*-Indicates Rookie

PLAYER               POS            TEAM
A-General Works*     P              Classifications
Abel                 2b             Biblicals
Abraham              cf             Biblicals
Adam                 P              Biblicals
AdamsD*              2b             Giants
AdamsC               C              Busriders
Agnew                Coach          Woodsox
Akers                cf             B'Stormers
Albee                P              Bohemians
AlbersA*             1b             Mountains
AlbersJ*             P              Mountains
Allingham            Manager        Pre-Raphaelites
Almayer*              of             Fictionals
Amanpour*            P              Muckrakers
Anderson             P              Superbas
Anger                2b             Poetics
Anka                 Coach          Dragons
Applegate            cf             Superbas
Archimedes          P              Ionians
Arendt               GM             Virgins
Ares                 Owner          Warriors
Arnett*              if             Muckrakers
Artaud*              P              Bohemians
ArthurC              P              Presidents
ArthurP              Coach          Poetics
Asher                2b             Beats
Atanasoff*           P              Ionians
Atilla               Coach          Warriors
Augur                C              B'Stormers
Aurelius*            P              Ionians
Austin               GM             Beats
B-Phil., Rel., Psych.*P             Classifications
BabbsJ*               if            Busriders
BabbsK               Manager        Busriders
Bacon                rf             Vanguards
Baillie              C              Poetics
Bajin*                P             Anarchists
Bakunin*              P             Anarchists
Baldwin              Coach          Bohemians
Ball                 3b             Superbas
Balsamo              GM             Tarotians
Barnum               Owner          B'Stormers
Bass                 P              B'Stormers
Beckett              if             Bohemians
Bede*                 of            Fictionals
Beethoven            C              Pisces
Behrendt*            1b             Pisces
Bentley*             P              Mountains
Beowulf*             P              Giants
Berg                 of             Dragons
Berkman*             cf             Anarchists
Berle                P              Superbas
Berneri*             rf             Anarchists
BernsteinL *         rf             Dragons
BernsteinC*          ss             Muckrakers
Betz                 of             Superbas
Bevirt               lf             Busriders
Billington*          Coach          Classifications
Bishop               rf             Superbas
Blondlot             P              Ionians
Boise*               P              Busriders
Bookchin*            C              Anarchists
Boorda               P              Warriors
Boorstin*            Coach          Classifications
Boretz               if             Dragons
Bovary               Owner          Fictionals
Bowden*              of             Muckrakers
Bowen                of             B'Stormers
Bradbury             1b             Bohemians
Bradlee*             Coach          Muckrakers
Bradley              2b             Warriors
Brakhage             P              Poetics
Brand                Coach          Busriders
Breathed*             ss             Giants
Brecht               of             Bohemians
Breer                P              Poetics
Broughton            1b             Poetics
BrownFM              cf             Pre-Raphaelites
Browning             if             Busriders
Buchwald*             P              Muckrakers
Buffet               P              Capitalists
Bunuel               P              Pisces
Burne-Jones          2b             Pre-Raphaelites
Burr                 P              Superbas
Burroughs            P              Beats
Burton               P              Busriders
Bush                 P              Presidents
C-Aux. Sci. of Hist.* P              Classifications
Cafe au Lait*         if             Giants
Cage*                 Manager        Mountains
Cain                 P              Biblicals
Calley               P              Warriors
Camp                 cf             Warriors
Campbell             rf             B'Stormers
Capone               lf             Pisces
Card*                 P              Giants
Carnegie             P              Capitalists
Carr                 if             Beats
Carson               P              Superbas
Carter               P              Presidents
Casano               P              Busriders
CassadyC             P              Beats
CassadyJ             P              Beats
CassadyN             P              Beats
Cat*                  P              Giants
Caulfield            lf             Fictionals
Cervantes            ss             Bohemians
Cezzane              P              Vanguards
Chagall              P              Vanguards
Chang&Eng            ss             B'Stormers
Chariot (7)          lf             Tarotians
Charters             Coach          Beats
Chekov*               P              Giants
Chomsky              C              Ionians
Clausewitz           P              Warriors
Cleaver              P              Woodsox
Cleopatra            P              Virgins
