Telecity Superbas @ Psychedelphia Woodsox

Middleleague Game- July 5, 1998

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Other Data

Homeruns: Ball
Doubles: Ball, Leoni
Errors: Superbas-1 (Schneider)
Left-on-Base: Superbas-12; Woodsox-11

Time: 3 hours, 26 minutes
Attendance: 18,180
Umpires: Atkins, Hoover, Sirhan

Superbas WIN, 7-2

The Telecity Superbas are en route to winning close to 90 games this season and one of the reasons why is their explosive offense and excellent starting pitching. Tea Leoni, although not remarkably successful on the television airwaves, is a complete cosmic player. She can pitch, she can field and she can hit. Leoni very likely will lead all cosmic pitchers in batting average this season. She was responsible for almost half the total runs batted in during this game. Lucille Balls, the game's most cosmic player, continues to tear opposing pitchers to shreds.

The woeful Psychedelphia Woodstockings are on target for another sub-.500 season. This team of prominent and notorious characters from the 1960s just can't seem to put it together on the cosmic baseball field. It won't be surprising if the team undergoes a makeover during the off-season. Mario Savio continues to be the team's top offensive weapon but the Woodsox leave an average of ten runners on the bases each and every game. The pitching staff is old and wobbly. Look for a youth movement soon as management realizes it's time to rebuild from the ground up.

Game Most Cosmic Player

Lucille Ball


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Cosmic Game Report: Superbas @ Woodsox
Published: July 5
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