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September 30, 2007

Interland Domain Team Index Plate

Cosmic Baseball Team
Interland Domains Deactivated

The Cosmic Baseball Association has deactivated the Interland Domains after CBA's newest team produced a disappointing record (74-88, .457). A non-humanoid cosmic team, the Domains consisted of various .com, .net, .org and .info domains. The team was able to contribute one 2007 cosmic player plate, pitcher The Domains got out of the gate slowly and never were able to muster much of a consistent approach to pitching, hitting or fielding. Their season stats tell the story. The complex relationships between various team members may have also contributed to the lack of consistency seen on the cosmic playing field. (There are no specific numbers detailing the dissension off the field.)

September 21, 2007

Link to Game Report

Cosmic Baseball Game
VRETROs @ 1975 Red Sox

This cosmic game explores the relationship between planetary retrogrades and the fate of the Boston Red Sox. While the conclusions are few they carry some weight: For example, the Red Sox will not win the World Series this year. It has nothing to do with baseball and everything to do with the wandering planets in the solar system.

However, on the cosmic baseball field the Boston Red Sox beat a team made up of short, personal videos made in response to the recent retrograde phase of the planet Venus. The Red Sox won this game, 3-2.

The 1975 Boston Red Sox lost the seventh game of the 1975 World Series to the Cincinnati Reds on October 22...the same day the Soviet Union's spacecraft known as Venera 9 entered orbit around the planet Venus. Is the connection relevant? Probably not. However, there is a theory that suggests the fortunes of Venus are intimately connected to the fortunes of Boston's American League baseball team. Research conducted by a team of cosmic baseball research alliance scholars has expanded on the theory to include a powerful resonance between the fortunes of the Red Sox on the field and the wandering planets in the sky. In 1967 the Red Sox lost the seventh game of the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals on October 12...nine days later Mercury went retrograde. In 1986 when the Red Sox lost the seventh game of the series to the New York Mets, Venus was retrograde (at 17 degrees Scorpio.)

The Red Sox are in contention this year but the celestial research indicates that they will not win (and may not even reach) the World Series. This year the World Series will be caught in the middle of a just ended Venus retrograde (July 27-Sept. 8) and a Mercury retrograde (beginning October 10 and concluding November 1).

(Parenthetically, there have been 36 World Series game sevens. Mercury has been retrograde during five of them [1909, 1926,1955, 1968, 1987]; and Venus has been retrograde for two of them [1986, 2002])

September 3, 2007

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Cosmic Season 2007
Regular Season Ends

The regular playing season has concluded. The Dharma Beats won the pennant and now meet the runner-up Delta Dragons in the 2007 edition of the Cosmic Universal Series. The best-of-seven CUS begins on Thanksgiving Day.


September 1, 2007

Website Operations
August Traffic

In the month of August at the Cosmic Baseball Association's website, there were 8,794 visitors viewing pages 18,547 times. The following table lists the top five pages viewed and the number of visits (page views) to the page between August 1-31:

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