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October 31, 2008

Dirty Film Festival

Cosmic Baseball Players
Chloe Bloom Wins Film Prize

Chloe Bloom, until recently, a cosmic baseball player on the roster of the (deactivated) Orchomena Dahlias won the First Prize ("Best of Festival") today at an internet film festival. Bloom who pitched for the 2008 Dahlias lost 24 games while compiling a 3.33 earned run average. (Pitching was not the problem for the Dahlias, hitting the ball with a bat was.)

Bloom won the award for the making of "Hand Jive." In an advance review of the film, Samantha Blue wrote, "First time I played it for only 30 seconds or so, didn't see any sexual activity, and moved on to the next film. After viewing all the other nominated films, I read Bloom's notes about her work. In her notes, she described the sexual and pornographic aspects and so I revisited the film. I watched with anticipation and once the sexual became apparent I was mesmerized. Perhaps the buildup was a bit long for me, but after watching the entire film, I found it particularly enchanting. I loved how it transitioned and actually watched it several times." (from Canon Digital Review, September 2008).

Bloom has been making experimental and underground films for several years but, according to her, this is the first award she has ever won for her cinematographic work. She says some of her significant influences were filmmakers associated with the Bolex Poetics (another deactivated cosmic baseball team) like Andrew Noren, Bruce Baillie, Adolfas Mekas, Kenneth Anger and perhaps most of all Jack Smith. She says Smith's 1963 classic "Flaming Creatures" influenced her heavily in the making of "Hand Jive."

Will Bloom pitch for another cosmic baseball team? She thinks that remains to be seen.

October 28, 2008

Link to Obama page at

Obama at

Cosmic Baseball Players
Presidents Draft Barack Obama

One week in advance of the U.S. presidential election, the Washington Presidents have drafted Barack Obama. In a brief statement, team general manager Martha Washington said the drafting of Obama, the junior senator from the state of Illinois, is the first step in a new direction the team wants to take. (Because of rules, the Presidents have limited ability to modify the playing roster so the GM is probably referring to additional changes in the team's management ranks.)

Obama will join the team as a pitcher for the 2009 cosmic baseball season. According to team officials, Obama's uniform number will be 44.

This is the first time the Washington Presidents have drafted a rookie before the will of the American people has been registered. Apparently, team management was convinced that Obama has a stronger arm than other candidates and the team early on recognized they need pitching help. Little is known about Obama's pitching skills. As a child, he was an eager and average batter.

The 2008 Washington Presidents finished in fifth place in the eight team cosmic baseball league this season. They compiled a 77-85 won-loss record and endured a number of controversies, including the abrupt quitting of their field manager.

October 23, 2008

2008 Dahlias Roster

2008 Cards Roster

Team Deactivations
Orchomena Dahlias & Playing Cards

Not unexpectedly, the two worst cosmic baseball teams of the 2008 season were deactivated today. Both were rookie teams with just one season of activity in the books.

The Orchomena Dahlias placed seventh in the eight team league. They posted a 73-89 won-loss record (.451). At the beginning of the season there were high hopes for this team. The Dahlias were reminiscent of the legendary Vestal Virgins (1982-2005) and some hoped this new team would take a competitive place in the regular cosmic playing league. Not the case.

The Playing Cards came in dead last (67-94, .414) and hardly anybody paid attention to the team. Insiders think the problem was the restriction that only one of the four standard suits could be eligible for the official roster. Based on a series of games between all four suits the Diamonds exclusively represented the Cards on the field. Their representation was poor and the other standard suits will not have a chance to demonstrate their prowess on the cosmic baseball field.

October 21, 2008

2008 Presidential Draft Game
LineScore & BoxScore: Obamas @ McCains

2008 Presidential Election at

DRAFT NOTES: As a result of Republican Colin Powell's endorsement on Sunday of the Democratic candidate for President , the former U.S. Secretary of State will be added to the Obamas roster effective tomorrow. Powell's position is "to be determined."

2008 Presidential Election at

October 20, 2008

Presidential Candidates at the Washington Post

2008 Presidential Draft
Draft Selection Will Pitch

The Washington Presidents will draft one new player for action next season. The brain trust inside the organization has decided that the team needs a pitcher, perhaps a starter. The problem is that the Washington Presidents' brain trust itself is in disarray and there does not seems to be any consensus within the trust. In addition to a new pitcher, the team is likely to have a new field manager although neither George or Martha are saying much in public.

The pundits all agree that the two finalists in the draft are John McCain, Senator from Arizona and Barack Obama, Senator from Illinois. The team has been evaluating the candidates in head-to-head pitching competitions. Twentyfour (24) games have been played by teams consisting of individuals related in some way to the pitching candidates. The intensity will likely pick up even more as decision time approaches.

A covert report compiled by anonymous COBRA Scholars predicted last February that Senator Obama will be drafted by the team.

Washington Presidents Index Plate

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    October 9, 2008

    CBA Celebrates
    27th Anniversary

    The Cosmic Baseball Association celebrated its 27th anniversary today. The festivities, held in Washington DC, were understated in comparison to prior anniversary celebrations. Current global economic events dictated the modest approach.

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