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The Paradise Pisces were created on October 13, 1981 as CBA's first cosmic playing team. The Pisces have competed in all fifteen seasons of the CBA and won last season's Cosmic Series when they defeated the Park City Postmasters in five games.

Players on the Pisces are always selected from other Cosmic teams. It is a sign of great cosmic playing success to get the call to play on CBA's flagship team. This year, four players have been called up to the Pisces: Shortstop poet Gregory Corso, thirdbase poet Phillip Whalen, pitcher poet Lew Welch, and pitcher scientist James Clerk Maxwell. The poets all played for the Dharma Beats last year; Maxwell pitched for the Alphatown Ionians

As always, the Pisces are expected to be competitive in the Overleague. They have the talent to win the Cosmic Series for the second straight year.

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Al Capone, Leftfield

Gregory Corso, Shortstop

Digit, Designated Hitter/Outfield

Louis Farrakhan, Secondbase

Allen Ginsberg, Firstbase

Robert Goddard, Rightfield

Mick Jagger, Thirdbase

Friedrich Nietzsche, Centerfield

Sitting Bull, Catcher

Andy Warhol, Shortstop

Phillip Whalen, Thirdbase

Virginia Woolf, Infield/Outfield


Sigmund Freud

James Joyce

Anna Marie Kersade

Timothy Leary

James Clerk Maxwell

Maria Montessori

Joanne Perlis

Lew Welch

Coaching Staff
HENRY MILLER, Field Manager

Vin Vinton, Firstbase/Batting Coach

Frank Frohb, Thirdbase/Fielding Coach

Frank Zip Zarb, Pitching Coach

Andrew Zinebrenner, Owner

Anais Nin, General Manager

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Season 1996 Paradise Pisces Roster
Published: February 10, 1996
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