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Astronomical Planets

Official 2009 Team Roster

Astronomical Planets Team Index Plate

The PLANETS have been playing cosmic baseball for a number of seaons. This is their second season playing in the regulated cosmic baseball league.

The Cosmic Baseball Association accepted, in part, a petition from the team requesting that "dwarf" planets be eligible for their roster.

Season 2008 Record: 76-86

Uniform Planet Position
5019 Mercury Firstbase
5020 Venus Secondbase
5021 Earth Thirdbase
5022 Mars Shortstop
5023 Jupiter Leftfield
5024 Saturn Centerfield
5025 Uranus Rightfield
5026 Neptune Catcher
5027 Pluto* Utility
5028 Sun Pitcher
5029 Moon Pitcher
tba Ceres* Pitcher
tba Percival Lowell Manager
tba Carl Sagan Coach
tba Georges Méliès Coach
tba Patrick Moore General Manager
tba D. H. Grinspoon Owner
*Dwarf Planet


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