The Wonderland Warriors were created by order of CBA Executive Bulletin No.59 on August 31, 1983. They started playing cosmic baseball at the beginning of CBA's second season. The owners then, as today, were the brothers DuPuy (Ernest and Trevor).

The first Warrior field manager was Casper Weinberger who once was the Secretary of Defense for the United States. After three seasons Weinberger was canned and Harry Summers, an Army colonel who wrote a book about Vietnam took command. Summers has had nothing but winning seasons and remains the field manager.

The 1987 season was the best year for the Warriors. They amassed a powerful 102 victories leaving every other cosmic team in their dust. In 1986 and again in 1989 they won 91 games. This year's team has at least eight rookies so it is difficult to predict the performance. But most observers consider this a rebuilding season for the Boys of Summers.



  • William Calley

  • Karl Von Clausewitz

  • George Custer

  • Che Guevara

  • Robert E. Lee

  • Colin Powell

  • J.E.B. Stuart

  • Sun Tzu


  • Harry Summers, Field Manager

  • Beetle Bailey, Firstbase/Batting coach

  • Hannibal, Thirdbase/Fielding Coach

  • William Westmoreland, Pitching Coach

    General Manager

  • O'Grady


  • Ernest & Trevor DuPuy

    Home Park

  • Memorial Stadium- 37,566

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