Heartland Capitalists @ Bolex Poetics

Middleleague Game- March 22, 1998

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Poetics Win, 6-3

If you like baseball for its tactical hitting chances then this was a good game for you. A combined 24 hits (all but three were singles) helped create a combined 9 runs with the avant-garde independent American filmmakers ultimately beating the captains of industry and finance. The Capitalists kept it alive until the 8th inning. It was tied 3-3 when the Poetics came to bat in the bottom of the 8th.

James Broughton (Mother's Day) led the inning off with a homerun over the rightfield fence. Rattled Capitalist rookie pitcher George Soros (Financier) walked the next two batters but manager Peter Drucker (The End of Economic Man) stuck with his rookie. Poetics pitcher Peter Kubelka (Arnulf Rainer) struckout trying to sacrifice. Warren Sonbert (Carriage Trade) also fanned. But then secondbaseman Kenneth Anger (Puce Moment) bopped a single up the middle and Ken Jacobs (Tom Tom the Piper's Son) scored from second. Drucker didn't budge. Poetics catcher Bruce Baillie (Mass for the Dakota Sioux) who already was 2 for 3 on the day came to the plate. Soros goes right after him with a fastball which the quick Baillie (game MCP) smacked by the diving Michael Eisner (Walt Disney CEO) and Larry Jordan (Our Lady of the Sphere) came across homeplate. Jack Smith (Flaming Creatures) lined out but the score stood at 6-3. In the top of the ninth the Capitalists' top of the order came to bat and one, two, three-- Kubelka had three strikeouts, game over.

This game seemed to be symbolic in the sense that in reality the independent experimental filmmakers who play for the Bolex Poetics have always had difficulty raising enough money to support their art. The Heartland Capitalists, of course, are comprised of many men who do just that: they raise and make money like it grows on trees. But alas, the cosmic baseball game victory has no bearing on the continuing plight of the hungry yet passionate artist. Nor on the capitalists and their shaman economists.

Game Most Cosmic Player

Bruce Baillie


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Cosmic Game Report: Capitalists @ Poetics
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Published: March 22, 1998
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