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November 29, 2009

2009 Cosmic Universal Series
Planets Sweep Beats

The Astronomical Planets, behind solid pitching from the Sun and solid hitting from Mercury, swept the veteran Dharma Beats in the 2009 Cosmic Universal Series. The Planets did it in four swift games.

Link to 2009 CUS Main Plate Despite getting to the series five times the Dharma Beats have yet to win a CUS. Losing to the Planets, one of the neo teams in the League, makes the loss more painful, especially when the Beats led the League for nearly the entire 2009 regulated season. Is it the field or the general management of the team sowing the seeds that lead to failure in the series?

The Planets rocked and rolled. The Sun pitched two wonderful games (1 and 4) and Mercury was on fire at the plate (but also in the field where the he was twice too hot to handle the ball properly, commiting fielding errors.)

All the more remarkable is that two days before the series began Mercury was pre-occupied preparing for an orbital visitor from Earth.

The Mercury-bound MESSENGER spacecraft completed its fifth and final deep-space maneuver of the mission today [11/24], providing the expected velocity change needed to place the spacecraft on course to enter into orbit about Mercury in March 2011. A 3.3-minute firing of its bi-propellant engine provided nearly all of the probe’s 177 meter per second (396 mile per hour) increase in its speed relative to the Sun.

Link to the 2009 Astronomical Planes RosterThere was little controversey in the series. Despite being rogues, the umpires did not hear much tormenting or objections to their calls. No one was thrown out of any games and no warnings were issued to either team. At the end of Game 2 some of the home team fans in the DharmaDome were heard to chant "drug tests, drug tests..." raising speculation that the Beats were too stoned to play cosmic baseball properly. At the end of Game 4 as the hometown Planet fans celebrated their team's first championship. the electronic scoreboard flashed "The Planets are High."

The 2009 Cosmic Baseball Season is officially over and out.

November 26, 2009

2009 Cosmic Universal Series Main Plate
2009 Cosmic Universal Series
Series Begins

The 2009 Cosmic Universal Series began today.

The Dharma Beats play the Astronomical Planets in a best-of-seven games series. Get more informaton here.

November 23, 2009

Baseball Rules Baseball Umpires Should Know
Clockwise from Top Left: Ensign,
Letterman, Finkelstein
2009 Cosmic Universal Series
Series Umpire Crew Named

The Cosmic Baseball Association has announced the umpiring crew for the 2009 Cosmic Universal Series.

Susan Finkelstein, known for her fanatical Phillies passion is the crew chief. Joining Ms. Finkelstein is Senator John Ensign of Nevada, a pitcher for the Congressional Republicans known for his political passions, and David Letterman, a talk show host known for his passionate work behavior.

November 22, 2009

Helen Weaver Website

2009 Cosmic Universal Series
Beats Name Helen Weaver Honorary Coach

The Dharma Beats announced today that Helen Weaver has been named an Honorary Coach of the team for the duration of the 2009 Cosmic Universal Series. (The Beats play the Planets in the best-of-seven-game series beginning on Thanksgiving Day.)

Helen Weaver was born in 1931 in Madison, Wisconsin and grew up in Scarsdale, New York. In 1952, she graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio and in 1956, she intersected with the Beat Generation when she met Jack Kerouac and his comrades in New York City.

Ms. Weaver is a distinguished writer, translator and astrologer. Among other efforts she is a contributor to the well-respected Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology

The announcement by team owner Allen Ginsberg said that Weaver's recent contribution to Beat-related history, meaning her memoir The Awakener, was the reason for the honorary coaching assignment.

November 21, 2009

Porn king's son held on murder charge

Baseball-related Crime
Mitchell Bats Keller to Death

The son of a well-known pornographer has been accused of beating his girlfriend to death using a baseball bat. James Raphael Mitchell is the 27 year old son of Jim Mitchell. The father and his brother Artie Mitchell, known as the Mitchell Brothers, were successful businessmen in the San Francisco area. (Parenthetically, Jim Mitchell was convicted of manslaughter and served three years in prison for kicking down the door of his brother's Corte Madera home in February 1991 and shooting him to death. He said that he had intended to confront Artie Mitchell over drug and alcohol abuse and that the situation had spun out of control.)

Today, a judge in Marin County ruled that James will stand trial, charged with the first-degree murder of Danielle Keller with a baseball bat.

October 14, 2009

Season 2009 Main Plate

Cosmic Baseball Statistics
Season 2009 Plate Stats

The recently completed regulated season inspired visits from fans and guests to the CBA's internet site. As in past seasons, the Season 2009 main plate was the most popular, generating over half a million visitations between March 15 and September 7. The most popular team roster plate was for the rookie Krafft-Ebing Mosaics which recorded 105,000 visits during the season. The game between the visiting Zodiac Signs and the Wall Street Debentures, played on April 26 was the most popluar regulated season game based on the more than 75,000 plate hits.

Season 2009 Main Plate
Views rounded to nearest 1,000.
SOURCE: Google Analytics

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Published: November 29, 2009