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September 25, 2006

2006 Season Ends: BEATS WIN PENNANT

Link to Season 2006 Plate The Dharma Beats (91-71) spent most of the regular season in first place. They now sit atop the other three teams in the dramatically constricted regular CBA playing league. Nevertheless, first is first in any book and the Beats will have the honor of competing in the Cosmic Universal Series (CUS) scheduled to begin on Thanksgiving Day (November 23). The opponents will be the second place team in the league, the venerable Paradise Pisces (80-82). The Pisces represent the first cosmic baseball team to make it to the CUS with a below .500 winning percentage. That's right, the Pisces get to the big series while accumulating a losing record. Another reason the CBA's board of directors needs to seriously reconsider decontraction.

Final 2006 Standings
Link to Season 2006 Plate

Despite his political woes, George W. Bush had an outstanding season at the plate for the Washington Presidents. The right fielder led the league in batting average (.347). President and outfielder Ulysses S. Grant led all batters with his mark of 66 home runs.

Beat pitcher Jack Micheline led the league in innings pitched (280.7) and most wins (17). Compiling a 17-9 won-loss record puts Micheline on the favorites list to be this season's Most Cosmic Pitcher.

Selected Individual 2006 Season Statistics
Most At Bats 681Captain Beefheart (Don van Vliet), Dragons
Most Innings Pitched 280.7Jack Micheline, Beats
Highest Batting Average
(Min. 300 AB)
.347George W. Bush, Presidents
Lowest Earned Run Average
(Min. 100 IP)
1.47Gary Snyder, Beats
Most Homeruns 66Ulysses S. Grant, Presidents
Most Wins 17Jack Micheline, Beats


September 5, 2006

Personal Cosmic Game Report: States @ Colleges

Link to Cosmic Game Report The pomp and circumstance of a fresh academic season coincides with the final development of the professional Major League Baseball season. As the myriad of pre-school daycare centers, elementary, secondary, middle, junior high and regular high schools, academies, colleges, universities and other learning institutions, public and private, embark on another academic season, a personal cosmic baseball game was played in the diamond groves known as a baseball field. This particular game did not resolve any of the crises currently unsettling American pedagogy. The debates continue to percolate inside and outside the sacred and the not-so-sacred groves of the academy.

Nine American colleges and/or universities, all founded before the American Revolution was fought, play against nine (U.S.) states recently recognized for the quality of their school systems.


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