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Archived: October 31, 2003
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Regular Season Ends
October 27, 2003
The 2003 regular Cosmic Baseball playing season has ended. The Washington Presidents secured the Overleague pennant. The Middleleague champion, Pranktown Busriders will meet the Underleague champion, Valhalla Minstrels, in the Subleague Series which begins November 1.

The winner of the Subleague Series faces the Presidents in the Cosmic Universal Series. The CUS begins Thanksgiving Day (November 27).

Season 2003 Winds Down
October 13, 2003
With fifteen games left in the regular 2003 season* the Washington Presidents have clinched the Overleague pennant. The Pranktown Busriders are within one game of securing the Middleleague flag. The only real battle left is in the Underleague where the Valhalla Minstrels hold a 2 game advantage over the Membrano Phones with the Armegeddonia Anarchists and the Motherland Mothers four games out.

The regular playing season ends on October 26. The Subleague Series (best of the Middle versus the best of the Under leagues) gets underway November 1 and the Cosmic Universal Series begins Thanksgiving Day, November 27.

*The regular playing season was suspended from March 3 through May 1 (see Season Suspended and Season Resumes).

CBA Celebrates 22 Seasons
October 9, 2003
The Cosmic Baseball Association celebrates 22 years of existence today. Founded by a collective of artists, writers and baseball enthusiasts in Los Angeles, California on October 9, 1981, the CBA has grown from a small band of like-minded men and women to a slightly larger band of like-minded folks.

Conceived as a metaphor for the life of the creative mind, the CBA continues to emphasize poetics more than athletics. Using the great game of the quadrature as a jumping off point, CBA attempts to curve and swerve the arts and sciences.

We would like to take this moment to thank our members and friends for their loyal support over the years. Thanks folks!

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