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October 27, 1997
Busriders Will Meet the Beats

The Pranktown Busriders defeated the Bigtopia Barnumstormers in a dramatic seven-game Subleague Series. The Cosmic Universal Series begins on Thanksgiving Day (November 27). The Beats are out to convince everybody that they are CBA's flagship team, not the Paradise Pisces. If the Beats win the Series it is likely that they will be named the 1998 Flagship team.

The Busriders and the B'stormers had a dramatic back-and-forth series that culminated in a seventh game dominated by the Busriders.

Subleague Series, 7th Game Scoresheet
B'stormers-3 @ Busriders-8

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October 20, 1997
Kerouac Estate Controversy

The American writer Jack Kerouac died on October 20, 1969. At the time of his death, his estate, literary and otherwise was valued at US$91. Today, some estimate Kerouac's estate to be worth perhaps US$10 million dollars. No wonder the issue of who should control the estate has landed in several courts of law. In memory of Jack Kerouac, CBA has published an overview of the controversy. Before making up your mind, however, make sure you read Kerouac's 238th Chorus in his Mexico City Blues.

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Kerouac at the Cosmic Baseball Association

October 19, 1997
NEW TEAM: Armageddonia Anarchists

A new cosmic team was created on October 13, 1997. The ARMAGEDDONIA ANARCHISTS consist of individuals related to the political philosophy of anarchism. The ANARCHISTS will compete during the 1998 Season in CBA's Underleague replacing the deactivated Vienna Songbirds. William Godwin, the 18th century philosopher who did much to influence the anarchists such as Bakunin and Proudhon owns the team.

October 19, 1997
Busriders and Barnumstormers Advance

The Pranktown Busriders defeated the Bhutan Vanguards in the Middleleague Championship Series. The Bigtopia Barnumstormers edged out the Franklinton Zappas to win the Underleague Championship Series. The Busriders now face the Barnumstormers in a best of 7 Subleague Series beginning October 21. Busrider Norman Hartweg and B'stormer Jonathan Bass picked up the Most Cosmic Player (MCP) Awards for their performances in the Middle and Underleague series respectively. Meanwhile, the Dharma Beats await the winner of the Subleague Series.

October 9, 1997
Regular Season Ends

The 1997 regular playing season has ended. The Middleleague and Underleague championships get underway October 15. The Busriders are up against the Vanguards for the Middleleague pennant and the Zappas face the Barnumstormers for the Underleague pennant. The two pennant winners meet in the Subleague Series to determine who will meet the Dharma Beats, the Overleague champions, in the best-of-seven Cosmic Universal Series that begins on November 27.

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October 9, 1997
CBA Celebrates 16th Anniversary

The Cosmic Baseball Association was founded October 9, 1981 in Lost Angeles, California.

The Paradise Pisces team, CBA's first cosmic team, was created October 13, 1981.

In March, 1983 CBA moved its offices to the Washington D.C. area, where they are still located.

In the Summer of 1995 CBA published its first plates on the World Wide Web. Currently, CBA's website requires approximately 25 megabytes of computer storage space and contains over 300 different webpages.

The CBA thanks its members and friends for their support over the years.

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October 6, 1997
Bohemians Draft Five

The 1997 Eden Bohemians (85-77) came in third place in the cosmic Middleleague. Management and fans consider this a disappointing year. With 16 rookies on the roster this season, the inexperience showed. Not content to wait for the team to season itself owner Simone de Beauvoir has gone out and snagged five more rookies. To make room for the newcomers she has terminated Mary McCarthy and Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, both pitchers. Also terminated are veteran rightfielder George Orwell and utility outfielder Eric Segal. The Paradise Pisces have let it be known that they will draft Bohemian pitcher Nathanael West for next season. So, de Beauvoir had another pitching spot to fill.

