The Martian Kinotypes were created by the Cosmic Baseball Association in December 1996. The Kinotypes will be playing in the CBA Underleague during the 1997 Season.

The Kinotypes consist of films that have the word "Mars" in the title. The available draft pool for the team excludes those films that use Mars in the plot but do not include Mars in the film's title. Therefore, the movie version of H.G. Wells' book, War of the Worlds, is not eligible as a player. Wells himself, however, is the team's field manager.

Every image on this plate contains a hypertext link. Most of the links are to Mars-related sites on the World Wide Web. There are over 40 links to other sites. The idea is to let you randomly hyperhike around the environment in search of more Mars information. You will need to use your browser's BACK or maybe the BOOKMARK function if you want to return to this site.

The roster is organized in chronological order based on the film's release date.

A Trip to Mars, Pitcher


A short film made by Edison

A Message from Mars, Thirdbase


Aelita: Queen of Mars, Infield


Soviet-made film depicting Mars as a bastion of Capitalism

Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars, Pitcher


Stars Buster Crabbe

Flight to Mars, Catcher


Flying Disk Man From Mars, Infield


Red Planet Mars, Pitcher


Stars Peter Graves

Abbott & Costello Go To Mars, Outfield


They crash on Venus, and never get to Mars

Invaders from Mars (Original), Pitcher


Martian leader is a tentacled orb

Devil Girl from Mars, Secondbase


Mars is ruled by women

A Martian In Paris, Pitcher


French romantic comedy

The Day Mars Invaded Earth, Firstbase


Martians stop humans from exploring Mars

The Twelve-Handed Men of Mars, Pitcher


Italian/Spanish comedy

The Maid and the Martians, Infield


Stars Annette Funicello

Robinson Crusoe on Mars, Pitcher


Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, Outfield


Martians kidnap Santa Claus

Mars Needs Women, Leftfield


Martians need human women to repopulate Mars

Don't Play With Martians, Pitcher


French comedy

Mission Mars, Centerfield


Invaders from Mars (Remake), Pitcher


Remake of the 1953 version

Lobster Man from Mars, Infield


Martians send the evil Lobster Man to steal Earth's air.

Martians Go Home, Rightfield


Mars Attacks, Pitcher


Stars Jack Nicholson as a human

H.G. Wells, Manager

Wrote War of the Worlds

Ray Bradbury, Coach

Wrote The Martian Chronicles

Tim Burton, Coach

Directed Mars Attacks Film

Orson Welles, Coach


Produced War of the Worlds Radio Program

Edgar Rice Burroughs, General Manager

Science Fiction Writer

Percival Lowell, Owner



Cydonia Fields Home Park

Seating Capacity: 120,009

The now-defunct Cosmic Outer Space League fielded two Mars-related teams in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Marsville Marchmen took the field for the OSL in 1988 and were deactivated when the league was liquidated in 1993. The Marchmen played undistinguished cosmic baseball.

The second OSL team was created in 1992. The Barsoomtown Explorers consisting of Martian exploraton craft were a popular albeit performance-deficient team that competed in the league for two years. A Special Archive Plate detailing the 1992 Barsoomtown Explorers has been published.

The Martian Kinotypes are a team in the spiritual tradition of the earlier two teams. In fact, the Martian scopophiliac, Lowell Percival, who was the Explorer's General Manager now owns the Kinotypes. Edgar Rice Burroughs, the science fiction writer, was the Explorer's Field Manager and is now Kinotype's General Manager. So the links to the past exist in very tangible ways. Hopefully the Kinotypes will perform better on the not-so-level Cydonian fields than their predecessors.

1997 Martian Kinotypes Roster
Published: December 29, 1996

© 1996, 1997 by the Cosmic Baseball Association