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Washington Presidents Team Index Plate

Washington Presidents

Official 2009 Team Roster

Washington Presidents Team Index Plate

The PRESIDENTS consist of the 44 chief executives of the United States of America. This season there is a rookie player elected by the citizens in November 2008. Barack Obama will be a pitcher for the team.

The Presidents have been to the Cosmic Universal Series twice and have won the series once (2003).

Season 2008 Record: 77-85

800 Rutherford Hayes Firstbase
24 John Adams Secondbase
35 Calvin Coolidge Thirdbase
1795 James Buchanan Shortstop
45 Ulysses Grant Leftfield
899 James Madison Centerfield
3017 George Bush (43) Rightfield
1137 Woodrow Wilson Catcher
1013 Franklin Roosevelt Utility
6529 Barack Obama* Pitcher
61 Ronald Reagan Pitcher
890 Abraham Lincoln Pitcher
793 James Hampton Manager
6560 Joe Biden Coach
2712 Martha Washington GM
2047 George Washington Owner


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