Here's who she got:

Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) [Outfield]
Hemingway's first novel, The Sun Also Rises (1926) defined the so-called "lost generation" as a generation adrift in a sea of ethical and moral relativism. Affected by the horrors of the first world war, Hemingway's novel depicts the moral upheaval initiated by the war. Hemingway told us in that novel, that it is not love or romance that will provide the solution to our ethical quandary. The answer is personal truth and courage. And truth, as expounded by the impotent hero of the story also means a recognition of the self forever disconnected. Hemingway's last novel, The Old Man and the Sea (1952) won a Pulitzer Prize and in 1954, Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Harry Grew Crosby (1898-1929) [Pitcher]
Ernest Hemingway said of Harry Crosby, "he has a wonderful gift of carelessness." Traumatized by his experience in World War I, Harry Crosby, son of a patrician family, rebelled and embraced art and creativity with a tremendous amount of wild zeal. He founded the Black Sun Press in Paris and published work by D. H. Lawrence, Hart Crane, and James Joyce. Crosby's wife, Caresse is a utility infielder for the 1997 Vestal Virgins.

Antonin Artaud (1896-1948) [Pitcher]
Anais Nin wrote in her journals that "to be kissed by Artaud was to be poisoned." Artaud was an actor and playwright who epitomizes the tortured artist in constant conflict with the self. He was the originator of the "Theater of Cruelty" which attempted to appeal to the senses, not the intellect. A generation after Artaud, his individual madness has became the collective insanity of a culture.

Andre Breton (1896-1966) [Rightfield]
One of the founders of Surrealism, Breton was influenced by the French writer Apollinaire and the psychoanalytical writings of Sigmund Freud. He introduced Artaud to the surrealists in the early 1920s but eventually the two men had a falling out. Breton wrote a very interesting dream-like novel called Nadja and several volumes of his poetry have also been published and translated into English.

Delmore Schwartz (1913-1966) [Pitcher]
Schwartz was the youngest poet to win the Bollingen Prize for Poetry in 1959. He was a cerebral poet who took as his primary subject, himself. His milieu was the Greenwich Village area of New York and he published in most of the "academic" journals including the Partisan Review and the New Republic. His notable collection of poetry is Summer Knowledge: New and Selected Poems, 1938-1958 published in 1959. His poem "Choosing Company" (1936) was his first critically acclaimed work.

October 4, 1997
Table of Available Cosmic Player Plates

Each season a number of cosmic players have a Cosmic Player Plate published. These plates are like baseball cards and they contain biographical and statistical data about the particular player. Since 1995 many of them have been published on the World Wide Web. These plates frequently contain hypertext links to other sites related to the player. The individual player plates are linked to the official team Rosters for each cosmic team. Now, the player plates can also be accessed from the just published Table of Available Cosmic Player Plates. This table provides an alphabetical hypertext list of all published player plates at the CBA's website.

Click Here to visit the Table of Available Cosmic Player Plates.

October 1, 1997
Diane Arbus- Honored Cosmic Player Plate

Diane Arbus (1923-1971) was an American photographer who played cosmic baseball for one season. Her work, mostly black and white portrait photographs, is notable for its investigation of the relationship between the artist and the artist's subject. Three books of her photographs are currently available. The first monograph, published after she commited suicide contains a selection of her work covering the period 1962-1971. A collection of her magazine photographs was published in 1984 and covers her contract magazine work from 1960-1971. In 1995 a selection of 51 photographs of mentally retarded people was published in a monograph called Untitled. The photographs in Untitled were made between 1969-1971.

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October 1, 1997
Season 1997 Notes

The regular playing season concludes on October 9 and with five games left in the season it's still not clear who the league leaders will be. In the Overleague the Beats, Virgins and Warriors are all within three games of each other. In the Middleleague the Busriders, Vanguards and Bohemians are going down to the wire. The Zappas seem in control of the Underleague but the Barnumstormers and Pre-Raphaelites aren't far behind. Postseason play begins October 15. The Subleague Cosmic Series starts October 21 and the Cosmic Universal Series starts on Thanksgiving (November 27).

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