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October 14, 2009

Season 2009 Main Plate

Cosmic Baseball Statistics
Season 2009 Plate Stats

The recently completed regulated season inspired visits from fans and guests to the CBA's internet site. As in past seasons, the Season 2009 main plate was the most popular, generating over half a million visitations between March 15 and September 7. The most popular team roster plate was for the rookie Krafft-Ebing Mosaics which recorded 105,000 visits during the season. The game between the visiting Zodiac Signs and the Wall Street Debentures, played on April 26 was the most popluar regulated season game based on the more than 75,000 plate hits.

Season 2009 Main Plate
Views rounded to nearest 1,000.
SOURCE: Google Analytics

October 13, 2009

Krafft-Ebing Mosaics

Cosmic Baseball Teams
Ex-Mosaics Request a Team

Two cosmic baseball players have asked the Cosmic Baseball Association if they can create/own and play for a new regulated season team they are ready to develop.

Chloe Bloom and Brooke Bentley, pitchers for the recently deactivated Krafft-Ebing Mosaics have petitioned the CBA requesting that their new cosmic baseball team, the Taxidancers, be selected as the team to replace the Mosaics. Bloom and Bentley make the point that the Taxidancers are an all-women team, something that has been traditional in the regulated cosmic league.

There may be some resistance to the idea of two former cosmic players owning and playing for a team. (In the 1990s, Jack Kerouac had to have his mother, Gabrielle, own the Dharma Beats since he was not allowed by the CBA to play leftfield and own the team.) There is also some skepticism about the nature of the relationship between Bloom and Bentley especially since they batted heads with each other during the season. There is another issue: The Bloom/Bentley petition does not indicate exactly where the team will call home. According to sources the logical place would be in Taxiland but the duo is having trouble getting a permit/certificate from Taxiland's political bureaucracy.

These issues and probably some others will need resolution before the CBA sees the Taxidancers on the cosmic field of play.

October 9, 2009

CBA Chronology updated though 2005

CBA is 28

The Cosmic Baseball Association celebrated its 28th anniversary with a dinner banquet in Washington D.C this evening. A nice meal was followed by several speeches. Notably an outline for the CBA's future was given by Chairwoman Eileen Stein.

Ms. Stein told the assembled fans, staff, and guests that the plan to update the database of cosmic baseball player records is on track and that an alpha prototype is available for review online. Code named CBASE10, the updates should be completed and in beta form by the beginning of the 2010 season.

Ms. Stein also announced that the Cosmic Baseball Association in collaboration with Design Sixteen will be updating the CBA's website.


October 4, 2009

Link to CBASE2002

CBASE10 in Development

One of the announcements that Eileen Stein, CBA's Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, is expected to make next Friday at the banquet celebrating CBA's 28th Anniversary is that the CBASE database will be updated.

CBASE is primarily used by scholars and interns at the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance. The most up-to-date database version available on the internet is included in CBASE2002. For years, cosmic baseball researchers have complained that the database needs to be updated. The new version, code named CBASE10, will include records for all cosmic baseball players through the 2009 season.


September 18, 2009

Krafft-Ebing Mosaics

Cosmic Baseball Team
Krafft-Ebing Mosaics Deactivated

The Cosmic Baseball Association announced today that the KRAFFT-EBING MOSAICS, a cosmic baseball team created on March 1, 2009 has been deactivated and therefore will not participate in the 2010 regulated season.

The Mosaics are a team of interesting women, who compiled a 76-86 record in 2009. Some of the Mosaics proved to be contentious on the cosmic field of play...with other players, umpires and in one instance with a fan. This contentious aspect helped make the team interesting but did little to improve its collective below-average performance.

With the Mosaics' deactivation, the regulated league is left once again without an all-female team and there is no certainty that the replacement team will be all-female.

September 7, 2009

Season 2009 Main Plate

Season 2009 Main Plate
Season 2009
Regulated Season Ends

Season 2009 Main Plate

The Dharma Beats win the 2009 Season Pennant as the team with the most wins. The Beats have made it to the Cosmic Universal Series five times since Season 2005 (missing only last season.) But the team has never won the CUS. The Astronomical Planets came in a robust second this season which is especially nice since the Planets are a non-humanoid team. (The 1990 Hurricanes were the last non-humanoid team to make it to a CUS; they lost to the Ionians.)

The Planets will meet the Beats in the 2009 CUS, a best-of-seven series, beginning Thanksgiving Day (November 26, 2009).

2009 Regular Season
Dizzy Gillespie Dragons .364 Batting Average
Jack Kerouac Beats 212 Runs
Steven Jobs Pisces 48 Homeruns
Virgo Signs 22 Triples
Ludwig van Beethoven Dragons 49 Doubles
Herbert Huncke Beats 180 Runs Batted In
Joan Haverty Beats 140 Walks
Neptune Planets 68 Stolen Bases
2009 Regular Season
Neal Cassady Beats 39 Wins
Ceres Planets 0.94 Earned Run Average
Laura Nyro Dragons 557.1 Innings Pitched
Laura Nyro Dragons 497 Strikeouts
Pat Nixon Pisces 4 Saves
Neal Cassady Beats 61 Complete Games
Ceres Planets 16 Shutouts


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