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December 26, 2001
Personal Cosmic Game Report
Merryland Tricksters @ Heavenly Angels
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Link to Game Report
Tricksters and Angels...entities that span the rim between the human matrix and the other some say, nether, world. The Merry Tricksters hail from Merryland and are therefore related in kind and theme to the Middleleague Pranktown Busriders (Pranktown being the provincial seat of Merryland.) The Angels, of course, hail from Heaven and are therefore related to the Cosmic Biblicals. (The Biblicals are a veteran, albeit wanderlusting, cosmic baseball team.)

Angels are associated with religion. Tricksters are associated with magic. Both conjure up images of the supernatural, the unseen, the over and the under worlds. The terms "guardian angel" and "lunatic trickster" suggest which good/bad pole contemporary opinion holds each type. Tricksters are likely to be associated with fallen angels (demons) and alchemists. Angels, like the cherubim and seraphim, connote softer, kinder, gentler spirits.

On the cosmic field of play, tricksters and angels are united in form and purpose. They are cosmic baseball players programmed with one desire, one purpose: to win a cosmic baseball game.

In this regard, and in this particular game, the Tricksters reign supreme. An heroic, extra-inning smash by the Hebrew Trickster Gimpel won the day and the game for the visiting Tricksters.

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December 23, 2001
Cosmic Baseball Association
Contraction at the Cosmic Baseball Association
While Bud Selig and the owners of Major League Baseball teams plunge and stumble forward with plans to contact the league by two teams (Montreal and Minnesota are in the lead), the Cosmic Baseball Association has announced it will not contract any cosmic baseball teams for next season.

So, as usual, there will be 24 cosmic baseball teams dispersed among three leagues. Since three teams from the 2001 season have been deactivated there will be at least three new teams in the Underleague when the 2002 season begins.

The overall reduction in seasonal cosmic baseball players through the mechanism of roster contraction is apparently under consideration at the higher levels of Cosmic Baseball Association. A tentative plan is to reduce the size of rosters to a maximum of 15 with a minimum of 11 active players and a maximum of 4 non-players. (Cosmic Baseball Association teams could have 11 players and 4 non-players or 12 players and 3 non-players, 13 players and 2 non-players, or 14 players and 1 non-player.) Currently active teams would have until the 2004 Season to meet the roster contraction requirements through attrition and deactivation. The new roster rules would apply immediately to all new cosmic teams.

December 20, 2001
Cosmic Baseball Association
2001-2002 Annual Report on the Cosmic Baseball Association
Link to Annual Report
Membership in the Cosmic Baseball Association grew by 3% in the twelve months ended November 30, 2001. Website visitor traffic increased 16% during the same period. The Board of Directors lost one member and gained a new member. These and other facts are available in the "Annual Report." A calendar of events during the 2002 Cosmic Season is also available in the report.

December 18, 2001
Website Operations
Experimental V-LOG Online
Link to V-LOG
An experimental version of V-Log (Version 0.12 Visitor Log) is online and available for beta tester visitors. The V-Log is a multipurpose interactive form. Using the V-Log form visitors to the Cosmic Baseball Association's website can:
  • Comment on a visit to the Cosmic Baseball Association
  • Report a correction
  • Suggest a link to include at the site
  • Report an inactive/broken link
  • Ask for more information about the Cosmic Baseball Association

Visitors who make an entry into the V-Log automatically receive a response email acknowledgment message with the visitor's entry included in the body of the response email message. Most of the technical issues have been resolved but there are still some outstanding design and formatting issues to resolve. The "formal" resolutions should have little impact on the content of the V-Log. When all issues form, content and technical have been resolved the final production version of V-Log will be uploaded. Project leaders expect the final version to be online by the middle of January.

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December 17, 2001
Website Operations Special Announcement
Website Status Announcement: WWW.CLARK.NET Will Go Offline 01/15/02
Link to Website Status Plate
Effective JANUARY 15, 2002 the portion of the Cosmic Baseball Association's website stored at will no longer be accessible. All of the files from have already been migrated to

The deactivation of the site ends a seven year relationship with the internet service provider. When the Cosmic Baseball Association first contracted with, the ISP was a small local company serving the internet needs of customers in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area. In 1998 the Verio company digested Verio was then climbing to its status as one of the largest internet service providers in the United States. Last August Verio itself was absorbed by the NTT Communications company. The value of that deal, transacted mostly by stock swaps, was put at approximately US$5.5 billion dollars. A week ago, Verio informed some of its customers that dial-up access service would end on January 9 and web services would be terminated January 15.

If necessary please update your bookmarks and links to reflect this change.

