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December 30, 2006

Cosmic Game: Archivists @ Phillips Collection Home Movies

Arcivists @ Home Movie Game Report Linescore
This was a great game. It took ten innings, one more than the standard, to decide on a winner. In a contest between humanoids (the Archivists) and Non-Humanoids (the Home Movies) the humanoids prevailed thanks to a top-of-the-tenth inning solo homerun by a film archivist who promotes the preservation of home movies. The Home Movies team consists of home movies made by members of the Phillips family from Salem, Massachusetts using a 16mm camers in the 1920s and 1930s.


December 18, 2006

Arbus New Pisces Field Manager

Diane Arbus, New Pisces Field Manager Kurt Cobain, former manager Weeks after leading the Paradise Pisces to the 2006 championship, field manager Kurt Cobain (born 2/20) has retired. Immediately after the Pisces announced Cobain's departure they announced that American photographer Diane Arbus (b. 3/14) would be the team's new field manager.

Arbus, a retired cosmic baseball player and the subject of a memorial plate at the CBA's website, was also engaged in trying to field a cosmic baseball team. The status of that effort is unknown, but presumably, Arbus would not be able to manage one team while owning another team in the same league.

Chelsea Clinton, G.M. Anais Nin, former manager Cobain had become the Pisces' manager on July 3, 2000 when he replaced the fired Anais Nin (b. 2/21). It was Nin, herself the subject of a memorial plate, who orchestrated the 1998 redesign of the Pisces, moving herself from general manager to field manager in the process and naming Chelsea Clinton (b. 2/27) to replace her as the team's general manager.

Paradise Pisces Link


December 4, 2006

Pisces Draft Eddie Carmel

Eddie Carmel Eddie Carmel (born 3/16), a movie actor (The Brain that Wouldn't Die, 1962; 50,00 B.C., 1963) and photographer's model (Jewish Giant at Home with His Parents in the Bronx, 1970 photograph by Diane Arbus) has been named as Cyd Charisse's replacement on the Paradise Pisces pitching squad.

The disease that turned Eddie Carmel into a freak did not become manifest until he had reached adolescence. By some accounts Eddie Carmel appeared normal at his Bar Mitzvah. But two years later, when he was fifteen, his physical freakishness was obvious. He was seven feet tall when he graduated Taft High School in the Bronx. He began attending City College as a business major. By the time he turned 21 Carmel has dropped out of college and is en route to Hollywood to make a living off his physical appearance.

Brief movie synopsisCarmel was a major league baseball fan, and his cousin, with no irony intended, provides some details...

[Eddie] was a committed New York Giant fan and I was a [Brooklyn] Dodger fan. And one day I was invited by him to go the Giant-Dodger game in the Polo Grounds. And I remember he was being taunted as we were walking by young people in the street, you know, "Look at the giant," "Look at the tall man," "Hey buddy, how tall are you?" Everyone used to ask him how tall he was.

Eddie Carmel's aunt later reflected...
He did stand out in a crowd, you couldn't help but take another look and he was aware of it and it bothered him, terribly. He was so bright. And because he was so bright, he understood more his situation. I used to say if only something would happen to his mind so that there would not be the awareness, that would make us feel better. But because he was so bright and because he knew what the situation was, it made it worse . . . it made it worse.

As a result of Carmel's intersection with the American photographer Diane Arbus, a photograph of Carmel and his parents has become well known by fans and scholars of photography and/or by people who enjoy, vicariously in More information about the Jewish Giantmany cases, looking at freaks and distortions of the status quo. Arbus' "family portrait" of Eddie and his parents was published in Time, Newsweek and Life magazines and according to reports the photograph "now sits in the Museum of Modern Art" [New York]. The photograph was taken in 1970. According to Eddie's aunt,
He loved it. He loved that picture...he used to laugh at it. He'd say "Isn't it awful to have midget parents?" He'd say "Why did it have to happen to me? My luck, I have to have midget parents."

Carmel gets his chance pitching for the Pisces as a result of dancer Cyd Charisse's deactivation (after eight consecutive seasons.) The decision to make the move was made by Pisces general manager Chelsea Clinton.


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