Dharma Beats @ Washington Presidents

Overleague Game at LaFayette Park, August 3, 1998

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Game Data

Jack Kerouac

Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson
Charles Plymell

Double Plays
Beats-1; Presidents-0

Beats-0; Presidents-1 (Coolidge)

Beats- 6; Presidents-8

Time: 2 hours, 49 minutes
Attendance: 24,798
Umpires: Caligula, Kaczynski, Pol Pot


The Washington Presidents are sitting in the Overleague cellar, the Dharma Beats are in a pennant race with the Pisces. President Bill Clinton faces possible personal and political disgrace. At the very least he has embarassed his wife and young daughter. Neal Cassady, along with other Beat icons is enjoying a renewal of interest by both the academic community and popular culture fans. So what gives?

The hapless Presidents beat a clearly better team 3-2 in a tight pitching duel. Clinton not only gets the complete game victory, he's the game's Most Cosmic Player allowing just six hits and striking out six Beatniks. This was Clinton's first start since last April when he was shifted to the bullpen so he could devote more time to dealing with his personal ethics problems.

No one doubts that the Presidents will ends up last in the Overleague standings. But if the Beats plan on catching the Pisces their offense is going to have to pick up. They haven't scored more than 3 runs in their last eight games.

When Clinton took the mound in the first inning the fans booed him. That's not surprising. Denizens of LaFayette Park are typically conservative and righteous types. But when Clinton jogged out to the mound in the top of the ninth inning he was met with cheers. That's not surprising. Fans, just like the politicians they might root for can be fickle.

Game Most Cosmic Player

Bill Clinton


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Cosmic Game Report: Beats @ Presidents
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Published: August 3, 1998
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