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1998 Delta Dragons
Garcia Guthrie Mahler Mayall Mingus Nyro Parker
Seeger Simon Yarden
Berg Bernstein Boretz Dylan Gillespie Hart Heifetz
John MorrisonJ MorrisonV Ponty Thomson Van Vliet Young
Manager Coaches G.M. Owner Park
Joplin Anka Franklin Mitchell Wolfman Euterpe Orpheum Park
Italics indicates Rookie player

The DELTA DRAGONS are the COSMIC BASEBALL ASSOCIATION's team of distinguished musicians. This season's team includes three rookies from three different musical fields. Representing the jazz stream is Charlie Mingus legendary bass-man. Representing modern classical music is the composer/conductor Leonard Bernstein and representing rock and roll is the former lead singer of the group Them, Van Morrison. The Dragons need all the help they can muster: last year they were dead last in the cosmic middleleague, posting a 73-89 won-loss record.

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Alban Berg 1885-1935
Austrian composer and pupil of Arnold Schoenberg. Married atonal style with classical form.
Cosmic Record Alban Berg Link Classical

Leonard Bernstein 1918-1996
Conductor, composer and protege of the great Serge Koussevitsky, conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Bernstein made his New York Philharmonic conducting debut in 1943 when he was a last minute substitute for Bruno Walter. From 1958 to 1969 he was the Philharmonic's lead conductor. His 1957 musical West Side Story was an unqualified hit.
Bernstein Link Classical

Benjamin Boretz 20th C.
A contemporary composer, especially influential in the avant-garde musical scene. He is a music teacher at Bard College in the Hudson Valley.
Cosmic Record Boretz Link Avant-Garde

Bob Dylan b. 1941
One of the greatest musicians of his time. Early influenced by the social conscience of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, Dylan emerged in the 1960s and 1970s as a major voice of social protest. In the 1980s and 1990s his work became more spiritually focused and inward, again mirroring the times.
Cosmic Record Bob Dylan Link Folk/Rock

Jerry Garcia 1942-1995
Famed leader of the Grateful Dead, the penultimate psychedelic band. Garcia, who lost a finger as a child, became an accomplished guitar stylist best experienced at a live concert. Troubles with addiction to drugs eventually did him in, and he died unexpectedly of heart failure.
Cosmic Record Jerry Garcia Link Rock

Dizzy Gillespie 1917-199X
Superb jazz trumpeter and composer and a creator of the modern jazz movement. With Charlie "Bird" Parker, Gillespie was instrumental in the development of the jazz form known as "bebop."
Cosmic Record Gillespie Link Jazz

Woody Guthrie 1912-1967
Woodrow Wilson Guthrie was a protest singer. Born in Oklahoma, he left home as a teenager and during the Depression he worked in a California radio station playing and singing songs about crop failures and hard times and outlaws. Guthrie, like his colleague Pete Seeger wrote and sang about the people who ended up on the outside of society. He performed for migrant workers and other laborers being victimized by the capitalist power structure in America.
Cosmic Record Woody Guthrie Link Folk

Mickey Hart 20th C.
Drummer for the Grateful Dead (also see Jerry Garcia). Hart is also a musicologist and has collected a wide range of ethnic music. He has been to Washington, D.C. to testify before the American Congress about the need for music preservation.
Cosmic Record Mickey Hart Link Rock

Jascha Heifetz 1901-1987
Violinist who first performed at the age of six and toured Europe at age 12. Considered one of the centuries most gifted violinists he left his native Russia in 1917 and became a United States citizen in 1925. The International Dictionary of 20th Century Biography writes that Heifetz's "digital dexterity and the strength of his bow arm were legendary, and during 60 years on the international concert circuit he set the standard for flawless execution."
Cosmic Record Heifetz Link Violinist

Elton John b. 1947
His real name is Reginald Dwight but sometime in 1966 he changed it to honor the inspiration he received from Long John Baldry (a white musician turned on by black blues) and Elton Dean a blues saxophone player. In 1974 Elton John signed a five-album deal with a record company worth an estimated $8 million. At the time, this was the most lucrative record contract in the history of Rock and Roll.
Cosmic Record Elton John Link Rock

Gustav Mahler 1860-1911
Austrian composer and conductor, Mahler was head of the Vienna Imperial Opera (1897-1907), wrote ten symphonies (the tenth is incomplete) and numerous song cycles. Mahler was the stereotypical conductor, considered difficult and exacting, demanding perfection from his musicians.
Cosmic Record Mahler Link Conductor

John Mayall b. 1934
In Lillian Roxon's 1969 Rock Encyclopedia she writes of John Mayall:

"There is probably no more prestigious position in the world of rock than the one John Mayall has taken-- the position of doing things for art instead of money. In an industry in which the fast buck is, to say the least, much respected and the position of a record on the chart is taken into consideration far too often by people who should know better, John Mayall is an almost holy figure."

