1997 Final Statistics


This plate contains links to statistical information about the teams and players competing in the 1997 cosmic baseball season. Information for the 1995 and 1996 Seasons can be found in the archives for those seasons.

There are 24 cosmic teams and over 500 players this season. Selected detail and summary statistics are periodically published online during the season. If you would like to see a team or player's statistical record CBA will email you a text-based report. Just send your request to editor@cosmicbaseball.com.

When we receive a number of requests for a particular team or player we typically publish the reports as web plates. Links to those reports can be found on this plate.

from "Computers in Baseball Analysis"

by George T. Wiley

The most significant development in the use of statistics over the past 25 years has been with computers. Mathematical computations that formerly took hours to do by hand are completed by the computer in seconds. Masses of statistical information are now being analyzed in ways never before thought possible. In addition, when such statistical information is extensive and uniformly organized , cause-effect relationships can be determined with amazing accuracy."

Source: Baseball Research Journal, Society for American Baseball Research. 1976

Available Statistical Reports
Final Official Standings

1997 Paradise Pisces: Final Official Statistics

1997 Cosmic Pitchers: Win Leaders

1997 Cosmic Pitchers: Earned Run Average Leaders

1997 Cosmic Pitchers: Strikeout Leaders

1997 Cosmic Batters: Batting Average Leaders

1997 Cosmic Batters: Homerun Leaders

1997 Cosmic Batters: RBI Leaders

Key to Abbreviations & Calculated Statistics

[Latin statisticus=of politics; from status=state]
Source: Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language. 2nd College Ed., World Publishing Co., New York: 1970 Words & Numbers
1Facts or data of a numerical kind, assembled, classified and tabulated so as to present significant information about a given subject.Tabulated Data
2 The science of assembling, classifying, tabulating and analyzing such facts or data.

Art of the quantitative

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