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Paradise Pisces

Official 2009 Team Roster

Paradise Pisces Team Index Plate

The PISCES are all players born between February 19 and March 20.

The Pisces have been to the Cosmic Series 7 times and won the series 6 times.

Because it was the first cosmic baseball team created, this team has been called the Cosmic Baseball Association's "flagship" team. (A designation disputed by other teams.)

Season 2008 Record: 90-72

Uniform Player Position
3428 Carmel, Eddie Pitcher
2696 Domino, Fats Firstbase
3424 Ginsburg, Ruth B. Utility
1283 Hearst, Patricia Centerfield
2698 Jobs, Steven Leftfield
2699 Lee, Spike Shortstop
2700 Longfellow, Henry W. Thirdbase
3425 Nixon, Patricia Pitcher
6562 Ponzi, Charles * Secondbase
6563 Romney, Mitt * Catcher
3392 Varsi, Diane Rightfield
2692 Williams, Vanessa Pitcher
600 Arbus, Diane Manager
6564 Doll, Barbie* Coach
1870 Clinton, Chelsea GM
2055 Zinebrenner, Andrew Owner
Paradise Park Field


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