ClintonC             P              Pisces
ClintonH             2b             Virgins
ClintonW             P              Presidents
Coca                 P              Superbas
Coffey               3b             B'Stormers
Collinson            P              Pre-Raphaelites
Confucius            Owner          Ionians
Conner               P              Poetics
ConradT              if             Poetics
ConradJ*              P              Giants
Cooke*                of             Muckrakers
Coolidge             3b             Presidents
Cornforth            of             Pre-Raphaelites
Corso                if             Beats
Cortes*               rf             Warriors
Cowen                of             Beats
CraigJ               of             B'Stormers
Creeley*              P              Mountains
Cronkite             rf             Muckrakers
CrosbyC              ss             Pisces
CrosbyH*              P              Bohemians
Crowne*               1b             Fictionals
Crowninshield        Coach          B'Stormers
Cunningham*           Coach          Mountains
Custer               P              Warriors
Cutter*               Owner          Classifications
Cyrus                GM             Warriors
D-History: General*   P              Classifications
Daniel*               P              Biblicals
Dantes*               Coach          Fictionals
Darwin               P              Ionians
David                C              Biblicals
DavisA               cf             Woodsox
DavisH               P              B'Stormers
Day*                  GM             Biblicals
Dayan                3b             Pisces
de Beauvoir          Owner          Bohemians
de Kooning           P              Vanguards
Death (13)           P              Tarotians
DeCleyre*             c/if           Anarchists
Denver*               P              Superbas
Deren                P              Poetics
Dern                 P              Virgins
Desade               ss             Pisces
Descartes            Manager        Ionians
Devil (15)           P              Tarotians
DeweyJ               P              Ionians
DeweyM*               Manager        Classifications
Dickinson            if             Virgins
DiPrima              P              Beats
Divine*               Coach          Biblicals
Dixon*                P              Pre-Raphaelites
Dole                 Coach          Virgins
Dolgoff *             1b             Anarchists
Doyle*                cf             Giants
Dreier*               2b             Mountains
Drucker              Owner          Capitalists
Duberman*             Owner          Mountains
Dulac                GM             Poetics
DuncanI              of             Virgins
DuncanR*              Coach          Mountains
duPlessix-Grey*       P              Mountains
Durbeyville          P              Fictionals
Durer                P              Vanguards
Durruti*              if             Anarchists
Dyck                 P              Vanguards
Dylan                1b             Dragons
E-History: US*        P              Classifications
Eisenhower           P              Presidents
Eisenstein           P              Poetics
Eisner               if             Capitalists
Emerson              Coach          Ionians
Emperor (4)          2b             Tarotians
Empress (3)          1b             Tarotians
Esther               lf             Biblicals
Estragon             Coach          Fictionals
Ettarre*              P              Fictionals
Euterpe              Owner          Dragons
Eve                  1b             Biblicals
Everts*               P              Mountains
Ezekiel*              P              Biblicals
F-History: Local*     P              Classifications
Fairchild*            GM             Classifications
Fanelli*              GM             Anarchists
Farmer               if/of          Pisces
Farragut             Coach          Warriors
Farrakhan            2b             Pisces
Fauntleroy*           if             Fictionals
Ferlinghetti         of             Beats
Fitzgerald*           P              Virgins
Flaubert             2b             Bohemians
Flynn *               of             Anarchists
FondaJ               Coach          Woodsox
Fool (0)             of             Tarotians
ForbesM              of             Capitalists
FordG                C              Presidents
Foster               of             Busriders
Frampton             of             Pisces
FranklinB            Manager        Presidents
FranklinA            Coach          Dragons
FreudS               P              Pisces
FreudL               C              Vanguards
Friedan              ss             Woodsox
Fulgum*               Coach          Giants
Fuller *              GM             Mountains
G-Geog., Anthr., Rec.*P              Classifications
Garcia               P              Dragons
Garroway             Manager        Superbas
Gates                rf             Capitalists
Gauguin              P              Vanguards
Gehr                 ss             Poetics
Giap                 lf             Warriors
Gillespie            ss             Dragons
Ginsberg             1b             Pisces
Gleason              lf             Superbas
Goddard              rf             Pisces
