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Wall Street Debentures Team Index Plate

Wall Street Debentures

Official 2009 Team Roster

Wall Street Debentures Team Index Plate

The DEBENTURES consist of members of the Bernard L. Madoff family. Various husbands, wives, sons, daughters, uncles, nephews, nieces, and in-laws constitute the team's players. All Debenture players are rookies for Season 2009. Because of Mr. Madoff's real-world legal problems the team is managed and operated by non-family members.

A type of "security." Written obligations, evidences, or documents of ownership or creditorship such as a stock, bond, note, debenture, or certificate, giving the holder the right to demand and receive property not in his possession. Also, a long-term loan raised by a company through the issue of debenture certificates, using its assets as security for repayment, normally to be redeemed at a future date. Debentures are typically secured, often on property, and pay a fixed rate of interest that has priority over dividend payments. Some debentures are not repayable, called irredeemable securities, and some are not secured, called naked debentures. In the USA, debentures are usually unsecured. Debentures can be issued in large numbers as debenture stock. This form of loan is attractive to companies because it does not dilute equity, is cheaper than a conventional overdraft, and is usually repayable over a long period.

Bernard Madoff worked in the world's other oldest profession -- separating people from their money. In 1960 Madoff started with $5,000 saved from his work as a Rockaway Beach, N.Y lifeguard. He also earned money installing underground sprinkler systems. Wife Ruth Madoff did the bookkeeping. When he was profiled in 2000 by FinanceTech, Madoff's was described as one of the "largest market makers in convertible bonds, preferred stocks, warrants, units and rights. Madoff Securities has over $300 million in firm capital and currently ranks among the top one percent of U.S. securities firms." (

Uniform Player Position
6546 Madoff, Andrew
Bernard Madoff's youngest son
6554 Madoff, Bernard
Son of Ralph and Sylvia; brother of Peter; husband of Ruth; father of Mark and Andrew; uncle of Shana and Roger; brother-in-law of Marion; father-in-law of Deborah
6551 Madoff, Deborah
Andrew Madoff's wife
6555 Madoff, Jennifer
Roger Madoff's widow
6552 Madoff, Marion
Peter Madoff's wife
6545 Madoff, Mark
Bernard Madoff's oldest son
6549 Madoff, Peter
Bernard Madoff's brother; Marion Madoff's husband
6547 Madoff, Ralph
Bernard Madoff's father
6553 Madoff, Roger
Bernard Madoff's nephew; son of Peter and Marion Madoff
6544 Madoff, Ruth
Bernard Madoff's wife
6550 Madoff, Shana
Bernard Madoff's niece; daughter of Peter and Marion Madoff
6548 Madoff, Sylvia
Bernard Madoff's mother
6556 Jaffe, Robert
Bernard Madoff's friend
6557 Jaffe, Ellen
Robert Jaffe's wife
6558 Shapiro, Ruth
Carl Shapiro's wife
6559 Shapiro, Carl
Bernard Madoff's friend



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