Armageddonia Anarchists @ Bigtopia Barnumstormers

Underleague Game- July 20, 1998

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Game Data

Berneri, Coffey, Dolgoff

Double Plays
Anarchists-1; B'Stormers-1

Anarchists-1 (Vanzetti)
B'Stormers-2 (Coffey, Peteroff)

Anarchists- 8
B'Stormers- 11

S. Atkins, J. Hoover, J. Swaggert

Time: 2 hours, 58 minutes
Attendance: 15,720

Anarchists Win, 6-5

These two cosmic Underleague teams are both hovering at the .500 mark. And this game went right down to the wire.

At first, it looked like the Barnumstormers were going to prevail behind the solid pitching of Vantile Mack (257 lbs at age 7). Mack pitched 3 perfect innings but opened the fourth inning by yielding three consecutive hits. After getting American-born anarchist Murray Bookchin and Russian-born anarchist Alexander Berkman to fly out he walked Spanish-born anarchist Buenaventura Durruti pushing Italian-born anarchist Nicola Sacco across the plate for the Anarchists' first run. But the B'Stormers came back in the bottom of the fourth inning when, thanks to an error by Italian-born anarchist Bartolomeo Vanzetti, three walks by Russian-born anarchist Peter Kropotkin and a timely hit by Jane Campbell (628 lbs), two runs were scored.

Things fell apart for the B'Stormers in the top of the eighth inning when the Anarchists scored three runs on three hits, two errors and a walk. The B'Stormers made a comeback in the bottom of the eighth inning when they posted two runs and led the Anarchists 5-4.

The Anarchists were able to convert three hits into two runs in their part of the ninth inning and the weary B'Stormers went down in order in the bottom of the ninth, ending the game with an Anarchist victory at 6-5.

Game Most Cosmic Player

Sam Dolgoff


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Cosmic Game Report: Anarchists @ Barnumstormers
Published: July 20, 1998
Copyright © 1998 by the Cosmic Baseball Association