Godot                ss             Fictionals
Godwin*               Owner          Anarchists
Goldman*              lf             Anarchists
Goliath              c/of           Biblicals
Goodman*              P              Anarchists
Gore                 Coach          Presidents
Gould                P              Capitalists
Gray                 Coach          Bohemians
Greenberg            Coach          Vanguards
Greenspan            Coach          Capitalists
Gregory*              of             Mountains
Guevara              P              Warriors
Guthrie              P              Dragons
H-Social Sciences*    P              Classifications
Hackworth            of             Warriors
Hagen                of             Busriders
Haggard*             3b             Giants
Halberstam*           P              Muckrakers
Haman                of             Biblicals
Hammer               Coach          Capitalists
Hanged Man (12)      P              Tarotians
Hansen               P              Beats
Harding              of             Presidents
Hardy                P              Giants
HarrisonB            ss             Presidents
Hart                 cf             Dragons
Hartweg              2b             Busriders
Haverty              if/of          Beats
Hawthorne            Manager        Bohemians
Haywood*              of             Anarchists
HearstP              cf             Virgins
HearstW*              Owner          Muckrakers
Hegel                1b             Ionians
Heidegger            rf             Ionians
Heider*               P              Anarchists
Heifetz              2b             Dragons
Heinlien*             Coach          Giants
Heller               P              Bohemians
Helmer*               cf             Fictionals
Hemingway*            of             Bohemians
Henderson            if             Beats
Hermit (9)           rf             Tarotians
Herodotus*            Manager/GM     Muckrakers
Hersh*                cf             Muckrakers
Hess                 Coach          Vanguards
Hierophant (5)       3b             Tarotians
High Priestess (2)   C              Tarotians
HillH*                C              Fictionals
HillJo*               P              Anarchists
HillJe               Owner          Poetics
Hinckle              of             Beats
HoChiMinh            1b             Woodsox
Hoff*                 3b             Giants
HoffmanAb            P              Woodsox
HoffmanAl            P              Woodsox
HoffmanD             P              Woodsox
HofmanJ              P              Woodsox
HofmannH             if             Vanguards
Hopper               if             Vanguards
Houston              P              Warriors
Howell               Owner          Pre-Raphaelites
Hubbard*              Coach          Giants
HughesH              if             Capitalists
HughesA              if             Pre-Raphaelites
Hume                 Coach          Ionians
Huncke               c/of           Beats
HuntW                P              Pre-Raphaelites
HuntV                if             Virgins
Hunter               P              Giants
HuntH                of             Capitalists
HuntN                if             Capitalists
Husserl              of             Ionians
Iacocca              cf             Capitalists
Icahn                of             Capitalists
Inge                 if             Bohemians
Isaiah               P              Biblicals
J-Political Science*  C              Classifications
JacobsK              lf             Poetics
JacobsL              GM             B'Stormers
JalowetzH*            C              Mountains
JalowetzJ*            P              Mountains
JamesW               Coach          Ionians
Jane                 lf             Virgins
Janiger              of             Woodsox
Jefferson            of             Presidents
Jennerjohn*           of             Mountains
Jennings             Coach          Superbas
Jesus                rf             Biblicals
Job                  3b             Biblicals
John                 c/of           Dragons
JohnsonJ             P              Beats
JohnsonB            C              Giants
JohnsonA             of             Presidents
JohnsonL             1b             Presidents
Jong                 rf             Virgins
Joplin               Manager        Dragons
JordanL              of             Poetics
JordanV              GM             Presidents
Joseph               if             Biblicals
Joshua               P              Biblicals
Judas                if             Biblicals
Justice (11)         P              Tarotians
K-Law*                1b             Classifications
Kafka                3b             Bohemians
Kahlo                P              Vanguards
Kaiser*               if             Mountains
Kant                 cf             Ionians
Kaufmann             P              Busriders
KellyR               Manager        Beats
KellyE               Manager        B'Stormers
Kelman               Coach          Poetics
Kemp                 Coach          Presidents
KennedyJ             P              Presidents
KennedyJP            P              Capitalists
KennedyRF            GM             Woodsox
Kepler               3b             Ionians
KerouacG             Owner          Beats
KerouacJA            3b             Beats