December 15, 2001
Journal of the Cosmic Baseball Association, Vol. 20
Link to JCBA 20
Volume 20 of the JCBA is online at the Cosmic Baseball Association's website. From the editor's blurb:

This issue has something for everyone, cosmic baseball fans, reality baseball fans, kids and grown-ups alike... Jack Kerouac fans will appreciate the listing of the contents of the controversial Memory Babe Archive. Currently located in Lowell, Massachusetts the archive was created by Kerouac biographer Gerald Nicosia...Fans of excellent baseball writing will appreciate the wit and depth of Tony Trigilio's essay which enumerates some of the metaphysicality of being a Boston Red Sox fan...Baseball is a sport of youth. Aidan Ward, a young California boy carries that tradition forward with his remembrance of a baseball game and friendship...Freelance journalist Angela Gunn interviews Dan Okrent, founder/creator of Rotisserie League Baseball...COBRA Scholar Jennifer Baldwin has put together an interesting chronology of rule changes in professional reality baseball...Freelance writer Helen Cowan tells the story of the rise & fall of the Cosmic Baseball Association's electronic store, Cosmic Baseball Collectibles, LLC ...COBRA Scholar Meilin Tsai contributes a thought-provoking essay on the responsibilities of cosmic baseball researchers. Enjoy the issue.

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December 9, 2001
Cosmic Baseball Players
John Lennon Signs with Dragons; Dylan Moves to Woodsox
John Lennon

Bob Dylan
In a strange deal between the Psychedelphia Woodstockings and the Delta Dragons, teams that compete against each other in the Cosmic Baseball Association's Middleleague, Woodsox field manager and former Beatle John Lennon will become an active cosmic baseball player for the Dragons. In return the Delta Dragons will give up veteran firstbaseman and music legend Bob Dylan, who will join the Woodsox roster for next season.

Further, the Woodsox announced the appointment of Ho Chi Minh, their everyday firstbaseman last season, as the team's new field manager, replacing Lennon. Ho Chi Minh's appointment surprised veteran Woodsox watchers who had assumed Oscar Janiger would get the manager's job in the event that Lennon did what he said last summer he was going to do (see this news item.) According to sources Lennon decided to become a cosmic player sometime ago but waited until after the close of the season to actually negotiate something specific. For the second straight season Lennon led the Woodsox to the Cosmic Universal Series. But also, for the second consecutive season, the Woodsox came up short, losing this year to the Wonderland Warriors.

Startling as Lennon's move is the move of Bob Dylan from the Dragons to the Woodsox has generated a lot of emotion. The troubadour Dylan, who has played his entire cosmic baseball career with the Delta Dragons, has a very large fan base in Delta and there are going to be quite a few disappointed souls. The opportunity to see John Lennon play cosmic baseball might ameliorate the pain to some extent.

Coincidentally the deal was inked yesterday which was also the 21st anniversary of John Lennon's assasination outside the Dakota Hotel in New York City.

December 8, 2001
Cosmic Baseball Teams
Three Cosmic "City" Teams Deactivated
Link to Cosmic Baseball Team Rosters
The Cosmic Baseball Association has deactivated three so-called "City" teams for the 2002 season. The Numeral City Numerals, the Imperial City Insects, and the New Kino City Framemakers all Underleague teams, received notice of their deactivation on December 7.

The Numerals (2001 Record: 76-86) are a second season team. The Framemakers (82-80) and Insects (86-76) were both rookie teams in 2001.

Some observers see this as part of a larger plan to eradicate the "City" teams from the cosmic playing fields. With the deactivation of these three teams, only the Speed City Velocitors and the Telecity Superbas remain active in cosmic baseball.

New or reactivated teams will replace the three deactivated teams. And while some within the association have advocated that cosmic baseball like Major League Baseball should consider an overall reduction in the number of teams ("Contraction") no plans have been made to reduce the number of active teams from the current level of 24.

December 1, 2001
Cosmic Baseball Bizness
Cosmic Baseball Collectibles Opens Upgraded e-Store
Give a gift anyway...
For reasons to be explained at a later date the Upgraded e-Store is no longer available.

Just in time to capitalize on the holiday gift buying season, Cosmic Baseball Collectibles LLC, has opened a modernized version of their popular electronic store. The same unique and unusual collectibles are still available for purchase but in a much more consumer-oriented environment.

A virtual shopping cart and quick checkout is now available. The e-Store now accepts MasterCard, Visa and Diners Club credit cards via secure realtime online transaction processing.

Gift orders, of course, are available.

The inventory of the popular Casey at the Bat T-Shirts has been replenished. The best-selling Cosmic Baseball Logo Cap is still in our inventory but supplies are low. Hopefully a new order of caps will arrive soon. The customized "Casey Box Score" T-Shirt is a new collectible item that should be a hit with reality and cosmic baseball fans alike.

Cosmic Baseball Collectibles is a Delaware corporation created in April, 2001 as an electronic store, in partnership with the Cosmic Baseball Association. For more information please send an email to



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