Season 1996 Player/Personnel Roster

Alpha by Last Name

AdamsJ, IF Presidents

AdamsJQ, RF Presidents

AdamsJV, C/OF Beats

Addams, SS Virgins

Anaxagoras, Pitcher Ionians

Archimedes, Pitcher Ionians

Asher, 2B Beats

Bailey, Coach Warriors

Barton, 2B Virgins

Berkeley, OF Ionians

Bierce, GM Beats

Bradley, 2B Warriors

Buchanan, Coach Presidents

Buffon, CF Ionians

Bukowski, Pitcher Beats

Burroughs, Pitcher Beats

CalamityJane, LF Virgins

Calley, Pitcher Warriors

Capone, LF Pisces

Carter, Pitcher Presidents

Cassady, C Pitcher Beats

CassadyJ, Pitcher Beats

CassadyN, Pitcher Beats

Charters, IF Beats

Chase, OF Beats

Che, Pitcher Warriors

Clausewitz, Pitcher Warriors

Cleopatra, Pitcher Virgins

Clinton, Pitcher Presidents

Clodia, Pitcher Pisces

Cobain, CF Beats

Coolidge, 3B Presidents

Corso, SS Pisces

Custer, Pitcher Warriors

DeFeo, RF Beats

Dern, Pitcher Virgins

Descartes, Pitcher Ionians

Dickinson, IF/OF Virgins

Digit, DH Pisces

Dodge, Coach Beats

Dole, Coach Virgins

DoleR, Coach Presidents

DupuyE, Owner Warriors

DupuyT, Owner Warriors

Eisenhower, Pitcher Presidents

Euclid, RF Ionians

Farrakhan, 2B Pisces

Ferlinghetti, DH Beats

Forbes, Coach Presidents

Ford, C Presidents

Franklin, Field Manager Presidents

Freud, Pitcher Pisces

Frohb, Coach Pisces

Funicello, Pitcher Virgins

Galileo, C Ionians

Gingrich, Asst GM Presidents

GinsbergA, 1B Pisces

Goddard, RF Pisces

Gore, GM Presidents

Hannibal, Coach Warriors

Harding, OF Presidents

Hearst, CF Virgins

Hegel, Coach Ionians

Heraclitus, Coach Ionians

Holmes, IF Beats

Hopkins , OF Warriors

Husserl , Coach Ionians

Jagger, 3B Pisces

Jiang, 1B Virgins

Johnson, Pitcher Beats

Jong, RF Virgins

Joyce. IF Pisces

Kennedy, Pitcher Presidents

Kepler, 1B Ionians

Kerouac, LF/Field Manager Beats

Kesey, Pitcher Beats

Kierkegaard, Pitcher Ionians

Kovalaskaya, DH Ionians

Lange, OF Virgins

Leary, Pitcher Pisces

Lee, Pitcher Warriors

Lincoln, Pitcher Presidents

Love, Pitcher Virgins

MacArthur, CF Warriors

Marshall, C Warriors

MataHari, Pitcher Virgins

Maxim, 2B Warriors

Maxwell, Pitcher Pisces

McClure, Pitcher Beats

Meade, SS Warriors

Meadows, LF Warriors

Memere , Owner Beats

Miller, Field Manager Pisces

MonroeJ, CF Presidents

MonroeM, Coach Virgins

Montessori, Pitcher Pisces

Moore, Owner Ionians

Morris, SS Beats

Nelson, GM Virgins

Newton, Pitcher Ionians

Nietzsche, CF Pisces

Nimitz, RF Warriors

Nin, GM Pisces

Nixon, Pitcher Presidents

North, IF Warriors

O'Grady, GM Warriors

Onassis, IF Virgins

Ono, 3B Virgins

Pascal, OF Ionians

Patton, 1B Warriors

Perlis, Pitcher Pisces

Pershing, 3B Warriors

Planck, 3B Ionians

Plath, Pitcher Virgins

Plato, OF Ionians

Pocahontas, Pitcher Virgins

Polk, Pitcher Presidents

Powell, Pitcher Warriors

Pythagoras, Field Manager Ionians

Reagan, Pitcher Presidents

Rexroth, DH Beats

RooseveltF, LF Presidents

RooseveltT, IF Presidents

Russell 2B, Ionians

Sampas, 3B Beats

Sanger, Coach Virgins

Sappho, Field Manager Virgins

Scott, OF Warriors

Sexton, Pitcher Virgins

Sitting, Bull C Pisces

Stein, Coach Beats

Stuart, Pitcher Warriors

Summers, Field Manager Warriors

Sun Tzu, Pitcher Warriors

Taft, IF Presidents

Tarski, OF Ionians

Thales, Pitcher Ionians

Thurman, C Virgins

Toklas, Coach Beats

Truth, Pitcher Virgins

Turing, SS Ionians

Van Buren, 2B Presidents

Vinton, Coach Pisces

Warhol, SS Pisces

Washington, Owner Presidents

Welch, Pitcher Pisces

Westmoreland, Coach Warriors

Whalen, 3B Pisces

Wilson, 1B Presidents

Wittgenstein, GM Ionians

Woolf, IF/OF Pisces

Xanthippe, Owner Virgins

Zarb, Coach Pisces

Zinebrenner, Owner Pisces

Zuse, IF/OF, Ionians

Total Count:154

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Season 1996 Player/Personnel Roster
Published: March 7, 1996
Updated: April 30, 1996 Copyright © 1996 by the Cosmic Baseball Association