Salem Salemites @ Paradise Pisces

Pre Season Evaluation Game

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The Cosmic Baseball Association wants to add another team to its regular playing league. Several hundred teams nominations have been submitted and each one goes through the same complex process that ends in election or rejection. Given the number of nominated teams, relative to the available number of openings, the number of rejections will significantly exceed the number elected.

The Salem Salemites have weathered the nomination process well. Well enough that they were eligible to play a simulated game against the Cosmic Baseball Association's 2006 champions, the Paradise Pisces. Not surprisingly, the veteran Pisces easily defeated the Salemites. The team nomination/election rules permit one loss at this level but it is not a good omen. Another simulated loss to any team would likely result in the failure of the Salemites to earn election to the league. Now, the only other nominated team that has a chance of getting to the evaluation game level is an unnamed team of solar system asteroids.

Team Rosters


Salem Salemites

Paradise Pisces

2007 Pisces Roster
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Lineup: Salemites
BentleySchool     2B
SaltonstallSchool SS
SalemWaxMuseum    RF
PirateMuseum      LF
BatesSchool       1B
PeabodyEssexMus   CF
CollinsSchool     C
CarltonSchool     3B
PhillipsHouse     P
Lineup: Pisces
Longfellow        3B
Harrison          2B
Domino            1B
GinsburgR         LF
Varsi             RF
Reventlow         SS
HearstP           CF
Gleaton           C
Carmel            P
     Inn. 1: Salemites
[Starter] Carmel
BentleySchool     1B         . . X
SaltonstallSchool 6-3        . X .
SalemWaxMuseum    4-3        X . .
PirateMuseum      K          X . .
     Inn. 1: Pisces
[Starter] PhillipsHouse
Longfellow        K          . . .
Harrison          5-3        . . .
Domino            8          . . .
     Inn. 2: Salemites
BatesSchool       6          . . .
PeabodyEssexMus   1B         . . X
CollinsSchool     4-3        . X .
CarltonSchool     3UN        X . .
     Inn. 2: Pisces
GinsburgR         2B         . X .
Varsi             4          . X .
Reventlow         1B         . . X
X@4:GinsburgR     8-2        . . X
HearstP           1B         . X X
Gleaton           BB         X X X
Carmel            BB         X X X 1
Longfellow        6-3        X X .
     Inn. 3: Salemites
PhillipsHouse     9          . . .
BentleySchool     7          . . .
SaltonstallSchool K          . . .
     Inn. 3: Pisces
Harrison          1B         . . X
Domino            K          . . X
GinsburgR         K          . . X
Varsi             BB         . X X
Reventlow         7          . X X
     Inn. 4: Salemites
SalemWaxMuseum    1B         . . X
PirateMuseum      K          . . X
BatesSchool       BB         . X X
PeabodyEssexMus   4-3        X X .
CollinsSchool     5-3        X X .
     Inn. 4: Pisces
HearstP           1B         . . X
Gleaton           BB         . X X
Carmel            5-3 SAC    X X .
Longfellow        6          X X .
Harrison          5-3        X X .
     Inn. 5: Salemites
CarltonSchool     8          . . .
PhillipsHouse     1B         . . X
BentleySchool     7          . . X
SaltonstallSchool 1B         . X X
SalemWaxMuseum    8          . X X
     Inn. 5: Pisces
Domino            4-3        . . .
GinsburgR         4-3        . . .
Varsi             5-3        . . .
     Inn. 6: Salemites
PirateMuseum      1B         . . X
BatesSchool       2B         X X .
PeabodyEssexMus   6-3        X X .
CollinsSchool     6          X X .
CarltonSchool     K          X X .
     Inn. 6: Pisces
Reventlow         E-4        . . X
HearstP           K          . . X
Gleaton           7          . . X
Carmel            1B         . X X
Longfellow        HR         . . . 3
Harrison          8          . . .
     Inn. 7: Salemites
*EX:PhillipsHouse (for PH)
*PH:WitchDungeon  6          . . .
BentleySchool     8          . . .
SaltonstallSchool K          . . .
     Inn. 7: Pisces
[Relief] HawthorneHouse
Domino            7          . . .
GinsburgR         1B         . . X
Varsi             HR         . . . 2
Reventlow         BB         . . X
HearstP           5-4 F      . . X
Gleaton           6-3        . X .
     Inn. 8: Salemites
SalemWaxMuseum    8          . . .
PirateMuseum      K          . . .
BatesSchool       9          . . .
     Inn. 8: Pisces
Carmel            K          . . .
Longfellow        8          . . .
Harrison          BB         . . X
Domino            BB         . X X
GinsburgR         K          . X X
     Inn. 9: Salemites
PeabodyEssexMus   1B         . . X
CollinsSchool     5-4-3 DP   . . .
CarltonSchool     7          . . .

