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Regulated Season 2012 Has Concluded

The 2012 Regulated Season began on the Ides of March and concluded on Labor Day. 108 cosmic baseball players (including 54 rookies, 32 women and 18 non-humanoids) were organized into six cosmic baseball teams. Each team completed a 162 game schedule. (Note: Cosmic baseball games do not use the designated hitter.)


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July 11 Maryland Monroes @ Paradise Pisces
July 7 Vienna Freuds @ Puritan Sauces
June 28 Maryland Monroes @ Dharma Beats
June 19 Vienna Freuds @ Washington Presidents
June 3 Paradise Pisces @ Puritan Sauces
May 29 Dharma Beats @ Washington Presidents
May 15 Maryland Monroes @ Vienna Freuds
May 2 Dharma Beats @ Puritan Sauces
April 25 Washington Presidents @ Paradise Pisces
April 18 Washington Presidents @ Puritan Sauces
April 11 Paradise Pisces @ Maryland Monroes
April 4 Vienna Freuds @ Dharma Beats
March 25 Puritan Sauces @ Washington Presidents
March 21 Maryland Monroes @ Vienna Freuds
March 15 Dharma Beats @ Paradise Pisces (Season Opener)



Pisces 2012 Roster
Beats 2012 Roster
 Presidents 2012 Roster

 Monroes 2012 Roster

 Sauces 2012 Roster

Freuds 2012  Roster
Italics = rookie team

2012 Paradise Pisces

Arbus, Diane Field Manager
Barbie Coach
Clinton, Chelsea General Manager
Zinebrenner, Andrew Owner
ParadisePark Home Field

2012 Dharma Beats

Kerouac, Jan Field Manager
Nicosia, Gerald Coach
Sampas, John General Manager
Ginsberg, Allen Owner
Dharma Dome Home Field

2012 Washington Presidents

Daley, Bill Field Manager
Biden, Joe Coach
Washington, Martha General Manager
Washington, George Owner
Lafayette Park Home Field

2012 Maryland Monroes

Gladys Monroe Baker Field Manager
Miller, Arthur Coach
DiMaggio, Joe General Manager
Monroe, Marilyn Owner
Marilyn State Park Home Field

2012 Puritan Sauces

Shire, Lydia Field Manager
Puck, Wolfgang Coach
Delligatti, Jim General Manager
Melvin Emory Sharples Owner
Sauce Pan Park Home Field

2012 Vienna Freuds

Rothko, Mark Field Manager
Fluss, Gisela Coach
Freud, Martha General Manager
Freud, Sigmund Owner
Vienna Town Green Home Field


Season 2012 Cosmic Baseball Players

Cosmic Player Position Team
Sauce A1 Pitcher Sauces
Karl Abraham Rightfield Freuds
John Adams Secondbase Presidents
Alfred Adler Utility Freuds
Lou Andreas-Salome Centerfield Freuds
Sauce Apple Firstbase Sauces
Priscilla Arminger Pitcher Beats
Louis Berman Outfield Pisces
Eugen Bleuler Firstbase Freuds
Sauce Bordelaise Infield Sauces
Ray Bremser Thirdbase Beats
Josef Breuer Pitcher Freuds
A.A. Brill Outfield Freuds
James Buchanan Shortstop Presidents
William Burroughs Pitcher Beats
George W. Bush Rightfield Presidents
Sauce Carbonara Thirdbase Sauces
Eddie Carmel Pitcher Pisces
Lucien Carr Shortstop Beats
Jimmy Carter Pitcher Presidents
Neal Cassady Pitcher Beats
Sauce Chili Secondbase Sauces
Calvin Coolidge Thirdbase Presidents
Gregory Corso Firstbase Beats
Elise Cowen Utility Beats
Sauce Cranberry Leftfield Sauces
Sauce Crystal Hot Pitcher Sauces
Pola Debevoise Catcher Monroes
Amanda Dell Leftfield Monroes
Fats Domino Firstbase Pisces
Sauce Duck Catcher Sauces
Sauce Escoffier Pitcher Sauces
Paul Federn Utility Freuds
Sandor Ferenczi Secondbase Freuds
Wilhelm Fliess Pitcher Freuds
Nell Forbes Shortstop Monroes
Anna Freud Thirdbase Freuds
Sauce Garlic Utility Sauces
Ruth B. Ginsburg Utility Pisces
Ulysses Grant Leftfield Presidents
Alan Greenspan Pitcher Pisces
Joan Haverty Rightfield Beats
Rutherford Hayes Firstbase Presidents
Patricia Hearst Centerfield Pisces
Lu Anne Henderson Infield Beats
Sauce Hollandaise Catcher Sauces
Herbert Hoover Utility Presidents
Herbert Huncke Catcher Beats
Andrew Jackson Utility Presidents
Thomas Jefferson Utility Presidents
Steven Jobs Leftfield Pisces
Betty Jones Pitcher Beats
Ernest Jones Shortstop Freuds
Annabel Jones Norris Outfield Monroes
Emma Jung Pitcher Freuds
Carl Jung Pitcher Freuds
David Kammerer Pitcher Beats
John Kennedy Pitcher Presidents
Jack Kerouac Leftfield Beats
Karl Koller Catcher Freuds
Sugar Cane Kowalczyk Catcher Monroes
Seymour Krim Pitcher Beats
Natalya Kuleshova Pitcher Pisces
Lois Laurel Pitcher Monroes
Dusky Ledoux Pitcher Monroes
Spike Lee Shortstop Pisces
Lorelei Lee Pitcher Monroes
Gershon Legman Outfield Beats
Abraham Lincoln Pitcher Presidents
Sauce Lobster Outfield Sauces
Henry W. Longfellow Thirdbase Pisces
Rose Loomis Utility Monroes
James Madison Centerfield Presidents
Joyce Mannering Secondbase Monroes
Iris Martin Thirdbase Monroes
Peggy Martin Rightfield Monroes
Harold Nectow Infield Pisces
Patricia Nixon Pitcher Pisces
Barack Obama Pitcher Presidents
Oskar Pfister Infield Freuds
Angela Phinlay Leftfield Monroes
Charles Plymell Centerfield Beats
Charles Ponzi Secondbase Pisces
Tim Powers Outfield Pisces
James J. Putnam Leftfield Freuds
Otto Rank Outfield Freuds
Ronald Reagan Pitcher Presidents
Mitt Romney Catcher Pisces
Franklin Roosevelt Utility Presidents
Verde Salsa Rightfield Sauces
Donna Smith Pitcher Pisces
Sauce Soy Centerfield Sauces
Wilhelm Stekel Pitcher Freuds
Roberta "Bobby" Stevens Firstbase Monroes
Sauce Tabasco Pitcher Sauces
Rosslyn Taber Pitcher Monroes
Sauce Tartar Shortstop Sauces
Sauce Texas Pete Hot Pitcher Sauces
Harry Truman Utility Presidents
Diane Varsi Rightfield Pisces
Ellen Wagsataff Arden Centerfield Monroes
Helen Weaver Pitcher Beats
Kay Weston Pitcher Monroes
Philip Whalen Secondbase Beats
Vanessa Williams Pitcher Pisces
Woodrow Wilson Catcher Presidents
Sauce Worcestershire Pitcher Sauces

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