep, inertia, apathy.


Temperance (14)

Good, stable management. Cooperation and combination. Partnership. Good health. Escape from a (bad) situation.

Reversed: Confrontation, disputes. Clash of wills and interests. Poor management, disarray. Might have something to do with religious individuals (priests, etc.) and/or churches and other holy places.


The Devil (15)

Material matters. Impulses, tempation, obsession. An unavoidable but fortunate event.

Reversed: Blind stupidity, malice, repression. An unavoidable and unfortunate event.


The Tower (16)

Ruin. Unforseen disaster and serious loss. War, battles, conflicts. Accidents. A massive sweeping change.

Reversed: Same meaning, but less intense.


The Star (17)

Hope. A gift or promise. Unexpected help. Insight. Good prospects, confidence.

Reversed: Bad luck and disapppointment. Unfulfilled hopes. Errors in judgment.


The Moon (18)

Darkness, danger, fear. Bewilderment. Hidden enemies. Illicit love. A Crisis. Important changes will occur.

Reversed: Deception, vacillation, minor errors and mistakes.


The Sun (19)

Success and prosperity. Happiness, A good marriage.

Reversed: The same, but less intense.


The Last Judgment (20)

Also known as The Day of Judgment.

A decision. Final settlement of a matter. Closure. Change, suggesting a new or fresh start. A reunion.

Reversed: Suspense, postponement, delay. A unsatisfactory result.


The World (21)

Assured success. Travel.

Reversed: Failure, stagnation. Efforts will not be rewarded.


Eliphas LÚvi

LÚvi's real name was Alphonse Louis Constant. He was born in Paris in 1810 son of a shoemaker. LÚvi was the first to relate the Tarot deck systematically to the Cabala, a Jewish book of mystical thought. In his History of Magic LÚvi wrote:

The basis of absolute hieroglyphical science was an alphabet in which deities were represented by letters, letters represented ideas, ideas were convertible into numbers, and numbers were perfect signs.


Aleister Crowley

Crowley was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. In 1944 he wrote The Book of Thoth which was based on his own interpretation of the Tarot. Crowley believed he had been Eliphas LÚvi in a previous life. Crowley's analysis of the Tarot is particularly erotic.


David Palladini

Design illustrator of a Tarot deck available from U.S. Games, Inc. Palladini is an artist who has done, among other things, the illustrations for Stephen Kings Eye of the Dragon.


Arthur Edward Waite

A member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. In 1910 he published The Pictorial Key to the Tarot which contains illustrations of the cards that were designed, under Waite's guidance, by Pamela Colman Smith. The Rider-Waite set of cards is one of the more popular modern Tarot decks.


Giuseppe Balsamo

Also known as Count Cagliostro. He was a Sicilian adventurer, alchemist and magician. He moved about Europe selling various elixirs and potions designed to prolong youth and beauty and life.


King of Wands

Also known as Ted Williams, famed leftfielder for the Boston Red Sox in reality baseball's American League. Considered by many baseball fans to be the greatest batsman in the history of the sport.

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