KerouacJK            of             Beats
Kersade              P              Pisces
KeseyK               P              Busriders
KeseyC               P              Busriders
KeseyD               cf             Busriders
KeseyF               ss             Busriders
KeseyK               Owner          Busriders
Keynes               3b             Capitalists
King                 if             Woodsox
Knight               P              Capitalists
Kopechne             if             Pisces
Krans                of             Vanguards
Krassner             Coach          Busriders
Kreutzer             P              Warriors
Kropotkin*            P              Anarchists
Kubelka              P              Poetics
L-Education*          2b             Classifications
Lahner               lf             Vanguards
Lake                 P              B'Stormers
Lambrecht            3b             Busriders
LampertN             Coach          Pisces
LampertT             Owner          Vanguards
Landow               if             Poetics
Lardner*              cf             Bohemians
Last Judgement (20)  if             Tarotians
LawrenceF            P              Virgins
Leary                P              Pisces
Leathart             if             Pre-Raphaelites
Lee                  P              Warriors
Leguin*               of             Giants
Lehman-Haupt         P              Busriders
Lennon               Manager        Woodsox
Leno*                 C              Superbas
Lentini              of             B'Stormers
Leoni                P              Superbas
Letterman*            of             Superbas
LeviE                Manager        Tarotians
LeviB                c/if           Mountains
LewisSi              C              Bohemians
LewisSh              P              Superbas
LibberaJ&J           if             B'Stormers
Lincoln              P              Presidents
Lind                 Coach          B'Stormers
Lippmann*             P              Muckrakers
Lish*                 if             Busriders
Litz*                 ss             Mountains
London               GM             Bohemians
Lopatka              C              Virgins
Love                 P              Virgins
Lovecraft*            Manager        Giants
Lovelace*             P              Giants
Lovell               of             Busriders
Lovers (6)           ss             Tarotians
Lowinsky*             lf             Mountains
Lownds               C              Warriors
Lushington           Coach          Pre-Raphaelites
M-Music*              3b             Classifications
MacArthur            if             Warriors
MacLeish*             Coach          Classifications
Magician (1)         P              Tarotians
Magon*                P              Anarchists
Mahler               P              Dragons
Major                P              Pisces
Makhno*               P              Anarchists
Malatesta*            of             Anarchists
Malevich             if             Vanguards
Malthaus             of             Capitalists
MalxolmX             3b             Woodsox
Manson               P              Woodsox
MaPhoon              if             B'Stormers
Mapplethorpe*         Manager        Vanguards
Markopoulos          of             Poetics
Marshall             ss             Warriors
Marston*              P              Pre-Raphaelites
Marx                 Manager        Capitalists
Mary                 if             Biblicals
Mata Hari            P              Virgins
Maugham              P              Giants
Maurice*              3b             Warriors
Mayakovsky           Coach          Pisces
Mayall               P              Dragons
Mayor of Casterbridge*Owner          Giants
McClanahan*           P              Busriders
McClure              P              Beats
McCormick*            P              Muckrakers
McKinley             of             Presidents
McLuhan              Coach          Woodsox
McMahon              of             Superbas
McNally              Coach          Beats
McPherson            Owner          Biblicals
MekasA               if             Poetics
MekasJ               P              Poetics
Mellon               P              Capitalists
Menken               P              Virgins
Michel*               Coach          Anarchists
Michelson            Coach          Poetics
Mill                 P              Ionians
Millais              P              Pre-Raphaelites
MillerA              P              Bohemians
MillerAn             lf             Pre-Raphaelites
MillerH              Manager        Pisces
MillerJ              P              Pisces
Milne*                P              Giants
Mingus               P              Dragons
Miro                 ss             Vanguards
Mishima              of             Bohemians
Mitchell             Coach          Dragons
Modigliani           P              Vanguards
MonroeJ              cf             Presidents
MonroeM              Coach          Virgins
Moon (18)            P              Tarotians
Moore*                2b             Capitalists
Morgan               P              Capitalists
Morris               3b             Fictionals
MorrisJ              3b             Pre-Raphaelites
MorrisonJ            of             Dragons
MorrisonV*            if             Dragons
