Black Mountain Mountains @ Newshole Muckrakers

Cosmic Underleague Game- April 20, 1998

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Mountains Win, 5-3

Two of the Cosmic Baseball Association's newest teams played each other in an interesting Underleague contest. The Black Mountain Mountains are populated by various artists, writers, musicians and other aesthetes who participated in an experimental educational community in the hills of North Carolina. The Newshole Muckrakers are journalists. There isn't any inherent conflicts between the two teams' themes and one could sense during the pre-game events a rather friendly and festive mood. Players from each team shook hands and hugged their opponents.

So far this season the Mountains are the worst defensive team in cosmic baseball. They have been making an average of one error per nine innings. They exceeded that average in this game when Trudy Straus, beleaguered Mountain shortstop made two gaffes in the second and third innings.

Behind the solid pitching performance of poet Robert Creeley and some decent offense the Mountains were able to cover up the errors and went on to win the game.

The Muckrakers are a much better team then this game would suggest. There is some weakness on the pitching staff. Political satirist Art Buchwald did a fine job through four innings but then he seemed to lose his concentration. Middle-reliever and cultural commentator David Halberstam got shelled quickly and ferociously. If the Muckrakers can straighten out their bullpen then their chances of winning more games than they lose are good. They have some awesome batsman, although today's performances don't highlight that fact.

Game Notes

Homeruns: Jennerjohn, Nast
Triples: Kaiser
Doubles: AlbersA
Sacrifice Bunt: Creeley
Errors: T. Straus, 2


Attendance: 19,991
Umpires: Jones, Starr, Tripp
Time: 3 hours, 12 minutes

Game Most Cosmic Player

Robert Creeley


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Cosmic Game Report: Mountains @ Muckrakers
Published: April 20, 1998
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