Wonderland Warriors @ Alphatown Ionians

Cosmic Overleague Game- May 2, 1998

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Ionians Win, 5-3

A combined 25 hits (including 3 homeruns) made this game offensively delightful. But execution was a problem as the Warriors stranded 11 baserunners and the Ionians left 10 players hugging bags. There was one error (Bertand Russell booted an easy grounder), one doubleplay, a couple of doubles, 13 strikeouts and 5 bases-on-balls (walks). About what one would expect when soldiers meet philosophers and scientists. Today the latter group was victorious. But another day and another game might yield a different result.

Game Notes

Homeruns: Giap, Heidegger, Kant
Doubles: Giap, Tarski
Errors: Ionians-1 (Russell)
Doubleplays: Warriors-1; Ionians-1 Left-on-Base: Warriors-11; Ionians-10
Attendance: 27,261
Umpires: Glass, Hussein, Jones
Time: 3 hours, 18 minutes

Game Most Cosmic Player

Martin Heidegger


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Cosmic Game Report: Warriors @ Ionians
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Published: May 2, 1998
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