MorrisW              1b             Pre-Raphaelites
Moses                of             Biblicals
MoungPhoset          P              B'Stormers
Moyers*               P              Muckrakers
Munch                P              Vanguards
Murdoch*              Coach          Muckrakers
Myers*                if/of          Pre-Raphaelites
N-Fine Art*           ss             Classifications
Nader*                P              Woodsox
Napolean*             of             Warriors
Nast*                 lf             Muckrakers
NelsonD              2b             Superbas
NelsonO              if             Superbas
Nemerov*              1b             Bohemians
NewtonI              P              Ionians
NewtonH              if             Woodsox
Nicosia              Coach          Beats
Nietzsche            C              Ionians
Nin                  GM             Pisces
Nixon                P              Presidents
Noah                 P              Biblicals
Noren                if             Poetics
Norman               Coach          Busriders
Nyro                 P              Dragons
O'Hair               Manager        Biblicals
O'Hara*               if             Fictionals
Oberth               P              Ionians
Obrien*               if/of          Superbas
Ochs                 P              Woodsox
Oldenburg            if             Vanguards
Olson*                P              Mountains
Ono                  3b             Virgins
OppenheimerJ         Coach          Mountains
Orloff               c/if           B'Stormers
Orwell               rf             Bohemians
Oswald               of             Woodsox
P-Language, Lit.*     lf             Classifications
Parker               P              Dragons
Parsons*              Coach          Anarchists
Patmore              GM             Pre-Raphaelites
Patton               of             Warriors
Peirce               of             Ionians
pentameter*           of             Giants
Pere Goriot          C              Fictionals
Pesotta*              P              Anarchists
Peter                P              Biblicals
Peteroff             1b             B'Stormers
Pierce               P              Presidents
Pizarro*              P              Warriors
Planck               if             Ionians
Plath                P              Virgins
Plymell*              of             Beats
Pocahontas           P              Virgins
Poe                  P              Bohemians
Ponty                C              Dragons
Porter*               if             Muckrakers
Powell               Coach          Presidents
Pratchett*            1b             Giants
Proudhon*             P              Anarchists
Prynikis             P              Fictionals
Prynne*               P              Fictionals
Pulitzer             Coach          Muckrakers
Putnam*               of             Fictionals
Pyle*                 1b             Muckrakers
Q-Science*            cf             Classifications
Quarnstorm           P              Busriders
Quixote              rf             Fictionals
R-Medicine*           rf             Classifications
Rand                 of             Ionians
Rapunzel             P              Fictionals
Rather*               P              Muckrakers
Ray                  if/of          Woodsox
Read                 GM             Vanguards
Reagan               P              Presidents
Reclus*               Manager        Anarchists
Reiner               c/if           Superbas
Rembrandt            cf             Vanguards
Rexroth              of             Beats
Ricardo              lf             Capitalists
RiceD                P              Poetics
RiceDa               Coach          B'Stormers
RiceJ*                P              Mountains
RiceN*                rf             Mountains
Richards*             of             Mountains
RockefellerJD        C              Capitalists
RooseveltF           lf             Presidents
RooseveltT           c/of           Presidents
Rosenberg            Coach          Vanguards
RossettiC            P              Pisces
RossettiDG           P              Pre-Raphaelites
RossettiF            P              Pre-Raphaelites
RossettiM            P              Pre-Raphaelites
RossettiW            P              Pre-Raphaelites
Roth                 P              Bohemians
Rubens               of             Vanguards
Rubin                P              Woodsox
Ruskin               rf             Pre-Raphaelites
Russell              2b             Ionians
S-Agriculture*        of             Classifications
Sacco*                3b             Anarchists
Sackville-West       ss             Virgins
Salinger             ss             Bohemians
Salome*               P              Virgins
Samuel               P              Biblicals
Sappho               Manager        Virgins
Sarah                P              Biblicals
Savio                rf             Woodsox
Sawyer               2b             Fictionals
Schiele              1b             Vanguards
Schneider            ss             Superbas
Schott               Coach          Virgins
Schwartz*             P              Bohemians
Scipio*               1b             Warriors
ScottWB              of             Pre-Raphaelites
SNCC                 Owner          Woodsox
Seale                P              Woodsox
