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The Vestal Virgins are one of the oldest cosmic teams, having played continuously since 1983. These outstanding women have amassed an overall record of 1,056 wins and 1,037 losses, putting them just over the five hundred mark. Unfortunately, they have had more losing seasons (8) then otherwise. 1986 was the Virgins' banner year: they won 105 games. But success has eluded them ever since.

This season the Virgins have four rookies. The very talented actress, Uma Thurman, will start behind the plate replacing the poet Sappho who retired from playing to become the new Virgins' field manager. The poets Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath and the musician Courtney Love have been added to the pitching staff filling holes by the retiring Marilyn Monroe and several other pitchers. There's the rub, folks: pitching. If the Virgins can get some strong pitching they might have a shot at a competitive season.


Addams, Jane Shortstop

Barton, Clara Secondbase

Calamity Jane Leftfield

Dickinson, Emily Infield

Hearst, Patty Centerfield

Jiang, Qing Firstbase

Jong, Erica Rightfield

Lange, Jessica Outfield

Onassis, Jackie Infield

Ono, Yoko Thirdbase

Thurman, Uma Catcher


Cleopatra Pitcher

Dern, Laura Pitcher

Funicello, Annette Pitcher

Love, Courtney Pitcher

Mata Hari Pitcher

Plath, Sylvia Pitcher

Pocahontas Pitcher

Sexton, Anne Pitcher

Truth, Sojourner Pitcher

Field Manager/Coaches

Sappho Field Manager

Schott, Marge Firstbase/Batting Coach

Dole, Elizabeth Thirdbase/Fielding Coach

Monroe, Marilyn Pitching Coach


Xanthippe Owner

Nelson, Harriet General Manager

Home Park

Colisium 69,118 capacity

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Season 1996 Vestal Virgins Roster
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Published: January 25, 1996
Updated: July 1, 1996; February 1, 1998
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