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Archived: December 31, 2003
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Hall of Fame Controversy
Capitalists Sign Orlando Harn
December 30, 2003
Orlando Harn
Orlando Harn
The Heartland Capitalists, oblivious to the "contraction" issue, have signed Orlando C. Harn to the team. Harn will replace economist Arthur Seldon. Harn's professional career began when he took a job as a reporter for the Cleveland Leader newspaper. Later he was telegraph editor for the Cleveland Press. After work at these newspapers, Harn edited several grocery business publications. In 1904 he became advertising manager for the H.J Heinz Company. The next year he went to work as manager of advertising for the National Lead Company. He stayed at National Lead for twenty-two years. While at National Lead, Harn originated the "Dutch Boy Painter" symbol. During World War One Harn served his country as director of the U.S. Government's advertising division where he directed the Liberty Loan campaign. In 1914 Harn was a member of the "Organizing Committee" that created the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC). ABC was and is a non-profit consortium of advertisers and publishers. Its primary mission is the collection, verification and distribution of "paid" circulation data. This data is useful to advertisers as they decide where to spend money advertising. Harn was an original member of ABC's Board of Directors and six years later, on October 15, 1920 he became Chairman of the Board.

Since its founding in 1914, the Audit Bureau of Circulations has had seven Managing Directors, not even enough for a baseball team. On February 4, 1927 Orlando Harn was named ABC's third managing director. Accepting this position required Harn to resign from the Board of Directors and from his job at National Lead. For more than twelve years Harn steered the Audit Bureau through waters both calm and turbulent. (For more information about the history Audit Bureau of Circulations and Orlando Harn's role in it, please see C.O. Bennett's, Facts Without Opinion, published by the Audit Bureau of Circulations in 1965.)

The Capitalists are going to start Harn in the bullpen but the plan is to eventually have Harn move into the starting rotation sometime around mid-season...if there is a mid-season for the Capitalists. Harn's calm and diplomatic persona will serve him well in the realm of cosmic baseball.

CBA Issues 2003-2004 Annual Report
December 28, 2003
The Annual Report of the Cosmic Baseball Association has been published. In it we learn that the CBA will discontinue copyrighting its web pages, that the Board of Directors has reaffirmed an "optional" dues membership policy, and that website traffic grew 2.6% over last year.

The CBA looks like it will be "contracting" the playing leagues. Although stuck in committee, the recommendation to reduce the overall number of active cosmic teams playing in the CBA leagues is gaining support. The Annual Report does not set a timeframe contraction.

Time of the Year Award Game
December 22, 2003
2003 Time Person of the Year
Time Magazine started naming a "Man of the Year" in 1927. In 77 years, 10 groups and 2 objects have received the award. The rest have been people, including 62 men and 3 women. Most are from the world of politics but industrialists and warriors, among others, also populate the list. Two Roman Catholic Popes have been selected. Since Franklin Roosevelt the only U.S. President not to be a "Man of the Year" is Gerald Ford. Roosevelt holds the record for having been Time's "Man of the Year" three times. Truman, Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton all were twice named "Man of the Year." Nixon, Reagan and Clinton in their second appearance were teamed with someone else (Nixon with Henry Kissinger, Reagan with Yuri Andropov, and Clinton with Ken Starr.)

This game matches group and object winners against those "Men of the Year" who have been selected more than once.

Time of the Year Award Game: Rosters, Boxscore

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