Pre-Raphaelites @ Tarotians

Underleague Game- September 2, 1998

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Game Data

Homeruns: Emperor

Doubles: A. Miller

Double Plays: Pre-Raphaelites-2


Pre-Raphaelites- 9
Tarotians- 1

Time: 2 hours, 33 minutes
Attendance: 128
Umpires: Hinckley, Swaggert, Tyson

Tarotians Win, 2-0

It isn't often that a team gets nine baserunners and fails to get any runs but the Pre-Raphaelite brothers and sisters achieved the feat in this lackluster Underleague game. The Tarotians on the other hand converted three hits into two runs and won the day.

Several informed sources have predicted that the Tarotians won't be back next season. Few fans turn out to watch them play and they are en route to completing their second sub-.500 season in the Underleague.

The sad thing about this game is that Pre-Raphaelite pitcher Dante Gabriel Rossetti was pitching a wonderful game through the first six innings allowing just one walk and one hit. However in the seventh inning a single by the Empress and a massive homerun by the Emperor was all the Tarotians needed to win the game. The Pre-Raphaelites just couldn't get anybody across home plate.

This is only the second time this season that the Tarotians shut out their opponents. The Pre-Raphaelites have been shut out six times this season.

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Cosmic Game Report: Pre-Raphaelites @ Tarotians
Published: September 2, 1998
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