Cosmic Record Mayall Link Blues

Charlie Mingus 1922-1979
Mingus was instrumental in the introduction of the bass as a solo instrument in jazz. In the 1940s Mingus played with Louis Armstrong and Lionel Hampton in Los Angeles. In the 1950s, in New York he played with Miles Davis, Charlie "Bird" Parker, Duke Ellington and Thelonius Monk. Known as the "angry man of jazz" he was vocal about his disgust at racial injustice he thought was prevalent in the American culture, both inside and outside of the music industry.
Mingus Link Jazz

Jim Morrison 1943-1971
The "Lizard King" leader of The Doors, a leading rock group in the 1960s. Son of a conservative U.S. Navy officer, Morrison rebelled against his family and its middle-class roots. The Doors were formed in early 1967 and despite lyrics about bloody reptiles they became one of America's most popular groups. A Life Magazine article in 1968 referred to Morrison as "moody, temperamental, enchanted in the mind and extremely stoned." Morrison died unexpectedly on June 3, 1971 in a bathtub in Paris, France. Apparently he had spent the last three months of his life writing poetry and taking drugs. (Nearly three years later, Morrison's widow, Pamela died from a heroin overdose.)
Cosmic Record Jim Morrison Link Rock

Van Morrison b. 1945
Van Morrison was the first lead singer of Them, one of the few early Irish rock and roll bands that got started in 1963. He wrote the hit song "Gloria", which rivals "Louie, Louie" in adolescent popularity. In 1967 Morrison went solo with his August 5 release of the single "Brown Eyed Girl."
Van Morrison Link Rock

Laura Nyro 1947-1997
She was a talented singer/writer who wrote the hit song "Stoned Soul Picnic" for the Fifth Dimension. As a young white New Yorker she somehow sang like a wise old black woman from Mississippi.
Rookie Nyro Link Soul

Charlie "Bird" Parker 1920-1955
One of the greatest alto saxophonists of all time and a master improviser, Parker paid the price to his muse. Shortly after his last public appearance in New York in the theater named after him, Birdland, Parker, beset by emotional problems and physical addiction, died, he was just 35.
Cosmic Record Parker Link Jazz

Jean-Luc Ponty b. 1942
French-born violinist who became popular in the United States through his connection with the American composer/rock guitarist Frank Zappa.
Cosmic Record Ponty Link Rock

Pete Seeger b. 1919
Born into a wealthy New England family, Seeger rejected that life when he dropped out of Harvard College in 1938 and joined the Young Communist League. Like his comrade Woody Guthrie Seeger sang folk songs to workers groups and became active in political organizing. In 1961 he wrote the classic anti-war ballad "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"
Cosmic Record Seeger Link Folk

Paul Simon b. 1941
In 1986 after a long career of writing songs and getting together with ex-partner Art Garfunkel, Simon released his album Graceland. Ignoring the politically-inspired boycott of South Africa, Simon went to Johannesburg and recorded with various black vocal and instrumental groups. The album went to number three on the charts and Simon won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. He also helped launch the career of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, a vocal group. Their first album Shaka Zulu co-produced by Simon was a hit in the U.S. and Britain.
Cosmic Record Paul Simon Link Rock

Virgil Thomson 1896-1989
An American composer whose music evokes the American Midwest, Thomson frequently incorporated folk hymns and ballads into his compositions. He won the 1949 Pulitzer Prize for the music score to the film Louisiana Story.
Cosmic Record Virgil Thomson Link Classical

Don Van Vliet 20th C.
Also known as Captain Beefheart, Van Vliet played with Frank Zappa in their early high desert days in California. An eclectic musician, his appeal has always been somewhat limited despite a comeback try in 1978 with the album Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) which failed to chart.
Cosmic Record Van Vliet Link Rock

Elie Yarden 20th C.
Composer and music educator, Yarden has been teaching in the Bard College music department for many years.
Cosmic Record No Yarden Link Avant-Garde

Neil Young b. 1945
Neil Young has endured. His live debut performance with Crosby, Stills and Nash occurred at the Fillmore East concert hall on July 25, 1969. Tension and disputes eventually broke the group up and after throat surgery in 1975 he toured with Steve Stills. In 1979 the Village Voice newspaper named Young "Artist of the Decade." In 1988, responding to the rampant and vapid commercialism of the industry he released his controversial single called "This Note's for You." Initially banned on MTV, the following year the television music video show named it the "Best Video of the Year."
Cosmic Record Neil Young Link Rock

Janis Joplin 1943-1970
Field Manager
She was the hit of the 1967 Monterey Rock Festival as the lead singer for the San Francisco-based band Big Brother and the Holding Company. She was also another casualty of the decade: she died of a heroin overdose at the age of 27.
Cosmic Record Joplin Link Rock Singer

Paul Anka 20th C.
Paul Anka became a millionaire while still a teenager with the success of his hit song "Diana" (1962). Apparently he wrote the tune when he was 15 and it's a tale of undying teenage love. The object of Anka's affections was the 20-year-old Diana Ayoub who used to babysit for his family.
No Cosmic Record Paul Anka Link Pop

Aretha Franklin b. 1942
The Queen of Soul was the daughter of a Detroit minister. She grew up singing gospel songs at revival meetings. Despite making an initial recording in 1954, it wasn't until the 1960s that she became popular. In 1967 her rendition of Otis Redding's "Respect" landed on top of the charts for two weeks. In 1968 she had four singles that sold more than a million copies and two gold albums.
No Playing Record Aretha Franklin Link Soul

Joni Mitchell 20th C.
Before her debut album in March 1968, Mitchell had written songs that everyone else was singing. Songs like "Both Sides Now" and "Urge for Going" were successful hits for other singers like Judy Collins, Tom Rush and Dave Van Ronk.
No Playing Record Mitchell Link Folk

Wolfman Jack 20th C
General Manager
Noted disc jockey who did much to bring rock and roll music to several generations of teenagers in America.
No Playing Record Wolfman Jack Link Disc Jockey

Euterpe Muse
Team Owner
The Muse of music. The Muses are the keepers of artistic inspiration. They appear in the Homeric hymns, Aeschylus introduces them in his Prometheus, a poem by Bacchylides invokes them and so does Apuleius in his story Cupid and Psyche.
No Playing Record Euterpe Link Mythology

Orpheum Park 33,120 seats
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