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Archived: October 31, 2002
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Long Cosmic Careers
Cosmic players with 15 or more active seasons.
Links are to Player Plates
Cosmic Player Seasons Status
Carter, Jimmy 21 Active
Eisenhower, Dwight 21 Active
Calley, William 20 Active
Gehr, Ernie 20 Active
Kennedy, John F. 20 Active
Reagan, Ronald 20 Active
Dylan, Bob 19 Active
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence 19 Active
Iacocca, Lee 19 Active
Lincoln, Abraham 19 Active
Nixon, Richard M. 19 Active
Rubin, Jerry 19 Active
Taft, William 19 Active
Anger, Kenneth 18 Active
Baillie, Bruce 18 Active
Bradley, Omar 18 Active
Brakhage, Stan 18 Inactive
Dewey, John 18 Active
Huncke, Herbert 18 Active
Johnson, Andrew 18 Active
Johnson, Lyndon B. 18 Active
Mekas, Jonas 18 Active
Silvers, Phil 18 Inactive
Snow, Michael 18 Active
Van Buren, Martin 18 Active
Coolidge, Calvin 17 Active
Harding, Warren 17 Active
Hoffman, Abbie 17 Active
Leary, Timothy 17 Active
Reich, Wilhelm 17 Active
Ball, Lucille 16 Inactive
Berle, Milton 16 Inactive
Betz, Carl 16 Inactive
Burr, Raymond 16 Inactive
Conner, Bruce 16 Active
Ford, Gerald 16 Active
Grant, Ulysses S. 16 Active
Jackson, Andrew 16 Active
McKinley, William 16 Active
Patton, George 16 Inactive
Pierce, Franklin 16 Active
Seeger, Pete 16 Inactive
Thomas, Danny 16 Inactive
Vertov, Dziga 16 Active
Allen, Steve 15 Inactive
Arthur, Chester 15 Active
Carr, Lucien 15 Active
Savio, Mario 15 Active
Snyder, Gary 15 Active
Swinburne, Charles 15 Active
Taubin, Amy 15 Active
Thackeray, William 15 Inactive
Varese, Edgar 15 Inactive
Young, Robert 15 Inactive
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Brakhage to Manage Bolex Poetics
October 23, 2002
Link to Stan Brakhage's Season 1998 Cosmic Player Plate
Stan Brakhage
New Poetics Manager
The Bolex Poetics announced a series of senior management changes today. The biggest change includes the naming of veteran Poetics pitcher and renowned non-narrative filmmaker Stan Brakhage as the team's new field manager. Brakhage replaces current manager and American avant-garde film historian P. Adams Sitney. Sitney moves to the general manager's office replacing the just-retired Annette Michaelson.

Brakhage first joined the Cosmic Baseball Association in 1985 as a powerful pitcher when the Poetics (in their original incarnation as the Visionville Beasts) joined the CBA. He has been a starting pitcher for 18 consecutive seasons.

Stan Brakhage is mostly known as a filmmaker. One reporter recently wrote that Brakhage is "the most important and influential maker of experimental films of the 20th century." (See Washington Post, October 22, 2002.) "Experimental" in this context means abstract, non-narrative film or film as poetry and music. And Brakhage has been prolific in his chosen field, producing over 350 films in a fifty year span. Today at 69, Brakhage has recently moved to Victoria, British Columbia in Canada after a long residence in Boulder where he taught at the University of Colorado in the United States.

Brakhage is currently the subject of a 75-film retrospective, "I . . . Dreaming: The Visionary Cinema of Stan Brakhage" presented by the National Gallery of Art and the Washington Project for the Arts/Corcoran in Washington, D.C. Included in the retrospective which runs until December 1 are films from throughout his career including recent work entitled Love Songs (2001-2002). All films are shown in the National Gallery of Art's East Building auditorium at 4th Street and Constitution Avenue NW. Admission is free with seating on a first-come basis. For more information, visit WPA/Corcoran Online, or the National Gallery of Art, or call 202.842.6799.

