Paradise Pisces @ Dharma Beats

Overleague Season Opener- March 15, 1998

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Pisces Win, 4-0

Fending off the Dharma Beats is the Paradise Pisces main objective this year. The Beats who made it to the 1997 Cosmic Universal Series are out to snatch the flagship-team-of-the-CBA mantle from the Pisces.

If the season's opening game between the two is any indication, no one has to worry about a change in status for either team. After an off-season the Pisces look poised to come back strong and the Beats, well, they just look disinterested.

It's the start of a long season so any final say on this matter is certainly premature. The key to this game was Thales who pitched a five-hit complete game shutout. He didn't allow anything better then a few slap-happy singles, although the two in the Beat ninth were hit with more authority making some of us wonder why Manager Henry Miller didn't bring in one of his relievers. But Miller always seems to know something the rest of us don't and Thales retired the next three Beat batters in order.

Rookie firstbasewoman Lynn Behrendt initiated her cosmic baseball playing career with a monster homerun on the first cosmic pitch thrown to her by William Burroughs. The ball sailed over the left field wall into the streets of Dharma. Amazing.

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Cosmic Game Report: Pisces @ Beats
Published: March 15, 1998
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