Pisces Win, 6-0


Pre Season Evaluation Game
Salemites @ Pisces
Published: January 8, 2007


This is not the first time the City of Salem, Massachusetts has provided a cosmic baseball team. In March 1997 the Salem Witchsox beat the 1975 Boston Red Sox 7-3 (Game Report). The Witchsox were drawn from women and men who were executed because of the 1692 witchcraft trials.

The Salemites are a non-humanoid team made up of buildings in the form of houses, schools and museums in Salem.

Hawthorne and Longfellow: A Literary Friendship

On the cosmic baseball field, personal friendships can count for something. Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864) is the General Manager of the Salemites. Portland (ME)-born Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) is the Pisces third baseman. The two met a Bowdoin College (both graduated in 1825) and their friendship lasted throughout their lives. (In Longfellow's Cambridge House, in his study, there is a prominently displayed charcoal sketch of Hawthorne.).

The Homes of Longfellow But there were differences. Commenting on the anti-slavery activist John Brown, who was hung on December 2, 1859, Longfellow said, "This will be a great day in our history; the date of a New Revolution - quite as much needed as the old one. Even now as I write, they are leading old John Brown to execution in Virginia for attempting to rescue slaves! This is sowing the wind to reap the whirlwind which will come soon!" Hawthorne, in contrast, said about John Brown's fate, "No man more deserved to be hanged."

Hawthorne should have known better.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, Stephen Phillips Memorial Trust House, the starting Salemite pitcher got into trouble, and it wasn't entirely the pitcher's fault. Racecar driver Lance Reventlow led off the inning by smacking a weak dribbler to second baseman Saltonstall School who bumbled it, E-4. Patty Hearst struck out and Felicia Gleaton flied out to deep leftfield. Two outs and the opposing pitcher, Pisces rookie Eddie Carmel steps up to the plate. First pitch and bang! Carmel smacked a single up the middle of the field. Two outs, two Pisces on base and poet Longfellow steps up to the plate. He is hitless in three at bats. Phillips House works the count to 0-2. Then a fastball is delivered and Henry Wadsworth knocks it over the fence...three runs score and the Pisces add to their lead, the score is now 4-0. There wasn't much astronomer and notable author of The New American Practical Navigator (1802) Nathaniel Bowditch, the field manager could do except, ironically, send in reliever Hawthorne House in the next inning.

But nothing could be done.


By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
How beautiful it was, that one bright day In the long week of rain! Though all its splendor could not chase away The omnipresent pain. The lovely town was white with apple-blooms, And the great elms o'erhead Dark shadows wove on their aerial looms Shot through with golden thread. Across the meadows, by the gray old manse, The historic river flowed; I was as one who wanders in a trance, Unconscious of his road. The faces of familiar faces seemed strange; Their voices I could hear, And yet the words they uttered seemed to change Their meaning to my ear. For the one face I looked for was not there, The one low voice was mute; Only an unseen presence filled the air And baffled my pursuit. Now I look back, and meadow, manse, and stream Dimly my thought defines; I only see--a dream within a dream-- The hill-top hearsed with pines. I only hear above his place of rest Their tender undertone, The infinite longings of a troubled breast, The voice so like his own. There in seclusion and remote from men The wizard hand lies cold, Which at its topmost speed let fall the pen, And left the tale half told. Ah! who shall lift that wand of magic power, And the lost clew regain? The unfinished windows in Aladdin's tower Unfinished must remain!
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