The Bolex Poetics joined the CBA last season. However, for the 1997 Season, the team has undergone a radical re-organization that now makes it a direct descendant of the recently deactivated cosmic team, the Visionville Beasts. The Beasts, created in 1985, consisted of film-makers derived from the American avant-garde film movement. The original Poetics were examples of the films. For this season, the Poetics represent what the original Beasts represented, that is, the film-makers themselves.

The Bolex Poetics compete in the cosmic Middleleague.

1997 Bolex Poetics
Brakhage Breer Conner Deren Eisenstein Kubelka MekasJ
Rice Smith Snow
Anger Baillie Broughton Conrad Gehr Jacobs Jordan
Landow Markopoulos MekasA Noren Sharits Sonbert Vertov
Manager Coaches G.M. Owner Park
Sitney Arthur Kelman Michelson Dulac Hill PleasureDome
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1997 Bolex Poetics Roster
Published: February 16, 1997
Revised: January 19, 1998