Season 2002 Department Leaders
October 13, 2002

Duke Ellington
381 Strikeouts
Musician Duke Ellington, ace hurler for the Valhalla Minstrels, set a per season Cosmic Baseball Association record of 381 strikeouts. Ellington passes former per season leader Andrew Carnegie, who accumulated 315 strikeouts while pitching for the Heartland Capitalists in 1994. (The All Time Major League record for strikeouts in a season is 513 and it is held by Matt Killroy who in 1886 was a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles.)

Frederic Chopin's Prelude in D Minor (Allegro Appassionato), also set a Cosmic Baseball Association per season record by batting in 186 runs (RBIs). The D Minor Prelude passed newspaper publisher and former Numidia Journalist James Otis who had 162 RBIs for the 1999 cosmic season. (The Major League record is held by Hack Wilson who hit 191 RBIs while playing for the Chicago Cubs in 1930.)

The following tables show the department leaders for selected categories for all leagues. A complete catalog of department leaders by category and league can be found at the Season 2002 Department Leaders plate.

Season 2002 BATTING Department Leaders
Batting Average .392 Lawrence Ferlinghetti (Dharma Beats)
Homeruns 67 F.G. W. Hegel (Alphatown Ionians)
Runs Batted In 186 D Minor (Chopintown Preluders)
Season 2002 PITCHING Department Leaders
Games Won 25 Duke Ellington (Valhalla Minstrels)
Games Saved 34 D Flat Major (Chopintown Preluders)
Earned Run Average 1.73 Silvio Gesell (Paradise Pisces)
Innings Pitched 282 Lew Welch (Dharma Beats)
Strikeouts 381 Duke Ellington (Valhalla Minstrels)
Italics indicates All Time CBA per Season Record

Best FIELDING by Position
Position Fielder Team
Catcher Dr. Seuss Paradise Pisces
Firstbase F.G.W. Hegel Alphatown Ionians
Secondbase Elizabeth Flynn Armegeddonia Anarchists
Thirdbase Steve Lambrecht Pranktown Busriders
Shortstop Francis Marion Wonderland Warriors
Leftfield Frances Farmer Vestal Virgins
Centerfield Jock Whitney Valhalla Minstrels
Rightfield Anansi Merryland Tricksters
Pitcher Cyd Charisse Paradise Pisces

CBA Celebrates 21st Anniversary
October 9, 2002
Link to Chronology of the Cosmic Baseball Association
The Cosmic Baseball Association was founded on October 9, 1981 in Los Angeles, California by a group of individuals interested in baseball and the arts. An association of writers, painters, musicians, photographers, dancers and others banded together to form an organization that few thought would last one year, much less twenty.

For our 21st year we plan to continue our presence on the World Wide Web and to expand our interactivities made possible by the technologies associated with the Internet. Interactive cosmic games are being developed in our laboratories. Opportunities for writers and other creative types will be made more widely available. As always, we invite and welcome our members and visitors to contribute to the Cosmic Baseball Association.

For more information about the CBA, please send an email to the

Preluders Win Subleague Series
October 5, 2002
Link to Subleague Series Main Plate
The Chopintown Preluders fought back from an 0-2 game deficit, won three games in a row and beat the Pranktown Busriders in this season's Subleague Series. In two of the most dramatic games in Subleague Series history, the Preluders won the 4th and decisive 5th game, by the same score, 8-7, both times in twelve innings. In the bottom of the 12th inning of the fifth and final game, G Minor slapped a pinch-hit single by the diving thirdbaseman driving in D Minor with the game and series winning run.

The Preluders, composed of Frederik Chopin compositions, joined the Underleague this season and tore the field up, winning more games than any other cosmic team (111). The high-spirited Preluders will go on to meet the Vestal Virgins in the Cosmic Universal Series.

The 2002 Subleague Series
October 1, 2002
The Chopintown Preluders meet the Pranktown Busriders in this season's Subleague Series.

Season 2002 Subleague Series Schedule

Game 1Tuesday, October 1Preluders @ Busriders
Game 2Wednesday, October 2Preluders @ Busriders
Game 3Thursday, October 3Busriders @ Preluders
Game 4Friday, October 4Busriders @ Preluders
Game 5Saturday, October 5Preluders @ Busriders

Link to 2002 Subleague Series Plate

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