Sebern               P              Busriders
Seeger               P              Dragons
Seinfeld             P              Superbas
Sekula               of             Virgins
Shaka*                Coach          Warriors
Sharits              if             Poetics
Shepard*              P              Mountains
Shirer*               C              Muckrakers
Siddal               ss             Pre-Raphaelites
Sidney*               if             Giants
Silvers              P              Superbas
Simon                P              Dragons
Sinclair*             C              Muckrakers
Siryn                Coach          Pisces
Sitney               Manager        Poetics
SmithJ               if             Poetics
SmithP               if             Virgins
SmithA               GM             Capitalists
SmithH               P              Poetics
Snow                 P              Poetics
Snyder               P              Beats
Sonbert              rf             Poetics
Soros*                P              Capitalists
Southern             P              Bohemians
Spencer*              of             Giants
Spinoza              P              Ionians
Stanley              2b             Woodsox
Star (17)            P              Tarotians
Stirner*              of             Anarchists
Stone                of             Busriders
Stratton             P              B'Stormers
StrausE*              P              Mountains
StrausT *            if             Mountains
Strength (8)         cf             Tarotians
Sumers*               P              Capitalists
Sun (19)             if             Tarotians
Sun Tzu              P              Warriors
Sunday*               Coach          Biblicals
Sundsten             rf             Busriders
Swinburne            C              Pre-Raphaelites
T-Technology*         if             Classifications
Tamarlane*            Manager        Warriors
Tarski               ss             Ionians
Tate                 ss             Woodsox
Temperance (14)      P              Tarotians
Teresa*               Coach          Biblicals
Thackeray            Coach          Bohemians
Thales               P              Pisces
ThomasD              1b             Superbas
ThomasH*              if             Muckrakers
ThompsonH            lf             Woodsox
Thomson              if             Dragons
Thurman              C              Virgins
Tower (16)           P              Tarotians

Tripp                of             B'Stormers
Truman               if             Presidents
Tsander              if             Ionians
Tulliver*             P              Fictionals
Turing               if             Ionians
Turner               of             Capitalists
Twain*                P              Muckrakers
U-Military Science*   of             Classifications
V-Naval Science*      if             Classifications
Van Buren            2b             Presidents
Van Gogh             if             Vanguards
Van Vliet            if             Dragons
Vanderbilt           P              Capitalists
Vantile              P              B'Stormers
Vanzetti*             2b             Anarchists
Varley               2b             Vanguards
Vaughan*              if             Giants
Veblen               Coach          Capitalists
Vladimir             Coach          Fictionals
Vonnegut             P              Bohemians
Waite                Owner          Tarotians
Walker               P              Busriders
Wallace*              P              Muckrakers
Wallen*               cf             Mountains
Wallis               Coach          Pre-Raphaelites
Walters*              P              Muckrakers
Ward*                 Coach          Anarchists
Warhol               cf             Pisces
Washington           Owner          Presidents
Waterson*             lf             Giants
Waugh                P              Fictionals
WavyGravy            c/of           Woodsox
Wells                2b             B'Stormers
Wells*                3b             Muckrakers
West                 P              Pisces
Whalen               if             Beats
Wheel of Fortune (10)P              Tarotians
Wiggen               P              Fictionals
Wilding              Coach          Pre-Raphaelites
Wilkinson            of             Warriors
Wilkinson            P              B'Stormers
Willard*              P              Fictionals
Williams             P              Vanguards
Wilson               1b             Presidents
Wittgenstein         GM             Ionians
Wolfe                GM             Busriders
Wolfman              GM             Dragons
Woodward*             2b             Muckrakers
Woolf                if/of          Pisces
Woolner              P              Pre-Raphaelites
World (21)           of             Tarotians
Wunsch*               of             Mountains
Xanthippe            Owner          Virgins
Yamamoto             c/if           Warriors
Yarden               P              Dragons
Youma*                P              Fictionals
Young                of             Dragons
Z-Library Science*    if/of          Classifications
Zambaco              of             Pre-Raphaelites
Zarate               P              B'Stormers
Zinebrenner          Owner          Pisces

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